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11-20-01, 08:13 PM
:D Hello friends!

I know there is already a thread where Jack told you all I was first in line but I just put down Rouge Leader and I thought I'd post about my experience for everyone. So here it goes.

November 17th 3:25 PM

I arrived at Toy's R Us in Alhambra, added bonus I was first in line! Jack arrived an hour later with a chair for to sit on (what a guy). He was playing my GBA and wanted to know if I brought the Neo-Geo pocket but alas I did not. So I sent him home to retrive the system. So there I sat listening to my video game soundtracks

-Guilty Gear X
-Soul Calibur
-Castlevania -SOTN
-Various Midis

People seemed un-interesting in what I was doing so they pretty much looked, smiled and walked away. I mean geez just because a guy is wearing sunglasses doesnt mean he's a cold blooded killer. Jack came back in a manner of moments with my Neo Geo pocket and SNK VS Capcom. He sat and played while I read EGM's XBox VS Gamecube debate.

November 17 9:45 PM

People began asking what we (Jack and I) were in line for. So we began to make stuff up like...(Top 5 excuses)

5) Harry Potter Ltd Ed. life size broomstick.

4) Teletubbies..gotta get my Tinky Winky.

3) Hot Wheels (to throw off the scalpers)

2) Episode II Attack of The Clones

1) NSYNC tickcets for the "Put it where it doesn't belong Tour 2001"

Needless to say a lot of people bought into the Harry Potter excuse. So much in fact that the manager came outside to tell me to knock it off. He knew I was only doing it in jest but to stop because whenever people asked about the broomstick he busted a gut laughing.

November 17th 12:45 AM

People began showing up and it was not a happy day. I dont wanna be a jerk but some of these people were only there to scalp to the next person. It kind of made me feel bad for those in line who wanted the Cube for themselves. Sure Toys R Us had 200 units but what about the one person who misses out because Mr Ebay scalper wants to make his due? It was kind of insulting but then I looked at my place in line and thought "yeah im here they are over there."

A few hours later(i forget when exactly) some people drove by in a car and threw eggs at us. Soooo what do the dumb people do? They decide to get buy some eggs at the local 7-11 in case they come back. I for one did not get hit and didnt really care. I tried to make these people calm down and relax but they were bent on making a really dumb situation worse. So I tried my best to sleep in the cold, but these kids would not shut up [email protected]#$.

November 18 8:45 AM.

Everyone was restless as it was. I was drained because I didnt sleep much and I just wanted to get my system and go home. They handed out tickets to reserve your system, you could get a system without the ticket. Being first in line you'd think you'd get your system first right? No. Because they had so many people in line they let us in 30 at a time. I tried to get the manager to change his mind, but he wouldnt do it. I remember the rush they had when they sold the Episode I toys at midnight,..it was just crazy.

November 18 9:50 AM

Ten minutes to go I was pumped two of my friends were in line with me so I we made a plan. I would get the games they grab whatever else they needed. It worked sort of. They told us not to run and I didnt but everyone behind me did. Ran like a bunch of lamers who'd never seen a new system before. So when I grabbed the games this family jumped the rope and jumped ahead of me. I immediately tapped the kid on the shoulder and said "hey! excuse me? I was here first." his dad replied with a smirk "oh hes with me"...I replied "thats not the point see him? (i pointed at my friend pete) I was behind him." So the dad tried to make a scene so I gave him the bird and stepped in front of him. Yes I know its not the nicest thing to do but damn it..I WAS FIRST IN LINE. His scalping dorkness showed up hours later.

November 18th 10:25 AM

1 Gamecube 1 Memory card and Rouge Leader and as an added bonus I got a Mickey Mouse plush with coupon :D. Jack came by to pick me up and we were off!


Well looking back Im glad I bought my Gamecube. If only I had worked a little harder I would have both an XBox and a Gamecube, but its ok I'll get my XBox later :D. Until then I'll just to go my friends house so we can play DOA3 :D. Both these systems have a lot to offer us as gamers, and I want them both to succeed and make gamers the world over very happy. Long live the hardcore (thats you guys) Happy Gaming!!

Another random post from your friendly neighborhood

11-20-01, 09:48 PM
Camping outside of a toys r us... damn_geeks ;)

<---this is jack talking. ;)

Josh H
11-20-01, 11:40 PM
That sucks that you had to wait that long. I showed up at wal-mart at 9:30 p.m. and had my black GC at around 12:20 and was at home playing by 1. :D

11-21-01, 12:15 AM
i slept in, woke up, watched some tv then got around to going to eb to get my cube. but sounds like you had an intersting time zero.

11-21-01, 12:35 AM
Eggs... MAN, I wish I had thought of something like that. Paintball gun would have probably been too excessive, eh?


11-21-01, 01:12 AM
whoa eggs that really sucks man! Did you get the driver's license on the car by chance? In some states thats actually against the law by throwing it from their cars while driving and you could fine those idiots big time just by reporting them with their license and also to the store :).

Luckily, Nintendo has been very kind to release 700,000 units so that other jerk, Mr. Ebay scalper, won't be making that much of a profit. Love the responses you guys gave people lol, harry potter broomstick heheh or Episode II hahaha. Never too early to wait in line for that haha. Glad you got a system, and where'd you get that pick on the bottom? Is that a special gold edition GC like the fabled Golden N64 controller that you could only win at E3's by being the mario kart champ there.

11-21-01, 01:17 AM
Wow, and to think I only waited in line like 45 minutes for my GC... :)

11-21-01, 01:30 PM
So much more eventful than mine... 10 minutes and I had it.

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