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07-04-01, 12:31 PM
its all in the subject.

07-04-01, 01:27 PM
The way I understand it, when you buy an item, you can send anyone you want an additional 10% off that item. The catch is that your friend has to use it within 10 days or something like that...

07-04-01, 01:33 PM
<b>Purchase Circles</b>

Amazon.com Purchase Circles are highly specialized bestseller lists. They let you know what people are buying around the world and in your hometown, at your workplace and at your alma mater. For example, check out the Purchase Circles for Oracle Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and New York City.

<b>How They're Made</b>

We group the items we send to particular zip and postal codes, and the items ordered from each domain name. We then aggregate this anonymous data and apply an algorithm that constructs bestseller lists of items that are more popular with each specific group than with the general population. No personally identifiable information is used to create Purchase Circle lists. The regularity with which a Purchase Circle is updated depends on its size and activity of a Purchase Circle group. Large Purchase Circles are updated weekly; smaller ones are updated monthly.

Toys, electronics, and other items that cannot be shipped to international destinations will occasionally show up in the Purchase Circles for other countries. This occurs when customers from other countries order these types of items and have them shipped to an address within the U.S.

We want Purchase Circles to be interesting and useful to you. We'll be offering more and more new Purchase Circles and services based on your suggestions. Please help us by sending your comments to [email protected]

<b>Purchase Circles Favorites</b>

Purchase Circles Favorites are those you'll want to visit again and again. By storing your favorites list right on the Purchase Circle home page, we make it easy to find them every time you visit. Plus, at your request, we'll send you e-mail each month to help you keep up on what's new in these lists.

<b>Your Privacy</b>

Your privacy is assured because the Purchase Circle lists are generated by aggregating anonymous data. None of this data is associated with any individual's name. As an additional measure to ensure confidentiality, Amazon.com only creates Purchase Circle lists based on groups including at least 200 Amazon.com customers. We take privacy seriously and encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

If you, as an individual, don't want your anonymous information included in any relevant Purchase Circle list, simply change your Purchase Circle settings. If you represent a company that wishes to have its Purchase Circle list removed, please send a fax from an authorized representative on company letterhead to 206-266-1356. Please include an e-mail address and phone number so that we can confirm that we've received your request.

07-04-01, 03:07 PM
really no benefit then,other than knowing what everybody else is getting.

07-04-01, 03:15 PM
ah, I was way off.

I was thinking friends & favorites - must be because I put in an order yesterday...

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