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07-18-01, 07:13 AM
Anyone know anything about the JVC RX-8010VBK Audio Receiver ??

JVC is a good brand, and sturdy as well. This units looks awsume! It has a remote control with an LCD display, and a USB port to play music from your computer.

Does anyone have this model?

I am curious if I can listen to computers games on a surround sound system (even if not in 5.1, it would still sound cool)

I would like to pick it up. I have seen it as low as $270 (not bad AT ALL!) Anyone have any thoughts or reccomendations?

07-18-01, 11:21 AM
I have the 6010 (bottom of the line) and have been pleasantly surprised with it. I'm aware of the mediocre reviews the 6000 model (last year's) has gotten from audioreview, and even though the 6010 is not a 'high current' amp (the 8010 may very well be), it drives my old 6 ohm Bostons just fine. Maybe they've corrected the issues with their older models? It appears so.

I have it connected to my pc via a single RCA coax cable from my sound card (TB Santa Cruz). I play everything through it (CD's, mp3's, dvd's) and WinDVD even passes the raw digital stream so it detects and decodes DD AND DTS as well. Not bad for a pc setup. I'm not a gamer, so can't comment there. But even my model can give a 'virtual surround' from a 2 channel input.
Likewise, if your sound card outputs four channel surround, you can connect that to the inputs (ext decoder) on the back of the 8010.
Hope this helps.

07-18-01, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the input!!

Do you think the same would be true of the sound from a computer through the USB port on the 8010? (You used a co-axle cable?)

This model seems really great, and i am really inclined to pick it up! ESPECIALLY at such a great price.

Do you use the AV Compulink feature at all?

hmmm.. Does your remote have the LCD display on the remote?

Anyone else have any input?

Thanks MichaelBlanton!

07-19-01, 08:54 PM
I have the 9010 and gave my first impressions on the USB audio here:


I actually have not used it as much as I thought I would, but mainly because I have never run speakers into another room and I have some killer speakers on my pc (won a free set of the top-of-the-line Cambridge Soundworks). It is a stereo signal that the USB cable passes, so you can get Dolby ProLogic out of it, and all the DSP modes work with it too, but no Dolby Digital.

I hooked up a compulink cable between my VCR and the receiver, but I turned it off, it started to drive me crazy with the receiver going on everytime I turned on the VCR and then the VCR going off when I turned off the receiver. It would be great with a DVD player, but I usually just listen to the VCR through the TV.

There is something wrong with my Dolby Digital sound when I play a DVD. I have tried changing cables, used both coax and optical, but usually once on every movie I watch, the sound goes from Dolby Digital to ProLogic. The display on the receiver shows Digital, but the sound changes. If I pause the DVD and start it again the sound is again 5.1, I don't know if it could be my DVD player. Other than that, I love the thing.

I'll try to answer any other questions, if I can.


07-20-01, 08:10 AM
After reading Gumby's posts it seems the 'better' method of connecting to a pc is via digital connector (requires digital out on soundcard). That gives you everything. I do like Windows sensing the presence of the JVC device and automatically switching output to it when on, though. But not passing the DD/DTS signals to the receiver wouldn't be enough for me.

And if there's no advantage in having the usb port, then that eliminates the uniqueness of this receiver so you can shop other brands.

I haven't had the decoding problems he speaks of, but I only watch concert segments and such--no extended dvd viewing on that system yet.

07-20-01, 05:53 PM

Can you play computer games on your computer and route the sound through your receiver? I am not concerned if it will be dolby digital or anything like that. I just want to know if I can run ALL sounds (including computer games) through my receiver and surround sound system...

JUST as if they were my normal computer speakers?

through the USB port?


Can anyone reccomend a good prive on this??

ALSO- What are the difference between the 8010 and 6010

AND lastly... Someone, (Gumby maybe you) Tell me more about the LCD remote. What comes up on the CLD display? Is it cool?

Gumby, re: your other post..

what is "DPL II"

How does the "multi room feature" work?

and will you email me? I would like to hear more about this.

This model (8010) is only $260 at ecost. What is their "outrageous shipping" like?

[email protected]

Thanks all!

07-21-01, 12:39 AM
Sominex -
The sound over the USB audio is the same as what comes out of the computer speakers. Sound goes either through the computer speakers or the receiver, but not both at the same time. And to me, it sounds very good, games sound great.

DPLII is Dolby Pro Logic II, which would have worked great with the USB audio.

The remote for the 9010 is nice. Maybe I don't know how to use it right, but I don't even look at the LCD screen, it doesn't seem to light up so I can't see it in the dark, in fact nothing lights up on the remote, but the volume buttons are big and a different shape. I think the LCD will be more useful when I start using it in another room, it shows what source is currently selected, but I can see that in big letters on the front of the receiver. It runs all my other equipment and comes with an IR transmitter that will let me control my DVD/CD player from other rooms in the house. I do like being able to use the remote without having to aim it at the receiver.

Multi room/multi source means I can run speakers to another room and control them independent from the main room. I could play my mp3 music over the USB audio in my living room and listen to a CD in my TV room at the same time at different volume levels.

I think the shipping at ecost was going to be around $50, so that seemed pretty high. Even with an order over $500 they still charged my about $15 handling. I've heard that other places have it for about the same price, but I didn't learn that until after I ordered it from ecost.

For me the features of the 9010 were worth the extra.


07-21-01, 12:13 PM
I have had my 8010 for about one and a half months and I'm pretty pleased with it. I have only used it for music and home theater; I have not tried the computer connection.

It replaced an older JVC 2-channel receiver. CDs sound better. I'm not sure whether that is the new receiver, the DVD player or the digital connection. The FM tuner is adequate. It sounds good on strong stations but FM sensitivity is worse than old receiver, but only slightly. The AM tuner is somewhere between awful and unusable; you will be more pleased with the receiver if you pretend it doesn't have AM (I only want to listen to one AM news station occasionally, but this is disappointing).

It has plenty of A/V source inputs and good mixture of composite, S-video, and component video inputs. It connects everything I have now and allows for future upgrades. It is nice to have it do the source switching for the TV, vs fiddling with a handful of remotes. The remote can be programmed for other brands, so it can control my Sony TV, Toshiba VCR, and Pioneer DVD, at least the most common functions. You asked whether LCD in remote displayed anything "cool" and it doesn't. It only reminds you what the current source is; however, this is useful as some buttons have multiple functions.

I upgraded by adding center and surrounds to my existing stereo setup. The 8010 has a separate tone control for the center channel. I thought this might be important for timbre matching, given how I upgrading. It is a nice feature, but with my speakers I wound up using the center or neutral position anyway. It also has a phono input which was important to me as I have some albums that have music never released on CD. However, I haven't tried phono yet.

It decodes Digital Dolby (5.1), DTS, and ProLogic (I, not II). I think the DTS sounds a little better when there is a choice of sound tracks, so that is a nice feature.

Overall, I am quite happy. I paid $299 +S/H from Costco.com and I think it is a good mid-price receiver. It is not as strippedas some of the real cheapies, it has about everything I need, and doesn't get up into the exotic $1K+ territory. Sorry I can't offer any comments on computer connection, but i am neither a gamer or a big MP3 fan. My computer and receiver are far enough away in the house I will probably never get around to trying it.

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