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06-05-01, 06:31 AM
I'm thinking about getting my first subwoofer. I have a question about hookup,namely,how do you hook up a sub? I mean, do you hook up your speakers directly to the sub? Or can you use the line level inputs on your receiver?
Also,my receiver has only 70 watts of power,should I buy a sub that also has 70 watts(or lower)of power? I really would like to hook up a sub via line level inputs.

06-05-01, 09:48 AM
Many sub's include both speaker and line level inputs. If your speakers don't reproduce much in the bass department, you are likely better off to connect the sub via the line level input (Sub Out on the receiver) and set your speakers to "small" via the receiver's setup menu.

You should definately consider getting either a powered sub (one with an amplifier built in) or a passive sub with an outboard amp. Using a powered sub will put less demand on your receiver since it will no longer have to power the bass frequencies.

06-05-01, 12:56 PM
Get as much subwoofer as you can afford. It takes higher power levels to reproduce bass frequencies accurately. There is a huge difference in sound quality from a cheap low powered sub and a more expensive (and typically higher powered) one.

Also, there's a good probablility that you'll want to upgrade eventually. If you go ahead and spend the extra $ now on the sub, you won't be having to replace that when you want to change out to a bigger receiver.

-virtually all powered subs have line level inputs.

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