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11-14-01, 10:54 AM
I bought this yesterday and was surprised to find it has a DTS choice in audio menu. There is no indication on the cover (logo or text). It sounds great in DTS. It was a very pleasant surprise.

11-16-01, 09:07 AM
Fantastic mix, now if only Warner wil release the Orbital (and New Order - live) video's with DTS I will be extremely happy

11-16-01, 02:16 PM
Can't wait for the DWT DVD. I have it ordered from CDNow.

I splurged on the following music-related DVD releases:

Madonna Drowned World Tour
Green Day International Supervideos
Pet Shop Boys Montage
Janet Jackson All For You Special Edition w/DVD
Smashing Pumpkins Video Collection

I also wanted the Enya Video Collection, which seems to now be delayed.

- Matt C.

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