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04-13-01, 07:10 PM
They just came out.

The guys at the high-end electronics store I used to go to (I moved out of state) were raving about them. They had seen a demo. And the mere fact that they will be selling them says a lot to me. These guys are VERY picky about what they sell.

There's a 55" and a 61". According to these guys, this tv has one of the best line doublers out there. And the picture quality is supposed to be unbelivable. And get this, the 61" is supposed to sell for just $3995.

61RWP5H is the model number for the bigger one. I haven't been able to find much on the web. Anybody know anything about these things?

04-17-01, 07:32 PM

04-18-01, 01:06 AM
I too am interested. Anyone?

04-18-01, 04:14 PM
Hey, randyc.

In addition to choosing the same city to live in, it looks like we have similar taste in TVs.

I still haven't found out much about these TVs other than what I said in my first post. But i did talk to my friend at the high-end shop in Virginia again. He says that the "line doubler" on this unit is a completely different technology that what most sets have. He says it's a true up-conversion. More like a "line quadrupler," he says. And he can't say enough good things about the quality of the picture. He said he can't keep them in stock at his shop. Personally, I'm very seriously considering buying one without even seeing one. (Yes, I trust his opinion that much.)

I talked to a local guy that can order it for me. $3799 for the 61"! Not bad, huh? Oh, he also said he asked a Sharp representative if there was anywhere in SoCal that had one of these units on display and the rep said that there was nowhere that he knew of.

Anyway, if you're interested, the guy I talked to was Mike at American Home Entertainment. 619.297.3701. I'll most likely be making my decision in the next 3 or 4 weeks. If you hear anything else, let me know. See ya.

05-21-01, 01:05 PM

I just saw one of these for myself.

Wow. It's even better than I had heard. I've been looking at HDTVs for a couple of years now and I've gotta say that the picture quality of this Sharpvision rivals even the Pioneer Elite, and might be even a little bit better (!). (And for half the price).

It's all new technology, new line doubler, etc. It is stunning. These sets are very new and very hard to find, but I highly recommend checking it out in person. Remember, this is the two new Sharpvision models (55" and 61"), not the older Sharp stuff. Big difference.

I ordered mine last week. Very glad I waited. :)

05-22-01, 01:50 AM
Congrats Neale!

Which model number and where did you get it?


05-22-01, 11:50 AM
Originally posted by randyc
Congrats Neale!

Which model number and where did you get it?


Thanks, Randy.

I got the 61rwp5h. $3799. I got it from Audio Video Today in Westminster (about halfway between SD and LA, right off the 405.) It's actually the only place I could find in SoCal that has them on display because they're so new.

If you're going to be heading up that way, drop by and take a look at it. Casey is who helped me. Good guy.

Good luck. Mine's coming Friday. :)

Edited to add:

For what it's worth, they offer 12 months, no payments, no interest on these sets. :)

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11-22-01, 04:16 AM
So.. it has been several months. How are your Sharps holding up? I purchased the 55RWP4H 55" one the other day (coming sunday). It seemed like the best value. I did not buy an extended warranty, but am considering it. So I just wonder if any Sharp owners for these new RPTVs have had any problems.

11-22-01, 06:06 AM
Originally posted by BenCJedi
So.. it has been several months. How are your Sharps holding up? I purchased the 55RWP4H 55" one the other day (coming sunday). It seemed like the best value. I did not buy an extended warranty, but am considering it. So I just wonder if any Sharp owners for these new RPTVs have had any problems.

Excuse me for the hijack and for yelling, but GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! These things are so complicated, heavy, and expensive that an extended warranty is actually worth it for HD RPTVs. The warranty also allows you to be picky about problems that appear to be pretty common - things like faint grey lines or slight lack of corner focus. On the HT spot, my general impression is that those who didn't get the warranty nearly always say they'll just have to live with a minor problem, while those with warranties don't hesitate to exchange the set until they get a good one.

You can shop around for warranties too. There are topics on this at several other fora, and IIRC the concensus is that Philips has the best values.

11-22-01, 12:30 PM
Ok, I live pretty close to Westminster and have been to that shop before, so I will be taking a look at it tomorrow hopefully. I was seriously considering buying a Pioneer 643HD model before you mentioned this.

Please let us hear any comments when you have tested it out. Thanks!

11-22-01, 11:00 PM
Stats ... I haven't ruled out the warranty. I believe I have a year manufacturer's warranty to protect my new set. In the meantime I am looking at purchasing an extended warranty from someone other than Best Buy. I had a terrible time with Best Buy's warranty service in the past, so I was really hesitant to make the same mistake purchasing another from them. Only reason I bought the set from Best Buy in the first place was because of $800 in gift certificates I got from the once glorius website called Powerdime.com and the 18-month no-interest financing special. I've been searching around and it has been mentioned I can get a good 3rd party warranty from Phillips or GE. How do I go about doing this? Can I wait until say a month before my current warranty expires and purchase a couple years protection then? I can probably add the warranty at Best Buy, but I feel strongly about not supporting their evil extended service agenda.

11-23-01, 07:58 AM
BenCJedi - I'm pretty sure you can wait until just before your mfr's warranty expires to get an extended warranty, but I'd check out the Philips and GE web sites just to make sure. I totally understand about not wanting BB's warranty. You can do much better with Philips or GE anyway - they'll be cheaper, longer, and at least as comprehensive. Here's (http://www.HomeTheaterSpot.Com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=3&t=000278) a thread from HT Spot that highlights why you probably should get a warranty. I thought it would have some good links to warranty sites, but it doesn't really. And I couldn't find any threads that did even though I know I've seen 'em - maybe at HT Forum?

11-23-01, 11:13 PM
I posted this at HTF and thought I would repost it here to help some people out that are also shopping for an extended warranty:

The guy at Sonic.net (http://www.sonic.net/soundscape/delta.html) fixed the website, so now the price is showing as $250 to extend my warranty 3 years, so that should give me 4. It is cheaper than the Best Buy 4-year $299 service plan. The Sonic.net warranty is through Phillips. From what I have read, it looks to be a very good warranty service. Can we get some more reports on it here?

Secondly, I followed up on someone's mention of buying a warranty through Sears. I explained to the clerk at Sears that I did not purchase a TV from them, but was wondering if I could buy their extended service contract. He sternly told me "NO" and said "this is NOT allowed". So count that option out.

I need to find out about the GE Extended Warranty (http://www.geappliances.com/shop/wrrnty/) . It appears it does not cover large screen TVs.

Any opinions on this warranty provider?
Viking Warranty (http://www.vikingwarranty.com/homeelectronics/applyonline/index.asp)
They appear to have the best rate for 24 months. That would give me 3 years total with the manufacturer's warranty. How many RPTV owners have a problem within 3 years and after? I am considering this provider because I'll only have to spend $150. I need some better details on their coverage though.

Furthermore I have found these providers to check out. I am not sure if they can provide coverage for us large screen TV owners.

AON Warranty Group (http://www.aon.com/us/about/business_structure/aon_warranty_group.asp)

Warranty Superstore (http://warrantysuperstore.com/)

Lastly you may consider extending your warranty through the manufacturer. In my case (Sharp) it costs more than even Best Buy.

I hope this thread will be useful and comprehensive to others. I've done too many searches on the HT forum and can only find bits and pieces at a time regarding actual providers. Please share any other providers as well as your recommendations. Let's make this the Ultimate Extended Warranty Provider thread. :)

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