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01-03-02, 08:20 PM
From http://www.darkhorizons.com/news.htm

Traffic (DVD): Amazon indicates a special 2-disc edition of Soderbergh's film has just come out in France with 14min making of, 26mins of deleted scenes, an interview with Steven Soderbergh and best of all an audio commentary by him - the last three bits were sadly lacking from the 2001 disc release in other areas of the world.

Sigh pisses me off. Does this mean we'll see a R1 version with these extras?

01-03-02, 08:36 PM
I was wondering the same thing.

It certainly deserves 2-disc treatment

Huge Bean
01-03-02, 09:58 PM
Is there a good reason why they would not release this in R1 eventually?

Btw, Krug, the link doesn't work (the period at the end is messing it up)

01-03-02, 10:02 PM
Originally posted by Huge Bean
Is there a good reason why they would not release this in R1 eventually?

Btw, Krug, the link doesn't work (the period at the end is messing it up)

What's eventually? sigh.. :)

sorry link fixed now.

01-04-02, 12:15 AM
I really hope we get a 2 disc treatment in R1. I've been putting off getting Traffic for quite a while now.


01-04-02, 12:43 AM
Well, at least we have a 2-disc R1 version of "TRAFFIK", the 6-hour British miniseries upon which "Traffic" was based.
I like Steve Soderbergh's films, and I liked Traffic. Then I watched Traffik a couple of months later, and it's a much better treatment of that subject, in my opinion. If you liked Traffic, you owe it to yourself to check it out.
Didn't mean to go off topic, but it seems like a good place to make a note about the other series.

01-04-02, 04:21 AM
Great! :thumbsup: I refused to buy the initial release because I just knew this would happen... and DTS (English) too!

01-04-02, 05:49 AM
...well... ahh... yes... BUT...

...as the screen grab from the French release clearly shows
( http://www.dvdrama.net/news.php3?3873 )
you get 'locked' (i.e. non-optional, non-removable) French subtitles when selecting either the English DD 5.1 or dts soundtrack...


. . . :o . . .

01-04-02, 07:50 AM
That's what I feared, and won't buy the disc because of this. Damn_French! Why do they have to reserve all the greatness to themselves? :)

However, I don't think there's ever been a director's commentary for an American film that was never released in the U.S... I'm sure it's just a matter of time. But why hasn't USA Films made any announcement yet? It's not like Soderbergh recorded the track exclusively for the French...

01-04-02, 08:36 AM
That's just what I was thinking Tyler...that would be odd for an American Film/Filmmaker to be released with a commentary only in France.

After all, it was fairly popular here, it's not like the commentary was a French exclusive...or maybe it was? I gotta think, no, though.

01-04-02, 09:48 AM
...ahh... please (!) look at the screen-grab again: there is NO 'commentary' !...

...there are three soundtracks... not 2, not 4, but 3 :

* V.O. sous-titrée Français (5.1)
= Original version with French subtitles ([DD] 5.1)

* Version Française (5.1)
= [dubbed] French version ([DD] 5.1)

* V.O. sous-titrée Français (DTS)
= Original version with French subtitles (DTS)

* Sous-titres sourds et malentendants
= captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

...thus are urban legends born, causing great - and undeserved - stress for no reason at all...

. . . :o . . .

01-04-02, 09:59 AM
I've had this preordered for a while, especially for the DTS. Let's hope the subtitles can be turned off on the fly --

01-04-02, 10:14 AM
Trinitron: ...umm... you realize (but of course you do!) that during certain portions of this movie Spanish is spoken ... assuming the subtitles can indeed be turned OFF on-the-fly (which I doubt!) you will be left with longish stretches of dialog that you won't understand (unless you happen to know Spanish well enough)...

...just thought I'd mention it...

. . . :o . . .

01-04-02, 10:23 AM
Originally posted by Hendrik
there is NO 'commentary' !...You're right, that seems to be the case. If all the extras are on the second disc and there is no "extras" menu on the first one, the audio menu would be the one to list the commentary track, but alas, there doesn't seem to be one... :(

01-04-02, 11:08 AM
I thought I remember S.S. saying during some interview that there were reasons he wouldn't do a commentary for this film. (political if I recall)

01-04-02, 11:55 PM
Hendrik: Forgot about that, but I suppose those interested will have to make do. No English subtitles, either.

Also, from dvdfr.com (http://www.dvdfr.com/dvd/fiche.php3?id=4928), it seems fairly clear that there's no commentary track.

01-05-02, 12:54 AM
Some Pioneer regionfree players (like mine) can remove forced subs. Guess I'll be ordering this. :)

01-05-02, 06:13 AM
...ahh...Señor codefree... así Vd. habla Español?!... yo no!

. . . ;) . . .

01-22-02, 07:20 PM
All right, this arrived today. Mixed bag.

The subtitles are *not* changeable on the fly, so unless you like having French subtitles you're out of luck. Also, unless you speak Spanish or French you will indeed not be able to understand some stretches of the film. The DTS track sounded fairly good, but its probably too much trouble in light of this.

On the other hand, the supplements are almost all accessible in English (again subtitled in French), are moderately extensive, and made the disc worthwhile despite the language mess in the film itself.

01-22-02, 09:36 PM
TWO DISCS? Must be a long movie...

01-23-02, 12:11 PM

Let me know if you want to trade it..

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