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View Full Version : PowerDVD, Windows 2000, and GeForce 2 hardware acceleration?

06-08-01, 02:43 PM
Hi folks,

As the subject says, I have windows 2000 and geforce 2 pro and I'm wondering if the latest nvidia detonator drivers support hardware acceleration in powerdvd. It worked when I was using win98se but ever since I switched to win2k, the hardware acceleration box in powerdvd is greyed out.. is it just me or is it everyone else with a nvidia card with pdvd?


Jason Northrup
06-08-01, 03:01 PM
I have an ATI Rage Fury Pro and have the same problem (works in 98 but not 2k). It could have to do with the way Win2k opperates. Although it seems more logical that ATI and Nvidia have yet to implement the functionallity in the drivers.

Does anybody have any speculations or documentation on this issue?

06-08-01, 03:49 PM
from the readme file:

For most display chips and integrated chipsets, Hardware Motion Compensation and Subpicture Alpha blending is only available for most display cards under Windows 98 and Windows ME due to Windows 2000 driver limitations. Under Windows 2000, only SiS630 (integrated chipset) and SiS300 (display chip) are supported.


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