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06-14-01, 09:39 PM
After being a HUGE fan of Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6 Man Scramble for the Saturn, I was sure to pick up Fire Pro Wrestling for the GBA... and it is fantastic. I commonly refer to 6 Man Scramble as the only good wrestling game. The reason for this is that it requires skill. While Royal Rumble, Warzone, and the other liscensed games require button mashing, Fire Pro requires timing in order to pull off the moves. If one were to button mash, they'd get killed. Fire Pro also has a GREAT Create a Wrestler system that is totally customizable.

If you like wrestling, you HAVE to get this game

06-14-01, 10:36 PM
Fire Pro Wrestling is an aquired taste. I personally hated it. The wrestlers are tiny on the screen and it takes forever to get the timing down. Games like Smackdown are a lot more fun to play. If you can get into it Fire Pro is a deep game with lots of options. However, I have been spoiled by the fun and easy gameplay of the THQ wrestling games. I found Fire Pro to be a boring experience.

06-17-01, 12:47 AM
I bought it. It rocks hard! I have Firepro D for the dreamcast, so the game play was easy for me to pick up on for the GBA. I also love the THQ games, it should be interesting to see what kind of Wrestling titles they put out for the GBA. Hopefully they are not like their GBC titles which sucked. It seems like most old game boy wrestling games were all the same. Kick, punch, bodyslam, suplex, and on some a finisher. I was just reading the latest nintendo power and on the release list in the back of the magazine, they are listing a WWF title comming soon. Should be interesting. Until then, I think Firepro will keep me quite busy.

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