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Kumar J
06-11-01, 08:19 PM
I thought of installing my notebook to Windows 2000. From the guys who had done this from Windows 98, what kind of advice can you guys give me.

06-11-01, 10:56 PM
Make sure ALL your hardware and software are compatable, you can find a list of stuff on microsoft's web page (I am too lazy to find a link)

Antivirus software and most utilities will not work and must be replaced with win2000 versions.

06-11-01, 11:32 PM
If you really want an install with no problems, this is what
I would do.
First, I would check to see if any hardware isn't compatible. Then I would format my HD, and install win2k
from scratch. Just make sure you have a win98 start up
disk. And you are good to go.
I have a dual boot going though, since many dos games won't
run well under win2k, so you can actually have both.

Anyhow, good luck!


06-11-01, 11:41 PM
The biggest thing you'll notice, if anything is that DOS programs don't work and play very nicely with win2k.

06-12-01, 12:17 AM
IIRC, when you go to install WIN2k, it goes thru and checks your system and lets you know what devices you will need new drivers for and also checks some of the s/w. I ended up with a long list...long enough I said forget it and bought a new computer with W2K on it.

Kumar J
06-12-01, 12:42 AM
But the sticker on the notebook says Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 pro and Win 98, so i guess I can go ahead with the installation.
I got all the data backed up, so all I need is to clear the HDD by formatting it then clean install.
I only play Diablo and Age of Empires and not really a game fannatic.

One more note...where can I buy Win 2000 pro cheapest online?

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