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05-29-01, 06:08 AM
Hi everybody, i was hoping you guys could help me out!
I have this problem:
Sometimes i put in a DVD in to the player, the player can't produce the colour correctly on my TV screen. I have to put in some PAL VCD into the player before i could view the colours correctly in DVD
I tried to change the settings from Auto to NTSC mode, but the player only allows either Auto or PAL mode. So now i would appreciate if you guys could tell me what the problem is.
It's a bit fustrating if I have to do all these long steps before i can see my DVD movie!


05-29-01, 10:29 AM
Did you have your player modded, or is it a PAL-only player? The 2109 is not multi-region/multistandard without a mod.

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