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11-29-01, 05:58 AM
anyone who has ordered/recieved this title- ?price and where you got the Canadian version-

11-29-01, 06:30 AM
...try here:...


. . . :o . . .

11-29-01, 06:31 AM
hi scott,

look here:
DV-Depot.com (http://www.dv-depot.com/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=1&products_id=123898)
price 21.95 USD

great company with great customer service

11-29-01, 09:22 AM
Got mine here at A&B Sound (http://www.absound.com) for $16 USD and they shipped fast, but it looks like they're out of stock right now.

Bleddyn Williams
11-29-01, 09:49 AM
I ordered mine from A & B sound a few weeks back. At that time, it was listed as out of stock.

I received a shipping notice the next day, and the set only took about 3 days to get to me - unlike my X-Files Season 4 which according to Total Action Universe has been in the mail for over two weeks now.

So - if you order from A&B, you may not have to wait long at all - who knows?


11-29-01, 01:58 PM
You can also check www.dvdboxoffice.com as this is where I got mine. They list the Artisan release however it is the Canadian release.

11-29-01, 02:34 PM
I ordered mine from www.hmv.com for about $22.00 USD shipped. It only took about four days and I'm in Florida. A&B Sound is the cheapest out there (for Ginger Snaps), but they are out of stock at the moment.

11-29-01, 05:36 PM
FYI, questions about where to find DVDs you want to purchase, belong in the Store forum.

Moving thread.

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