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07-14-01, 06:20 AM
i have windows configured so that my backgrounds in everything are black and my fonts are light purple. the problem is that this new dvdtalk forum now forces a black font upon us, so people like me can not see what they are typing (cause our backgrounds are black) unless they manually change their appearance settinga each time to post.

why not make it so the forum just uses whatever font color we have set as default on our comps? it should be possible since the forums already use out background default colors, so why not fonts defaults too? the old forums did this.

also, why are cookies necessary to post? i think it would be nice if people could also enter their username and password each time they want to post. anandtech.com forums added this feature a few months back and it's great. now people with cookies can aitolog in each time like normal, but others like me who try to post can still have cookies disabled and merely type in our info each time.

07-14-01, 04:46 PM

Do the second and third options have any bearing on what you are saying concerning logging-in/cookies?

07-15-01, 08:09 PM
thanks, they do actually let me log on w/o cookies! :) i feel so dumb not checking my profile settings.

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