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06-08-01, 09:15 PM
I ran a Norton Scan tonite, and once I started it told me my boot records have been altered, and I may have a virus, it's asked me if I'd like to restore it to the last recored it has. It says If I installed any new Hardware( I dont' think I did, just a webcam) or used Partition magic, this is normal, but if not I probably am infected. What should I do?

06-08-01, 09:23 PM
Stay off "those" types of sites.

What viurs did it say you got? Just a generic boot sector one?

06-08-01, 09:29 PM
lol @ "those" types of sites. Yeah, I know, I learned my lesson. Yeah, just a boot sector one. I restored it(backed it up first) then restarted, ran another scan, no viruses.

Thanks X you must sit there and look at my threads and laugh

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