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  1. Good sides with kabobs?
  2. Ave Satani! Sanguis Bibimus! Tolle Corpus Satani!
  3. Police Force Venus De Milo Snow Sculpture to put on clothes
  4. Take Your Kid to Work Day: Ur Doing It Wrong
  5. Value City Furniture Commercials -- When You Can't Get Any Other Job
  6. I have a movie idea and basic screenplay. What next?
  7. Your mood, right now, one word.
  8. NORAD stands for.... huh?
  9. Are you a Cake person or a Pie person?
  10. The Smitten
  11. When is the last time you used a phone book?
  12. Why do people still write checks?
  13. Austin meet up?
  14. Potty Party
  15. Organic Batter Blaster!
  16. Olympians eat at McD's????? Who'da thunk it?
  17. BBC Presenter Dies From 'Solo Sex Game' gone wrong
  18. The girl in the blue dress
  19. annoying people that don't use email
  20. Settle An Electronics Argument Between Husband And Wife
  21. Man survives car crash but suffers a shocking death when he crosses the streams
  22. the sppring 2010 anticipation thread
  23. Drunk driver knocks car off bridge
  24. Vote for my kid or else!!!
  25. Man in diabetic coma gets carjacked
  26. Pedophile of the month.
  27. Great Moments in Customer Relations
  28. Where to travel to from Singapore?
  29. so i sprained my knee
  30. Some design help from all you creative otters
  31. screenwriters...
  32. I saw this odd drawing on the bulletin board at my wife's job today
  33. Is there a website where you can talk to scientists?
  34. Comcast Sucks
  35. Chile hit with 8.8 Earthquake [Update: Hawaii Tsunami is boring]
  36. Ha ha! This "literal video" of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler is funny!
  37. WISE Up: Space Telescope's Stunning First Photos
  38. Site that tells you how much snow in your area?
  39. 80-year-old woman gets 3-year sentence for Torrance burglary
  40. Dildo has gone high-tech
  41. It's Not a Trap: Admiral Ackbar to be new Ole Miss Mascot?
  42. YATP: Tipping higher during the recession?
  43. Captain EO returns to Disneyland!
  44. SeaWorld Trainer Killed by Killer Whale
  45. Let's talk plumbing! PEX vs. Copper...let the debate begin.
  46. Octomom + One
  47. Weinstein Company purchased from me
  48. Study shows that the I.Q. of smokers is 11 points lower than that of non-smokers.
  49. A/C install failed inspection. Impact to me?
  50. California ponders an animal abuser registry
  51. Jamie Gillis (April 20, 1943 — February 19, 2010) RIP
  52. Ankle Brace question
  53. Did Everyone get their free Jack in the Box Sandwich Today?
  54. Warning: Food can cause choking.
  55. How long is your commute to work?
  56. Mast Cell Tumors in Pets?
  57. Mommy Rage?
  58. One Badass Innocent Bystander
  59. Idiot pedestrian.
  60. 1-800-Got-Junk?
  61. Introducing the tallest dog ever on record!
  62. Harnessing the Power of Otter: Help my friend’ son by voting for his CSI Miami video
  63. Talk To Me About Hydroponics
  64. Medical bill dispute
  65. Vegas questions: Walking and cheap eats
  66. What countries do you need a visa before entering?
  67. Captain EO retuning to Disneyland on Tuesday, Feb 23
  68. After the Rapture Pet Care
  69. "Boner" is missing! [Update: DEAD]
  70. Post your favorite commercial from the past
  71. My mom died
  72. Who lives closest to a sex offender?
  73. My new car (pic)
  74. Pull something out of your belly button right now. How's it smell? What's in yours?
  75. Im sorry
  76. My Mayor was busted for selling pot - not Florida
  77. Does your work make you sign to acknowledge that you saw a thank you card?
  78. Finally a school district does something right.
  79. Fun With Venn Diagrams
  80. which video is worse 2 girls 1 cup or 1 priest 1 nun ?
  81. Do You Live In A Miserable City?
  82. Rich people are weird.
  83. Zebra Loose in Atlanta -- AGAIN
  84. CBS News: 2/17/10...about a new energy vitamin?
  85. Another sign of the Apocalypse: Texting tournament
  86. Do you expect otters to remember your password?
  87. School issues laptops to students, remotely activates webcams to spy on students.
  88. Plane crashes into Northwest Austin office building
  89. E-Cigarettes - anyone here try them?
  90. Will the "Charles Manson Mythos" end when he finally dies?
  91. Out of all the famous Crazies, how did ED GEIN get declared "crazy?"
  92. Video of loud mouth attacking 67 year old man on a bus...
  93. I'm up for Parole soon...how can I display a "conscience?" Cry?
  94. United States' drought has 'extraordinary' reversal
  95. if you had to eat the same thing every day, what would it be?
  96. Check your citibank cards... CITI initiating annual fees
  97. So, does having big breasts mean a lot of breast milk?
  98. YACT: Are you giving up anything for lent?
  99. So, how much do you trust the weather man?
  100. Remote control firefighting.
  101. Mysterious death solved by mortician.
  102. It suked to be Tut
  103. Killing Mosquitos with... Lasers!
  104. Edmunds & KBB in Cahoots with Auto Dealers???
  105. Facebook Etiquette
  106. Need Photoshop: Jean Claude Van Damme Request
  107. anybody here know about cars? I need help
  108. Otter Bikers... a Question About Eyewear
  109. Recycled water bottles = clothes
  110. Holy crap.....I'm engaged!
  111. Unknown person txting me... should I play along?
  112. Help me make my refrigerator colder!!
  113. ANy recs for fun around Hard Rock Casino (Hollywood FL)/Ft Lauderdale?
  114. Anyone offer any advice and recommendations on Motorcycles/Scooters?
  115. The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
  116. Man calls for divorce after veil-wearing Muslim bride reveals beard and crossed eyes
  117. Do you save empty boxes from products in case of returns?
  118. Call Death Bear
  119. Facebook Fail On a Site That's Not Facebook
  120. Need photoshop help to mess with a guy
  121. Man Stinks Up Port Orchard Wal-Mart, Thinking It's Funny
  122. World's largest crab not found on Lindsay Lohan
  123. Requesting assistance from an Otter in the UK (online gift card)
  124. Any Keurig users? where do you buy your K-cups?
  125. I need Otter votes!
  126. Dude smashes 29 flat-screens at Walmart
  127. Questions re: Short Sale from Buyer's Perspective
  128. What to do about neighborhood pet that keeps crapping on my yard?
  129. Lead Paint- Anyone remove it themselves or hired someone?
  130. What does this valentine mean?
  131. 2009 Tax Thread - Got it done? Good refund? Gotta' Pay the Piper?
  132. Europe~Must see sites~Where would you go?
  133. Zebras die for 'cooler' animals
  134. The second best predictor of heart disease after smoking is...low IQ
  135. Anyone here live in Tokyo and speak Japanese?
  136. There's sure to be far fewer exposed buttock...s in UK hospitals going forward
  137. Old War Records?
  138. Name 1 thing that you have always wanted to do but think may never happen now.
  139. Earthquake in Chicago burbs!
  140. In Dire need regarding my future... please help
  141. What is up with Facebook !?
  142. Dad waterboards 4 year old daughter,for not saying her ABC's.
  143. "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome": Teenage girl sleeps for days on end
  144. Choose your own adventure: Answering a stranger's emails edition
  145. 2010 SI Cover Model is...
  146. Scientists warn of the dangers of..."Third-hand" smoke
  147. Moving to Vancouver... What can I expect?
  148. Interesting robbery, er, drug deal, er...
  149. Billy Mays Damask
  150. What do you think is your single biggest flaw?
  151. Husband caught watching Youtube videos! Epic wife fail!
  152. Appliances - Need a new stove - Suggestions?
  153. My new neighbors won't let anyone park in front of their house
  154. Poland invents new Winter Olympics mascot.
  155. Why does it cost 4x as much to receive a text msg in the US compared to when abroad?
  156. Dental implants?
  157. Doctors have no idea what you should eat.
  158. Are Your Tires Expired?
  159. Never Ending Sequitur Thread Part 5 is Alive!
  160. Know anything about wood stoves and chimneys?
  161. New Orleans help/ideas
  162. Superbowl Menu 2010
  163. The perfect Valentine's Day gift
  164. Where's the snow?
  165. Zombie Wedding in Kansas City
  166. I'm planning a long-distance bicycle ride. Do we have any Otter cyclists here?
  167. The new kvrdavemobile
  168. U.S. Dept of Justice is looking to hire trial attorneys who have "mental retardation"
  169. High school "Alumni of Color Reception"
  170. Some British cabbies accused of racism over St. George stickers
  171. Stab victim didn't feel blade.
  172. Furnace/Thermostat question
  173. video roulette questions...
  174. California woman: I was groped on Disney ride!
  175. Miley Cyrus' 9-year-old sister launching a lingerie line for kids
  176. Identify this comedian
  177. Girl with no vagina impregnated by oral sex.
  178. Did you get your blue bubblegum cigar? 9 year old girl gives birth to a baby boy!
  179. Happy Groundhog Day 2010
  180. YATT: Can you lower a previous years AGI?
  181. Culpepper, VA public school has a problem with Anne Frank's vagina
  182. Welcome to the future: Inventor unveils $7,000 talking sex robot
  183. when will the FML fad die?
  184. Smiley Face Killers
  185. How many items are in your shower?
  186. Other cities laying off over a hundred police and possibly a hundred plus firemen?
  187. Anyone recommend a good heated (car/USB) travel coffee mug?
  188. Question about the width of a car.
  189. does your car insurance company charge you to quit?
  190. Any kitchen remodeling experts here?
  191. Any pilots here?
  192. 26 year old Florida woman achieves a major career milestone
  193. Recommendations for home cardio machine?
  194. Shakespeare Murdered for Lottery Winnings... FLORIDA!
  195. Question about Taxes and joint custody/dependant issue
  196. No moon for you!
  197. False rape claim after bad sex
  198. Small Breasts Illegal in Australia!
  199. Man sets himself on fire outside of fur store
  200. "Anti-profit" coffee shop has achieved its goal!
  201. Job advice -- Would you do this?
  202. Question about "Death of a Salesman"
  203. Buying a fridge, need help/suggestions/deals
  204. A 16 yr old & a 17 yr old get married in 1929...
  205. Bud Light - Not too heavy, not too light ads
  206. Garage Door Question
  207. RIP JD Salinger : author of "Catcher In the Rye"
  208. First time Homebuyer Tax Credit question
  209. First time renting a car, anything I should be aware of?
  210. Holiday Inn to offer "human bed warmers" in some hotels
  211. How to know if you have a mouse in the car?
  212. Redtube hacked by prudes !!
  213. Anyone Here Suffer From Cyberchondria?
  214. School Outlaws Sexual Bending/Both feet must remain on the dance floor at all times!
  215. Drunk sleeping = Drunk driving (in Minnesota)
  216. Kid Named Mario Stabs Father Over Game
  217. Blind Violinist trapped in rubble in Haiti earthquake.....
  218. Can you cash out rebate Visa debit cards?
  219. Jerky Talk!
  220. How to steal another man's girl?
  221. Toyota halts US sales of 8 recalled models and new recalls due to stuck accelerator
  222. Are those forty-four lizards in your pants, or are you happy to see me?
  223. Best website to order checkbooks?
  224. Motels in San Francisco with ceiling and/or headboard mirrors?
  225. so.. should i go out and do anything while in NY
  226. XM (Sirius) radio
  227. Need help with a mnemonic puzzle
  228. Gary Coleman arrested, practices evil face in mugshot.
  229. Help me otter, need to find old flash video
  230. Who would you leave your kids with?
  231. career talk: job agencies?
  232. Dennis Hopper on death bed and getting a Divorce after 14 year Marriage [UPDATE:DEAD]
  233. Laurel & Hardy Busted For Cocaine Trafficking
  234. What will life be like in the year 2020?
  235. Scriptures on guns has had an effect!
  236. Sleep over kids.
  237. Homeless Marine veteran dies after saving five from house fire.
  238. School District Considering Yanking Dictionaries with Term "Oral Sex"
  239. I'm free...Free fallin'...
  240. Is it something in the air?
  241. Another car slips the tracks in the ongoing train wreck that is Andy Dick's life
  242. They're baa-ack! And as cute as ever.
  243. To Those in Illinois (Red Light Camera Question)
  244. Toxic flu shots!
  245. Mom punishes son by making him murder his pet
  246. Betty Broderick denied parole for killing her ex-husband and his trophy wife
  247. Are all new Transformers horrific excuses for a toy?
  248. Who remembers the Bicentennial Summer?
  249. And the most popular passwords are....
  250. Job advice needed

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