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01-07-02, 03:32 AM
I'm now a Gold Trader and have 128 positive feedbacks on eBay. I have several rare Japanese import Saturn games available for trade or sale. I've seen some of them go for $70+ on eBay:

Elevator Action Returns
Skull Fang
Tenchi wo Kurau 2 (Warrior of Fates)
Sol Divide
Thunderforce 5
Real Bout Special (w/the Ram card)
Dead or Alive
Samurai Shodown 4 (front plastic cover cracked, missing back insert, but game disc and instruction booklet in excellent condition)
Virtua Fighter CG Portrait Series Vol. 6: Lau Chan
Panzer Dragoon Saga original soundtrack CD

and US Saturn titles:
Galactic Attack
In the Hunt
Golden Axe: The Duel
Fighters Megamix
Sega Ages
Dark Legend
Spot Goes to Hollywood
Clockwork Knight

US Dreamcast games:
Dead or Alive 2
Crazy Taxi
Virtua Fighter 3
Soul Calibur
House of the Dead 2
and more...

I also have a Sega Dreamcast system for sale. I'm throwing 2 controllers w/2 jump packs, a 4-meg memory card, 2 lightguns, and a VGA Autoswitch box. The whole thing cost me over $350, but I'm open to all reasonable offers.


I'm primarily interested in trading them for these DVD titles:
Se7en (2-disc Platinum Series)
Saturday Night Live - 25 Years of Laugh
Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition
Robocop Trilogy (UK/region 2/PAL)
Godfather Trilogy box set
Evil Dead Trap
Born Wild
Cross Fire (aka Pyrokinesis)
Tokyo Decadence
Moon Over Tao
Godzilla vs Mothra/Godzilla vs King Ghidorah
The Blade (UK region 2 version)

...and many more. I'm very much open to bargaining and negotiation, so e-mail me your list at iskandam@hotmail.com and let's work out a fair deal!

Please don't post your offers here. Send them by e-mail since I hardly ever check this forum

I will send the games with PRIORITY MAIL for all trades within the US and EXPRESS SHIPPING for overseas trading.

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