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04-25-01, 03:24 PM
Hi, I'm looking to buy a DVD/receiver combination set. I have looked at several SONY and Pioneer models, but really haven't been satisfied with what I found. Does anyone know of a good brand to buy?

Thanks always

04-25-01, 04:03 PM
Do you mean a separate receiver packaged with a separate dvd player?

Or 1 box that does both?

Do Sony and Pioneer make 1 box combos that they sell outside of HTBs?

The only DVD Player/Receiver combo machines that I know of are made by:
Go Video

The Onkyo and Toshiba units are nearly identical -- they're made in the same place and involve mating a Toshiba dvd drive with an Onkyo receiver.

I have the Toshiba (model 6109c) and I'm reasonably happy with it.

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