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rd dvd mn
04-20-01, 01:10 PM
I just finally had cable access installed to my area so i picked it up. However my question is that my ciomp came with a 10.100 ethernet card when i bought it a year ago. The cable company is tring to el me that it is better to use the adapter and USB port than the ethernet card unless im going to network.

Any input would be appericated I searched ZDnet and found no oppions on this subject.

04-20-01, 01:29 PM
Why tie up a USB port when you have a perfectly good ethernet card? Use the NIC unless you need if for something else.

04-20-01, 01:32 PM
i believe they try to sell you on the usb idea to keep you from running a home network as easy.

04-20-01, 01:49 PM
Go with the internal NIC, no need for USB in your case.

04-20-01, 03:02 PM
I agree with the others. Use your ethernet card.

04-20-01, 03:20 PM
Sounds like they're just trying to sell the USB dongle. I'd stick with the ethernet port.

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