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12-29-01, 03:19 AM

Thank you for the explanation. However, I think you should reconsider since a lot of people want anamorphic releases and that Rocky set is only anamorphic NTSC in Japan as far as I know.

12-29-01, 09:08 AM
<b>Fergy</b>, I think you've made your point. I'm sure if <b> cynthia</b> has second thoughts you'll be the first to know.... but I'd neither hold your breath nor seek to prolong the discussion. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

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12-29-01, 08:02 PM

You presume I'm being confrontational. That is the furthest thing from my thoughts. Please don't presume something that just is not there.

12-30-01, 06:35 AM
I've split this since it was taking the main thread off-topic.

Given that I had posted that it would not help to prolong the discussion I am not sure why anyone should a) misinterpret the post and b) prolong the discussion....

<b>Fergy</b>, as a general rule, I only include my moderator details at the bottom of a post when I'm making an announcement or suggesting guidelines etc. I've said on various occasions in the past that I am very open to people emailing me with their thoughts/suggestions.

Your follow-up post to me most certainly <i>was</i> antagonistic, regardless of how you would like the earlier posts in the thread to be considered. Frankly, I don't know where it came from and I can do without it.

I hope you'll agree that this should<i> now</i> be put behind us....

Moderator, International DVD & Movie Forum

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