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Bose Pro
04-17-01, 06:10 PM
Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone new of a good, up to date site that had statistics on total DVDs, total DD DVDs, and total DTS DVDs. DD web site is way out of date. DTS was pretty good giving me 196 DTS titles, however, I have yet to confirm this with another site. Also, I have checked many sites on DVD title totals and they vary from 6500 - 10,000+. Anyone know of a site that is current with these information?

Thanks ahead of time.

Phil I
04-17-01, 09:08 PM
According to DVD Entertainment Group (http://www.dvdinformation.com/)
APRIL 17, 2001
More than 8,500 titles now available!
Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD's = 1,737
DTS Sound DVD's = 180


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