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12-07-01, 06:03 PM
Here's my list of computer hardware software. I'm looking for a xbox/gamecube console and their games. On the heavier items, a local trade is preferred or you pay for shipping. Please email for a quicker response.

Dreamcast items
-Keyboard (new)


-20" Hitachi Superscan Elite monitor, old monitor but very functional

-ACS48 2.1 speaker system, 2 sat, 1 sub http://www.epinions.com/cmhd-Speakers-All-Altec_ACS48

--Celeron 333 system
128mb pc133, floppy (missing faceplate), 52x cdrom, 3.6gb hd, nic or modem, 16bit pci snd card, onboard agp vid, keyboard (if you want to connect a mouse, you'll need to buy a ps2/usb pci card), if you are local and pick up, I can give you a 15" monitor free with the system.

-Creative 12mb voodoo2 pci

-Zip 100mb model z100nb (for laptops)

-LS120 drive model MF357H (for laptops)

-pcmcia fujitsu 10bt ethernet card

-USB Docking device, hooks up to your comp via usb and adds 4usb ports and 2 ps2 ports.

-Seagate Tape back up TR5 ATapi Lowest on pw is $235

-p2 350 slot 1 no hs/fan

-3com 10/100 NIC's

-Generic 56k winmodem

-1 AT case w/psu + p200 mmx w/mobo and 192mb ram, matrox pci 8mb vid card, generic sound card, 10/100 nic

-(3) AT cases, 2 with psu, 1 w/p200cpu and mobo, no psu,onboard audio and video, 2 usb ports. local or you pay for shipping

-Sony Home deck single cd player (plays cdrs) CDP-97

pc games
-Grim Fandango
-Rogue Spear
-Star Wars Monopoly

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