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05-09-01, 04:40 PM
So this is a thoroughly explored question by now, but. . .

Basically I had decided that I would probably use my tax return to buy a Playstation 2 a few months ago. I have the return now, roughly 250 bucks, and can't decide whether I want to do it or not. I do have a DC, but the last new game I bought was either Tony Hawk 2 or NBA2k1. I still play NFL2k1 a lot, but don't see many games on the horizon that I am interested in.

If I got the PS2, it would definitely be stretching my budget, but doable (I would be eating a lot of PBJ's for the next month or so -- NYC is expensive). The chief game I would be interested in would be Fifa, and a baseball game (probably High Heat). I like sports games, some driving games (yes, I know GT), maybe an RPG if I have time. So is it worth the money? I figure 300 for the system. Then probably a multitap and 3 more controllers, 2 memory cards, 2 or 3 games, etc. It would probably end up costing upwards of 700 or so. Although I probably wouldn't get all that at once.

So is it worth the money? People who have FIFA, is it as awesome as it seems (I loved FIFA 99 and 00 for N64)? And High Heat, is it good? Any other games that are spectacular? Maybe SSX or something?

I appreciate your help.

05-09-01, 04:57 PM
Save yourself the $300, cause Sega is still supposed to release World Series Baseball 2K2, NFL2K2, NBA2K2, Virtua Tennis 2, and a college football game is in the works. As you are a sports fan, there is more than enough to go around ;). Some other games to look forward to are Crazy Taxi 2, Black and White (I think it's still coming out...), among others. There is still PLENTY of dreamcast goodness to come. Personally, I'd stick with the Dreamcast, as the PS2 doesn't even have interent capability at the moment. That's my opinion, hope it helps :).

THX 1138
05-09-01, 09:40 PM
Tons of great games coming out for Dreamcast

NFL2k2, NBA2k2, NHL2k2, Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi 2, Alone in the Dark 4....... and more.

05-09-01, 10:45 PM
There's always Virtua Striker 2 on Dreamcast if you're into soccer. I'm not, so I couldn't tell you anything about it. :)

Personally, I've owned a PS2 for 3 months, and haven't bought a game since. I picked up Ridge Racer V and Tekken Tag when I bought the system, and RRV is great, but TTT is the same old Tekken with better graphics *yawn*. I play my DC all the time. The only games I bought a PS2 for is GT3 and Metal Gear 2 anyways. And because it's new and slick and I couldn't resist and it's like the 15th system I've owned in my life...I have a problem. ;)

05-10-01, 07:56 AM
The PS2 is supposed to have GREAT graphics--but that's it. From all the people I've talked to (I was thinking about getting it too), all the PS2's games are shallow, you can beat them in one good sitting. The PS2 only has about 1 or two good games (it also took them almost a year to get a million-selling game while it took DC only a few weeks-months). I'm saving up for Nintendo Gamecube, as their supposed to be putting out some more mature games than they did with N64.

05-10-01, 09:37 AM
You could do what I am doing and wait untill the came cube and xbox are out and decide then. When the original playstation came out i was pretty dissapointed with the system but as game company figured out what they could and couldn't do the system got better and this one could to. Plus there is nothing like competition to drive th price down...


05-10-01, 10:12 AM
Also consider that the PS2 is not the powerful platform it was reported to be. Take a look at games which have come out on DC and PS2 - Rayman 2, Silent Scope, Quake 3, and now, Crazy Taxi. The DC versions are better in almost every case, with the PS2 graphics being slightly inferior. I find it amazing that people consider the system awesome when it's been nothing but a disappointment.

05-10-01, 10:23 AM
it's all about the DC - my life was revolving around playing PSO for a while. my PS2 collects dust.

05-10-01, 11:11 AM
Now is probably not the best time to get a PS2.

I expect Sony will announce a price drop next week at E3.
And, even if it's not announced next week, it'll definitely occur before the new systems launch in the fall.

As far as PS2 vs. DC, I don't think it's very logical to compare third/fourth generation DC titles to first generation PS2 titles. Especially ported titles that were developed for other hardware, then quickly adapted to the PS2 just to cash in.

05-10-01, 06:22 PM
Originally posted by tomwaits

As far as PS2 vs. DC, I don't think it's very logical to compare third/fourth generation DC titles to first generation PS2 titles. Especially ported titles that were developed for other hardware, then quickly adapted to the PS2 just to cash in.

Well, in comparing the two systems, its not logical. But if considering what system to buy, its definitely logical because thats whats out now!! :) I bought PS2, I don't regret it, but it's been a waste so far. Honestly, the game I've played the most on my PS2 has been FF9, of course a regular PSx game (the only game I have is Tekken Tag). If you don't have a regular PSx and want to play the older games, it might be worth it right now. But if not, you have DC and that should be fine until the PS2 price drop.

05-10-01, 09:39 PM
Yes, it is worth it, but depending on your situation you may want to wait or go get one now.

I have not had a new system since Sega Genesis :jawdrop: (my sister had an N64 but since it was not mine I don't count it) and since I have got my PS2 I have found a plethora of Playstation games that have kept me quite busy.

As far as PS2 games go. Personally for me, there is nothing out yet that I just have to have but starting this summer the games will start getting great. Some of the things I am looking forward to are Half Life, the new Bond game, the new Metal Gear, and a few others I can not think of right now.

Use your judgement and pick a system that will be the best for you and check out some video game sites to see what games are on the way. So far the XboX does not impress me but I am a fan of Nintendo so I may have to buy a Gamecube when that comes out. Hope this has helped.

05-10-01, 10:27 PM
Yea don't bother. I haven't played videogames in months, but find my DC with a great collection of games and great ones to come (Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi 2) I am stickin with the DC.

Not to say the PS2 isn't appealing...I am heading to college, one would be nice in the dorm. I like the feel, the graphics are nice but it has been a huge dissapointment, and frankly I always thought it would AT FIRST. Too much hype, little too back it up right now. Give it time and a $100 price drop, and then it'll be a good one to get.

05-11-01, 08:33 AM
I bought a PS2 on a whim two weeks ago to relieve some finals stress. I have been pleasantly surprised. There are finally some good games coming out.

Onimusha is really cool. ATV Offroad Fury has been one of the most fun games I've played in months.

I bought the thing expecting it to suck, but I've been happy. I would buy it again, no question.

I haven't played FIFA, but it's supposed to be really good.

05-11-01, 06:43 PM
I'd wait. Until all the new systems are out it doesn't make sense buying a PS2 right now. Spend it on some dvd's instead.

Canis Firebrand
05-14-01, 11:46 AM
At least now PS2's are in stock at places like Best Buy.

I, too, am debating getting one.
The reason I have not so far, besides the money factor, is that the only game I really am buying the PS2 for doesn't come out for a while. I will be buying a PS2 just for the Final Fantasy series.
Though that Zone of the Endor's game looks pretty cool and it has anime tie-ins.
I am quite happy with my DC and N64(picked it up used at EB).

The other reason I haven't rushed out to get a PS2 yet is because I have a few import games for my playstation. I have it mod chipped so I can play them.
I found a bootdisc for PS2 that should allow me to continue to play my imports with out chipping the PS2(which I don't care to do), but haven't heard anyone using it yet.
If anyone has a bootdisc, and uses it, can they post results so that I know, before I buy my PS2, if I lose the ability to play my imports.


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