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06-18-01, 09:05 PM
I'm currently rewiring my speakers and I've always been told that the rear speakers should be at ear level. Then, I heard that it would be better to put the rear speakers high in the back corners of the room. Which is better?


06-18-01, 09:13 PM
I think the most important thing to do is have them faced in towards your seating and aimed at that seating area...they can also be placed in the back of the room..whichever sounds the best to you...

06-18-01, 09:23 PM
It's also a case of what is convenient for your room. I don't think that the position is as important as getting the volume settings right after installation. Having the speakers face you is helpful, but this can normally be achieved whether at ear level, or higher near the ceiling. Once installed, use a sound meter, or at least a test DVD to adjust the sound level of the rears to match the fronts from the preferred seating position.

06-18-01, 09:35 PM
Thanks, I'm going to try a differnt setup to see the difference. I hate wiring these speakers because my room is big and I have to go around many objects.

06-19-01, 08:54 AM
I have always heard that the speakers should be 2-3 feet above ear level and slightly behind the listening position, mounted facing each other on opposite walls. Not saying that that's the only way, but since theaters use this kind of placement, I think it is probably the most accurate way to reproduce the soundtrack.

Phil I
06-19-01, 03:15 PM
DigIt basically cited Dolby Labs recommendation @ their HT SURROUND SPEAKER PLACEMENT website http://www.dolby.com/ht/sound/sound3.html

Preferred surround placement
"If possible, place surround speakers to either side of the listening area, not behind it."

"If space permits, install surrounds 2-3 feet above viewers. This helps to minimize localization effects."

"Aiming surrounds straight across the room, not down at viewers, helps create a more open, spacious surround soundfield."

I personally moved the side surround speakers about 3-feet behind my 'sweet spot' (http://www.geocities.com/p_iturra/HTRoom.html), still aiming across the room, facing each other (like diagram above) and it does sound like a theater.

If you have the room, place them slightly behind your listening area.


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