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12-18-01, 12:22 PM
Unless you live in CA, any unused portion of Amazon GCs can expire even after you've redeemed them in your account. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that GCs will be used in the same order as you redeemed them into your account, and that the soon expiring GCs will get used up first before those expiring later.

I learnt it the hard way when part of my GC balance went missing. A long call to Amazon led me to this conclusion and the order specialist verified it too. She finally traced this missing $$ to the expired GC (part of it had already been used) and extended it for me :)

She advised me not to redeem every GC into my account until I'm ready to use it in an order. Otherwise, you can't tell which one and which part of it will get used first.

12-18-01, 05:43 PM
Good advice. Thanks for posting! I usually only redeem my GCs when I am going to place and order that way I can easily keep track of my GC amounts.

Laser Movies
12-18-01, 06:05 PM
Amazon just stole about $56 in GCs out my account. It wasn't an expiration problem like you describe. Looks like they used my GCs to apply to an order that is finally shipping soon after a one week delay, and another partial order they shipped a month early. I think that's another good reason not to redeem all your GCs all at once. Now I have to fight with Amazon to get my GCs back.

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