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View Full Version : Getting rid of the history on an internet browser???

05-29-01, 04:57 PM
On Navigator and Explorer:

When you go to type in a web address on the web address bar you can pull up a drop down list to view all the most recent places visited.

When using Navigator you can even PARTIALLY type in a web address and it will finish it for you, with the closest matches you have typed in before.

How do I stop it from doing this???

I want NO pull down list on the adress bar and I DO NOT want explorer OR navigator to finish the web address it THINKS I am going to type.

How can I disable these features?

I know how to clear the history, but this stuff is still there afterwards!

Anyone know? OR sympathize with me???


05-29-01, 05:14 PM
OK, here goes:

Start menu>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Internet Options>>Content>>Auto Complete...then choose which, if any, options you want auto complete to use. You can also clear out your auto complete there.

05-31-01, 06:42 PM
If you can't/don't want to permanently disable it, here's how to clear it anytime you want:


Edit > Preferences > Navigator > Clear History and/or Clear Location Bar


Tools > Internet Options > Clear History

One time when my fiancee used my computer, she started typing in a URL, and the browser auto-completed the address to a porn site. I've cleared my history every time since then after visiting a porn site, ha ha! (I otherwise find the location bar useful to go to sites I've previously visited, so I don't permanently disable it.)

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