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Buford T Pusser
04-25-01, 10:30 PM
As they get bigger, yet smaller and cheaper I'm thinking of making the plunge. But should I wait a few months or even a year? Any fortune tellers out there?

I saw the UK edition of Stuff and they were touting the Sharp DV-L80 and for less, the Panasonic DVD-LV75.

Final question: where's the best place to get the best price on these?


Low RG
04-28-01, 01:08 PM
I purchased the Pioneer Portable DVD player (LC10) approx one year ago for around $950. This same player can now be found for $607 on line. In another year it may get down to around $400?? This player has a 7" screen and is great for trips and at work!
I use the following to find the lowest prices: http://www.pricescan.com

04-28-01, 01:49 PM
I assume you have seen the price of the LV-55/LV-50 from Costco with the two rebates for around $300.

There are better players and bigger screens, but it depends on what your budget is. I use a 14" active matrix screen n my laptop for most portable stuff, but I wanted a small dedicated extra DVD player that has digital outputs and could be hooked to a receiver/TV. The Panasonic LV-55 does that.

And for $300, it's not a bad price for a cheap DVD player anyway.

The longer you wait, the more features or bigger screen you will get for a cheaper price. Just like buying computers. But at some point, the features/price point is worth it to you. I was not willing to pay $1000 for a portable, but when they get near $300...it's worth it to me.

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