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05-10-01, 10:14 PM
I was just wondering if anyone else uses the Definitive Tech brand. I am using a set of Pro Cinema 80's with a Sony STR-DE545 A/V Receiver and am always amazed at the sound quality, even wife is impressed. They handle everything I have been able to put at em'.

Just Wondering

05-10-01, 11:41 PM
I love my Def Techs. I'm currently using BP2002TLs as my mains, C/L/R 2500 center and BPVX surrounds. The bipolar design takes some getting used to, but once properly set-up they sound fantastic.

05-11-01, 08:49 AM
I too love DefTech.

My set-up includes:

Pro Mon 100 Mains
C2 Center (I forget which model)
BP1X surrounds
PF15TL Sub (the slightly older one w/ 325 watts)

And my room is 22x26 and this system still rocks my foundation.

Love the stuff!!!

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