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  1. The Golden State Killer was captured!
  2. Ford to stop selling all but Mustangs, a crossover, and trucks in NA
  3. Bob Dorough, the musician behind Schoolhouse Rock's most famous songs, has died
  4. YATT (Yet another Tipping thread) pickup and tip?
  5. Van strikes 8-10 people in Toronto
  6. Yelp removed one of my reviews
  7. What's the closest drive-in from where you live and have you been?
  8. Do you think we live in a society where $80 at a Mexican Restaurant is a good deal?
  9. $20.18 Thread of Food Delivery Tipping in the Modern Age
  10. For the record...
  11. I feel left out
  12. I'm a pussy whipped, dickless tool.
  13. Need a recommended glasses holder (sunglasses, reading glasses, whatever glasses)
  14. 2nd grade math problem
  15. Going to Toronto in June (4 days, 3 nights) - Suggestions on places to see/eat at?
  16. Would you buy the $30 Tarantuala burger?
  17. Cocktail drink with amputated toe. Ever had one?
  18. Night Owls, you are probably going to die soon. Sorry.
  19. Fight Club in CT HS
  20. Scottish Belle arrested after a teen paid her for sex and ratted her out afterwards
  21. I saw a guy with a sex doll at the mall
  22. Who's Your Favorite Canadian?
  23. What's the best Brain Training Website?
  24. Anyone have 800,00.000 to spend for a hotel?
  25. Woman finds out parents fertility doctor is her father
  26. Guess something about next poster
  27. Judge admits to serial underwear theft, faces 15 years in prison
  28. Anyone else feel "off" when their hair gets long?
  29. Why don't men's socks come in more sizes?
  30. When was the last time you had to write a check?
  31. Shen Yun Chinese stage show - anyone seen it?
  32. What's With All the Neck Pillows
  33. One and only crimes and fatalities that were done to impress Reality Show producers
  34. Help decode my kid's art.
  35. I’m eating a burrito and there’s a table full of Russians next to me....
  36. A Wisconsin university drops 13 traditional humanities/social science majors
  37. Man dies after reclining movie theater seat closes on his head
  38. Do you Facebook? (a discussion for old people)
  39. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian
  40. Pennsylvania man and teen found in Mexico almost 2 weeks after they went missing
  41. Austin Serial Bomber
  42. YANKIT: Anyone else have pseudobulbar affect, or know someone who does?
  43. The latest dumb challenge...
  44. Pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami
  45. Humoctopus
  46. R.I.P Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)
  47. Venmo help
  48. Facebook account question
  49. Worst thing you ever ate?
  50. Otter Attacks Woman in Kayak
  51. I think too much: probability puzzle
  52. What Kind of Sicko Doesn't Like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups? (bonus poll!)
  53. Jason Voorhees found in lake
  54. With a flannel yell, she cried mer, mer, mer!
  55. The Incredibly Strange, Sad Story Behind The World's Most Ambitious Demo Tape
  56. What is the appeal of Funko Pop
  57. Car Repair Question - 2009 Impala Headlamp
  58. Should I be paranoid? They are watching ... somebody.
  59. The 'Men Are Pigs' thread: In Before The Lock edition.
  60. When was DVDTalk's peak weirdness?
  61. How bad is your vision? And do you wear glasses or contacts?
  62. Would this rule bother you as a parent?
  63. Lucky Charms innovating!
  64. Yet another “someone broke into my car” thread
  65. Teen survives her first texting and driving crash, but not her second
  66. Cow flees on way to slaughterhouse smashes thru metal fence swims to safety on island
  67. We seem to have a rash of new members, HELLO!
  68. Definitely NOT The Love Boat!
  69. Nando820's 2018 TOTY Kitten thread!
  70. Internet shopping scams
  71. Should Guys Still Pay For First Dates?
  72. Do you still enjoy your birthday?
  73. Moving to San Antonio, TX
  74. Should I go to a Singles Mixer?
  75. I need some Photoshop help!
  76. Spirit Airlines orders passenger to flush her hamster down toilet
  77. Anyone deal with a dog with dementia?
  78. Woman found holding at least one of her eyeballs
  79. McDonald's Fries may cure baldness
  80. Why can't people figure out doors?
  81. If you have a sec, a petition to keep the last great Indy theater in Vancouver alive.
  82. Nigel the lonely gannet dies on island surrounded by concrete birds
  83. Happy Groundhog Day 2018
  84. Super Blue Blood Moon — the end is nigh
  85. Do you support creators via Patreon?
  86. One night in Nashville
  87. Question for salesmen (Looking at guestbooks)
  88. Anyone have a smart front door deadbolt lock?
  89. Anyone on Inderal(medication)?
  90. This Beatles/Star Wars mashup is about the funniest thing I've ever seen!
  91. Some people say there's a "gray zone" between consensual sex and rape
  92. The 2017 TOTY Award - VOTE THREAD
  93. Bat in a bucket, boy in a coma (Florida) UPDATE: Boy Dead
  94. Ballistic Missile Emergency Alert Mistakenly Sent To People In Hawaii
  95. The comeback kid; Circuit City set for relaunch.
  96. Moving to Iceland
  97. Abnormally Large Ball of Lint
  98. Idiots du Jour: 9 in one blow
  99. Serious Science to Laugh At
  100. Up for Journalism Award - Calling on the Power of Otter for Votes
  101. 2017: Another year without a TOTY?
  102. Would you pay a fee to watch YouTube?
  103. Other Talk (Reverse) Sheep: Ewe want fries with that? (Fast Food Sheep)
  104. Full Service Gas Stations
  105. Birthday Gift for Mom turning 60?
  106. Grocery Delivery Services?
  107. Biggest Loser 2018 Health & Fitness Thread
  108. Correlation does not = causation. Yet still sucks (being sick)
  109. Father of Two Killed in Swatting Hoax?
  110. 2018 Resolutions Thread
  111. Dead pool 2018
  112. 2018: The year with zero new polio cases?
  113. What did you get for Christmas thread? (2017)
  114. Best stuff on the internet, list
  115. Do you regret spending money on your movie collection?
  116. You can buy the original 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' puppets for $10 million.
  117. Amtrak derailment, Washington State (at least 6 dead, multiple injuries)
  118. Favorite Cereal
  119. I had a horrible experience with a group of drunks at a concert last night...
  120. Anybody sign up for USPS Informed Delivery yet?
  121. Ugh, ingrown toe nails!
  122. Pull-ups off skyscraper? Check. Fall-down 62 stories? Check.
  123. Present day cars,are you supposed to race the engine?
  124. Tech Dump: Is tech ruining our lives?
  125. Who or what the f is paco rabanne?
  126. Where's the snow? -- Winter 2017-18 thread
  127. Recommend me a digital clock
  128. 23 year old Porn Star found dead, possible suicide from cyberbullying
  129. Christmas Stocking Stuffers
  130. This week's macho foolishness
  131. Opossum breaks into liquor store and gets drunk (yes, Florida)
  132. Ever feel like work succumbs your life?
  133. Downsizing
  134. Legal question about door to door salesmen
  135. Front License Plate
  136. New York woman shot dead with pistol by hunter who thought she was a deer
  137. Simple, stupid Quickbooks question I can't find an answer to.
  138. Do you have a short attention span?
  139. "Cinnamon" scented pine cones are EVIL!
  140. Happy Thanksgiving to all! (2017 Edition)
  141. Encouraging Stories of Kindness To Others
  142. Black Friday 2017: What are your plans?
  143. Have you ever been sexually harassed?
  144. Tile, TracR, and other tracking devices. Which is the best?
  145. Sexiest Man Alive 2017.
  146. Digital Codes for Free!
  147. New study: When you're dead you know it, might even hear medics say it.
  148. Are you a veteran?
  149. Dead Message Boards You Used To Visit?
  150. Well, that's a wrap...this place is dead
  151. My Highschool bully has terminal cancer.
  152. Help me pick someplace to travel in 2018
  153. 2017 Holiday Gift Giving Recommendations
  154. Sdallnct, you weren't being uncivil.
  155. Ridiculing the beliefs of victims?
  156. Summoning the power of Otter: Help me find... (Christmas gift edition)
  157. Who has the most posts on this messageboard?
  158. Edy's/Dreyer's frozen custard was awesome during its brief existence
  159. Have You Seen a Girl This Pretty Play Chess Before?
  160. Poop, poop, poop, I need a new flapper.
  161. Advice needed: Bass Blast Bingo!
  162. LinkedIn: You have a new suggested connection?
  163. Another Otter gone :(
  164. XLIII Random Pic Thread, The Knights Who Say "Ni!" edition.
  165. If I had a baby the day I joined DVDTalk...
  166. Target Is Taking on ‘Christmas Creep,’ Just in Time for Thanksgiving.
  167. It should be legal to kill ATM thieves
  168. Why do women wait so long (sexual harrassment)?
  169. YAHIT: School me on power washers
  170. The Cow Goes... "Shazooo"
  171. Aaaaaaand I gained 100 lbs.
  172. Where to eat in Dallas? (2017)
  173. Work etiquette: Fielding calls from recruiters?
  174. Obesity in US reaches all-time high; 40% of adults and 19% of kids...
  175. More dangers of fat!
  176. Has anyone here done business with skreened.com?
  177. Found An Old Photo Album, But Unsure How To Return It Without Seeming Creepy
  178. Scratched my eye in my sleep....
  179. Slumlords: Should I buy a hotel-like rental property with 3 other people?
  180. Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls
  181. What were bars like in the 80s and 90s?
  182. Potty Training Issues
  183. Getting Old Sucks
  184. is it creepey to tuck in a stranger?
  185. New NYC Town Law- Parents of bullies will face 15 days in jail
  186. Whole house Power Surge
  187. What should I make with this?
  188. Hi
  189. Fixing up the MP3 tags & have a grammar question
  190. FatWallet deal site closing on 10/9/17
  191. What would you do on the train tracks?
  192. Does anyone still use a clock radio as an alarm?
  193. What's the furthest you've commuted for a job?
  194. Pasta: sauce on top or mix it all?
  195. Responding to social media posts from the friends of your friends.
  196. Wedding Invitation Etiquette Question
  197. Email etiquette question
  198. Family Attacked by Mob of Teens at Six Flags
  199. Should people with service animals or pet allergies be more important to airlines?
  200. Hugh Hefner dead...
  201. Now There’s an Oreo Cookie That Doubles as a Vinyl Record
  202. How much is too much?
  203. Dying in your sleep. Pleasant or morbid?
  204. How Many Posts Per Average Do You Abandon?
  205. Cake mix cookies
  206. Teen who punched principal in face gets sweet deal from judge
  207. Man who stopped robbery sued by robber
  208. Which is dirtier: Kitchen Floor or Kitchen Sink?
  209. "The Mad Pooper" in Colorado
  210. Kevin Hart being extorted
  211. Can you function at your job on less than 6 hours of sleep?
  212. CCleaner Backdoor Hack Discovered - Millions Affected
  213. Hurricane Maria 2017.
  214. Bodega/Nodega Poetry Slam
  215. Pistol wielding country singer shoots homeless dude for telling her to move her SUV
  216. Deceased people's medical bills,CC debt,etc.?
  217. Man finds naked woman in his bed, calls 911
  218. "Help, I Can't Stop Hooking Up With Trump Supporters"
  219. What to do about a sibling who needs help but won't get it?
  220. Which are the best Chocolate Chip cookies on Earth?
  221. New AI can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photograph
  222. BREAKING : 8.0 Magnitude earthquake detected off coast of Mexico
  223. Have you ever won a contest/sweepstakes? (Excluding gambling/lottery)
  224. Giant Equifax data breach: 143 million people could be affected
  225. Did you ever boost your parents car before you even had your Learners permit?
  226. So, this just happened in my neighborhood...
  227. A game: Polish the Turd.
  228. Ash covers Oregon cities, wildfire smoke chokes US West
  229. Help me make an identity thief's life miserable
  230. Teens' selfie shows light of oncoming train that would kill them seconds later
  231. This is not a complaint!
  232. Hurricane Irma 2017
  233. Movie scene reenactments by Brandon Hardesty
  234. YEAT (Is that still a thing?) - Problem buyer
  235. Air Jordan Shoes
  236. A woman pulled a gun on a shopper over school supplies at Walmart
  237. What do you drive, and how much MPG do you get?
  238. Domino's Pizza is testing out self-driving pizza delivery cars!
  239. Legal questions about starting a website
  240. What do you do to relax?
  241. Dumbass Du Jour
  242. Coastal Texas Otters: umm... y'all alright? (Harvey the Wonder Hurricane)
  243. ESPN broadcaster Robert Lee taken off UVA game due to name
  244. If you had to Distribute something Sensitive over the Internet, how would u do it ?
  245. Good meals, that are relatively healthy, cheap and easy to make that can be frozen.
  246. Otter Word Association Game
  247. Cities that you've traveled to that you hated/will never visit again
  248. 2017 Solar Eclipse!
  249. Woman born without vagina raising money so she can have sex with boyfriend
  250. Have you ever been catfished?

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