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Homer Simpson
09-14-01, 02:07 PM
I just called TRU to check on when they would be taking preorders and here's what they told me:

TRU bought 40% of the Nintendo preorder stock and there would be enough for everyone that wants one. Therefore they would not be preselling them.

This was just from a clerk in the Dublin California store, so take it for what it's worth. Can anyone else confirm or refute this fact. I've been waiting to preorder it from TRU (I have a TRU Visa and enough GC's to get it for free). If they aren't preselling I may go elsewhere and get one.

09-14-01, 03:01 PM
They took preorders for GBA, I don't see why they wouldn't for Gamecube. -confused-

09-14-01, 04:21 PM
KB Toys is not taking preorders for Gamecube, but I don't know about Toys R US. If Nintendo has their full 1.1 million available for Launch I think most people should be able to get on at the launch. Normally systems only launch with 500,000 and that creates most of the problems. I applaud Nintendo for not putting pressure on retailers to sell preorder bundles and I will be buying a Cube at launch. I can get a system, memory card, and any game I want for $265. I will take that any day over the $500 minimum for an Xbox bundle. Also, with Microsoft only shipping 500,000 Xboxes the odds of getting one without buying a high priced pre order bundle are slim at best.

Josh H
09-14-01, 04:31 PM
I agree with darkside, I hope the get the 1.1 million units here and everyone can get one. That way I won't be forced to wait in line, get an overpriced bundle, or wait until after launch to get one.

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