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100% the YOU
12-16-01, 05:19 PM

I recently ordered 6 DVDs from BestPrices, 5 of which came by Fedex on Thursday, while the other DVD that I didn't get was still on pending shipment. Well, on Friday, the other DVD shipped out, but the order status also said that the 5 other DVDs shipped out AGAIN. It doesn't look like its charging me, at least that's what the order status says. I emailed customer service and got an email about 15 minutes later saying that my email was being sent to the warehouse and it should be answered tomorrow (but I kind of doubt that), so I guess I'll be getting the same DVDs again tomorrow. I really don't think I should pay anything to ship it back, so what usually happens when I have this kind of problem? Even though I should be getting one of the DVDs inside of the package, should I just leave the package unopened, so I can return to sender without charges, and hope they send me my other DVD by itself?

Laser Movies
12-16-01, 08:55 PM
I think you need to wait and see if they actually send a duplicate order before you worry. It could have been a mistake on your order status.

If they do send a duplicate order I wouldn't open it if you can avoid it. It should be the stores responsibility to pay for any return shipping since it was their mistake. Also you should check your credit card if you used one for any extra charges that may have occurred. They should give you credit back for any overcharges or I would dispute the charges with my credit card company. I hope you have all the receipts, printouts, and e-mail if they are needed.

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