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06-04-01, 09:19 AM
I have used a Bello rack for a long time now. This is what I had:

I recently moved and it was damaged in the truck. I was planning on buying another more updated unit. Like this one:


They both have the same weight capacity, but here is my problem.
I have a Parasound 6 channel amp. It used to sit on the bottom rack. The glass on that rack was only a half inch from teh metal frame. The amp is over the recommended weight capacity of both racks. I e-mailed Bello and they did NOT suggest using either rack. They suggested an all steel unit. The Amp which weighs 70-80 pounds sat on that bottom rack with NO problems. What scares me is the new model rack's lowest shelf is much higher off the ground. Wound this make a possible unsafe condition. I think if the amp were to break through at that height it may cause the entire rack to tip. Dumping alot of equipment! Anyone have any insight to this. I would hat eto order one just to have it not work! This site does have the greatest prices on the stuff. I bought that first rack at 6TH ave for over 1000, years ago. Thanks for any input.

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06-04-01, 02:27 PM
Wasn't she that chick on ER for a awhile, she did have a nice rack. ;)

06-04-01, 07:04 PM
LOL! Yeah she was. Maria Bello. And NO she did not have any rack! Just an "A" cup, "B" max.


06-05-01, 11:09 AM
I wouldn't exceed the weight rating by that much. You could look for a rack with a higher load rating such as one of the Schroers or Salamander racks. If you really want this unit, you might consider removing the bottom shelf and putting the amp on the floor on tip toes.

06-05-01, 04:11 PM
Is there a site for either of those company's racks?? I don't like the Bello' all steel unit.

06-05-01, 07:23 PM
Originally posted by Berkowitz
Is there a site for either of those company's racks?? I don't like the Bello' all steel unit.

The Schroers are available from the same company you posted; you can get the Salamander Synergy line from Audio Advisor, who also carry a lot of other brands. AA's prices are usually list, but you might check their clearence section where they often offer a few good deals. The Synergy come in several finishes. but they may not be to your taste as they are quite different from the Bello and Schroers. Here's the links:

Schroers: http://www.mindlogic.com/FURN_SCHR.shtml
AA: http://www.audioadvisor.com
Salamander: http://www.mander.com

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