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  1. YAJHT -- Using academic credentials: Proper or pretentious?
  2. Paul Allen Microsoft Co-Founder Dead at 65
  3. Good sleeper or bad sleeper?
  4. Flying, inviting another passenger to sit next to me?
  5. Went out for pizza, a couple sits right next to us and then....
  6. Weird situation about my wife and a doctor
  7. Hurricane Michael
  8. Pet boarding in Disney and universal??
  9. Hypothetical question about someone moving into your apartment building...
  10. TOAT - vote - Finals
  11. Presidential Alert
  12. 2019 Putin Calendar has arrived
  13. Question about The Simpsons shorts that encompasses many catagories
  14. Would you accept a massage from this man?
  15. Strange disagreement with my wife regarding funeral
  16. Metal Sticking Out of Exterior of Home
  17. Do you have a random hobby that you've made a YouTube channel for?
  18. Woman says she lost $35k exchanging freezer
  19. Mysterious "fed raid" on solar observatory
  20. New Phone Scams...?
  21. A huge pile of kittens
  22. Sewer Covers... do you collect them? (Title does not say it all.)
  23. Has the Dvdtalk Community stopped growing ?
  24. Wanda Barzee to be released from prison (Elizabeth Smart kidnapper)
  25. Blankets in movie theater?
  26. Hurricane Florence.
  27. No hot water? (Prestige Triangle Tube says low water pressure)
  28. help me buy... magnets.
  29. USPS(not receiving all mail)?
  30. My god ... It’s full of whores.
  31. 'Leaning Tower of San Francisco' has new problem with cracked window
  32. Freak du jour: Antivaxers try to cure kids with bleach enemas
  33. Favorite YouTube Vloggers/Channels?
  34. A Door or a Beach?
  35. Bridezilla story cant believe its not the onion.
  36. Nursing Homes(per state) question?
  37. Media you regret selling
  38. Name suggestions for these black & orange balls of fur? (NOT a dating thread)
  39. Poorly worded headlines
  40. Calling 2109
  41. Mechanic steals aircraft from Seattle-Tacoma airport, crashes
  42. Any law on posting a co-workers picture on Facebook?
  43. Reading ‘tone’ in a text or digital message
  44. Photoshop request- A man Holding his dink
  45. HGTV Outbids Lance Bass to Buy the Brady Bunch House.
  46. Baby Aspirin
  47. Secrets of the Baskin Robbins logo (part 2)
  48. TOAT - vote - Semifinals division B
  49. TOAT - vote - Semifinals division A
  50. Question about Facebook stoppage...
  51. Here's How America Uses Its Land
  52. People who spend most of there time complaining about work.
  53. Tokyo Medica University intentionally lowered women's test scores...
  54. Snacks for diabetic people?
  55. Man gets run down while doing the #InMyFeelings challenge in...yes, Florida
  56. Husband awarded $8.8M after suing wife's lover
  57. Family Poses Slain Teen's Body with PlayStation and Doritos at His Funeral.
  58. Anyone have Blink security camera system?
  59. headphones for running
  60. Attention all photoshoppers!
  61. Pro Video Gamer breaks up with "Sexiest Weather Girl" to focus more on 'Call of Duty'
  62. Hazards of having a dog door.
  63. CVS fires employees for following their own coupon policy
  64. Help: Identify a board game
  65. What do you miss about the glory days of DVD collecting?
  66. Anyone have Raynauds?
  67. Nature Photography Scandal: you can vote!
  68. The Ninja Fold
  69. Air Fryer Talk - Tips & Recipes
  70. Build-A-Bear 'Pay Your Age Day:' Time is money
  71. Del Monte at it again! Parasites infect 200 people with illnesses!
  72. Dates are just bigger, better raisings
  73. What happened to this place?
  74. what was it called... (old "toy" / "activity book")
  75. Going back to school at 45...ie mid-life crisis??
  76. Will you help me organize my collection?
  77. Venmo
  78. rucksack backpack recommendations
  79. Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers
  80. Woman Climbs up on the Statue of Liberty
  81. Fake Meat: Anyone had a "Beyond" or "Impossible" burger?
  82. Manager fires mom for taking time off for sick son. Employer fires manager.
  83. Apparently Kroger Stores Going To "ScanBagGo" Technology...
  84. So, if the opioid crisis in America is so bad, why are they so cheap?
  85. 4th of July Weekend Plans
  86. How NOT to rob a convenience store
  87. Identity of D.B. Cooper solved?
  88. Ecce Homo II: Now in 3D — Another botched restoration in Spain
  89. Kansas City BBQ, good places that won't cost a fortune?
  90. Slip-on bedroom slippers that last?
  91. Tool time
  92. Gun buying conundrum (with bonus Oregon content)
  93. More stupid math
  94. Cat Lady Vibs is down to three :(
  95. Parents billed $132K after their child knocks over a statue
  96. Which companies would you like to see go out of business?
  97. Gilles Bertin Returns from the dead
  98. Woman shoots husband in his testicles during a fight over an A/C unit...Florida
  99. What would you do with new born birds, pooping on your outside stuff?
  100. Two women get kicked out of Uber after kiss
  101. Fish oil - Healthy or not?
  102. Bill Gibron, one of the first DVDTalk reviewers, passes away
  103. What is with all the celebrity "unnatural" deaths in past years (2008-2018 or so)?
  104. Article: "Malady mongers: How drug companies sell treatments by inventing diseases"
  105. "When you talk about inflation, is that a good thing or not a good thing?"
  106. General Tso Recipe
  107. Smart Home - Like them or not?
  108. Miss America Pagaent eliminating Swimsuit competition, judging on appearance
  109. Kate Spade found dead - suicide [Anthony Bourdain too]
  110. Atheist crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during lake baptism.
  111. TOAT - Thread of All Time
  112. So how do you handle rejection?
  113. California Testing Digital License Plates
  114. Migrant saves child hanging from balcony, rewarded with French citizenship and job.
  115. Maryland flooding
  116. Dealer damaged my car while being serviced. Do I have ny options?
  117. Cockroach Milk — The newest healthy drink
  118. Parents sue 30 year old son when he refuses to move out of their house
  119. Hawaii; Aloha!
  120. Harry and Meghan Are Getting Married - BIGGER than Panda Watch
  121. Spices that cause birth defects
  122. Have you ever had someone mistake kindness for flirting?
  123. Could you live without electricity and technology?
  124. What do you hear? (The blue/white dress round two)
  125. Sexuality expert says parents should ask for consent to change a baby’s diaper.
  126. BSC; Online matchup leads to 65,000 text messages and a stalking charge
  127. She stabbed her husband as he raped her. A court sentenced her to death.
  128. Are fast-food restaurants liable when violence occurs on their premises?
  129. San Francisco RV Rental
  130. Bad reaction to red wine?
  131. Getting f-ed over at work
  132. DJ Khaled refuses to go "down there."
  133. I was punched trying to buy doughnuts.
  134. Meatball-gate: Swedish meatballs actually Turkish
  135. Imho
  136. My cat has kidney failure . . . feeling pretty sad about it
  137. Going to New York (what should I see)
  138. Travel tip - throw everything out.
  139. When oil change light comes on, how many more miles?
  140. If you could do only one thing with more free time, what would it be?
  141. Massive data breach impacts all Zippy's Restaurants in HI
  142. Can you tell the difference between Chelsea Clinton and Rebecca Hubbell?
  143. Anyone have an allergy to deodorant?
  144. Home inspection tomorrow
  145. The Golden State Killer was captured!
  146. Ford to stop selling all but Mustangs, a crossover, and trucks in NA
  147. Bob Dorough, the musician behind Schoolhouse Rock's most famous songs, has died
  148. YATT (Yet another Tipping thread) pickup and tip?
  149. Van strikes 8-10 people in Toronto
  150. Yelp removed one of my reviews
  151. What's the closest drive-in from where you live and have you been?
  152. Do you think we live in a society where $80 at a Mexican Restaurant is a good deal?
  153. $20.18 Thread of Food Delivery Tipping in the Modern Age
  154. For the record...
  155. I feel left out
  156. I'm a pussy whipped, dickless tool.
  157. Need a recommended glasses holder (sunglasses, reading glasses, whatever glasses)
  158. 2nd grade math problem
  159. Going to Toronto in June (4 days, 3 nights) - Suggestions on places to see/eat at?
  160. Would you buy the $30 Tarantuala burger?
  161. Cocktail drink with amputated toe. Ever had one?
  162. Night Owls, you are probably going to die soon. Sorry.
  163. Fight Club in CT HS
  164. Scottish Belle arrested after a teen paid her for sex and ratted her out afterwards
  165. I saw a guy with a sex doll at the mall
  166. Who's Your Favorite Canadian?
  167. What's the best Brain Training Website?
  168. Anyone have 800,00.000 to spend for a hotel?
  169. Woman finds out parents fertility doctor is her father
  170. Guess something about next poster
  171. Judge admits to serial underwear theft, faces 15 years in prison
  172. Anyone else feel "off" when their hair gets long?
  173. Why don't men's socks come in more sizes?
  174. When was the last time you had to write a check?
  175. Shen Yun Chinese stage show - anyone seen it?
  176. What's With All the Neck Pillows
  177. One and only crimes and fatalities that were done to impress Reality Show producers
  178. Help decode my kid's art.
  179. I’m eating a burrito and there’s a table full of Russians next to me....
  180. A Wisconsin university drops 13 traditional humanities/social science majors
  181. Man dies after reclining movie theater seat closes on his head
  182. Do you Facebook? (a discussion for old people)
  183. Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian
  184. Pennsylvania man and teen found in Mexico almost 2 weeks after they went missing
  185. Austin Serial Bomber
  186. YANKIT: Anyone else have pseudobulbar affect, or know someone who does?
  187. The latest dumb challenge...
  188. Pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami
  189. Humoctopus
  190. R.I.P Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)
  191. Venmo help
  192. Facebook account question
  193. Worst thing you ever ate?
  194. Otter Attacks Woman in Kayak
  195. I think too much: probability puzzle
  196. What Kind of Sicko Doesn't Like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups? (bonus poll!)
  197. Jason Voorhees found in lake
  198. With a flannel yell, she cried mer, mer, mer!
  199. The Incredibly Strange, Sad Story Behind The World's Most Ambitious Demo Tape
  200. What is the appeal of Funko Pop
  201. Car Repair Question - 2009 Impala Headlamp
  202. Should I be paranoid? They are watching ... somebody.
  203. The 'Men Are Pigs' thread: In Before The Lock edition.
  204. When was DVDTalk's peak weirdness?
  205. How bad is your vision? And do you wear glasses or contacts?
  206. Would this rule bother you as a parent?
  207. Lucky Charms innovating!
  208. Yet another “someone broke into my car” thread
  209. Teen survives her first texting and driving crash, but not her second
  210. Cow flees on way to slaughterhouse smashes thru metal fence swims to safety on island
  211. We seem to have a rash of new members, HELLO!
  212. Definitely NOT The Love Boat!
  213. Nando820's 2018 TOTY Kitten thread!
  214. Internet shopping scams
  215. Should Guys Still Pay For First Dates?
  216. Do you still enjoy your birthday?
  217. Moving to San Antonio, TX
  218. Should I go to a Singles Mixer?
  219. I need some Photoshop help!
  220. Spirit Airlines orders passenger to flush her hamster down toilet
  221. Anyone deal with a dog with dementia?
  222. Woman found holding at least one of her eyeballs
  223. McDonald's Fries may cure baldness
  224. Why can't people figure out doors?
  225. If you have a sec, a petition to keep the last great Indy theater in Vancouver alive.
  226. Nigel the lonely gannet dies on island surrounded by concrete birds
  227. Happy Groundhog Day 2018
  228. Super Blue Blood Moon — the end is nigh
  229. Do you support creators via Patreon?
  230. One night in Nashville
  231. Question for salesmen (Looking at guestbooks)
  232. Anyone have a smart front door deadbolt lock?
  233. Anyone on Inderal(medication)?
  234. This Beatles/Star Wars mashup is about the funniest thing I've ever seen!
  235. Some people say there's a "gray zone" between consensual sex and rape
  236. The 2017 TOTY Award - VOTE THREAD
  237. Bat in a bucket, boy in a coma (Florida) UPDATE: Boy Dead
  238. Ballistic Missile Emergency Alert Mistakenly Sent To People In Hawaii
  239. The comeback kid; Circuit City set for relaunch.
  240. Moving to Iceland
  241. Abnormally Large Ball of Lint
  242. Idiots du Jour: 9 in one blow
  243. Serious Science to Laugh At
  244. Up for Journalism Award - Calling on the Power of Otter for Votes
  245. 2017: Another year without a TOTY?
  246. Would you pay a fee to watch YouTube?
  247. Other Talk (Reverse) Sheep: Ewe want fries with that? (Fast Food Sheep)
  248. Full Service Gas Stations
  249. Birthday Gift for Mom turning 60?
  250. Grocery Delivery Services?

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