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Doc Moonlight
01-04-02, 07:53 AM
I've found that Best Buys in the Dallas area vary widely in the extent to which they are willing to work with the customer. Within a 10 mile radius there is a great store that is always willing to work with me (Frisco, TX) and a store that treats customers with absolute disdain (Lewisville, TX).

I was in the Frisco store Monday and bought a copy of "O Brother Where Art Thou" (which BTW was very hard to find in the area after Christmas--for some reason, it's become a very popular film in the area). Anyway, their sale price was $17.99 and I had a circular from Tower listing their price through Sunday as $16.99.

The kid at the register didn't want to price match. He told me I had to go to the return line. I told him I'd always matched at the register before. He asked the kid at the next register and begrudingly took out this big pad to write up the price match. He called for the manager to verify the match, but kept saying things to me like "We don't match dot coms." while I pointed out that the circular said the price was good in store as well as online.

Finally, the manager (actually another kid) showed up and looked at the kid incredulously and said "Man it's only a dollar! Do it!". The clerk said "Are we going to match all dot coms now?" The manager reiterated "It's a DOLLAR!".

That's why I love that Best Buy. Common sense prevails.

01-04-02, 12:22 PM
This kind of manager is near extinction in the BB world...

01-04-02, 04:08 PM
A Best Buy manger making a rational decision? -eek-

01-04-02, 08:05 PM
It's amazing how stoopid some people are. I work at Target, and there are always cashiers making price-checks for something that rings up $6.99, and the person thought it was $5.99. Big deal, it's a damn dollar. You waste WAY more time trying to figure out which price is right.

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