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12-02-01, 12:31 PM
Alright, I have Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for sale. Lunar: SSSC is in very good condition and includes all the extras. Lunar 2 however, is in very good condition (disk wise), but doesn't have the manual, character standees, or the pendant. I also have the hard to find hardback strategy guide for Lunar: SSSC. If interested, e-mail me and I will send you pictures. But yeah, I am trying to rid myself of these games because I am saving up for a PS2.

Lunar: SSSC (w/hardback strategy guide)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Not too bad of a price, considering these games are pretty hard to find and go for jacked-up prices on eBay most of the time. I will bump the price down to $65 if anyone would want to pay that price and throw in one of these DVDs I am looking for:

- Almost Famous Untitled Bootleg Cut
- Se7en: Platinum Series
- Planet of the Apes (2001) (Special Edition)
- Rushmore: The Criterion Collection


11-17-07, 05:39 AM
Hi i saw your add on vtg and i am interested i the lunar 1 and 2 for playstation. please i really want this game. can you tell me how much this will cost me for the games and shipping and handling. I am from Kingsville Ontario Canada N9Y 2S6.

Please contact me at pitviper190@yahoo.com thanks hope to hear from you soon.

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