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  1. How has Amazon.ca shipped your lost items?
  2. Beware With Fye Shipping Charge
  3. DVDSoon.com : Any horror stories?
  4. Bestbuy exchange policy
  5. rocket science...
  6. 220-Electronics.com
  7. I got Goldmember in Full Screen! Can i exchange it for widescreen?
  8. Anyone used pcmall.com
  9. Anyone have errors come up on DDD's site?
  10. best buy - anyone ever exchange "full screen" for "widescreen" dvd?
  11. Cancelling an "In-Store Pickup" from BestBuy.com?
  12. Retail Store "Best Buy"...isn't.
  13. Time-Life coupons?
  14. Your Amazon Wish List: Post Xmas Discounts?
  15. MediaPlay Free Shipping Shipped UPS 2nd Day Air
  16. CDNow Returns
  17. Holiday junk mail from DVDSoon.com
  18. Anyone received BTTF from Amazon.ca?
  19. Does DeepDiscountDVD price match?
  20. Rasputin Music
  21. Digital Eyes
  22. Comments on a store called Groovie Movies?
  23. Has anyone used BigCD.com before?
  24. BestBuy/Circuit City After X-mas Return Policy??
  25. Beware DVDSoon sometimes ships Canadian versions
  26. Best buy and COMpusa
  27. I hate Suncoast.com!
  28. Netflix changed rental rules?!
  29. Alivedvd.com from Spain :: Help!
  30. CompUSA (CompUSSR) blew their second chance with me --
  31. Best Buy and Woody Allen
  32. More On: "If It's Too Good To Be True
  33. I Think I Just Got Hosed On Ebay
  34. Magazine Subscription being changed?
  35. Amazon still shipping as available?
  36. Whats with the USPS
  37. UPS is pissing me off
  38. Looking for help re: USPS Express mail
  39. anyone else been the victim of credit card fraud recently?
  40. MachiavelDVD.com 10/10 for Rare/Obscure DVDs
  41. ShowWow
  42. Anybody get a shipping notice from BB on BTTF?
  43. Feedback about half.com? Looking for best price on DVD
  44. Best Buy can just bite me
  45. Pre-order titles missing at DVD Empire
  46. just one more thing to watch out for - fake ESCROW sites!
  47. Total Movie Magazine- What happened to it?
  48. BestDealMagazines.com
  49. Blockbuster week, Sunday->Saturday, or Monday->Sunday?
  50. I am never shopping at Best Buy again.
  51. NetFlix Grrrrrrrrrrr....#!)#(!)@()!(@)
  52. CDNOW acquired by Amazon...Am I the last to know..?
  53. Now *THIS* is a complaint letter!
  54. Dvdasian.com Is Superb!!!
  55. A good Circuit City experience
  56. deepdiscountdvd - the worst
  57. Beware Amazon.ca's incredibly lousy Customer Service!
  58. DVD Empire Delivers
  59. Using Borders GCs?
  60. Pawn Shops: Philadelphia Area?
  61. More Overstock problems
  62. Anybody have a Car Audio online retailer they buy from ?
  63. Beware of fake ebay site.
  64. Why won't some stores match their own Web site prices?
  65. Are the DVD prices listed on Best Buy's website the same as a Best Buy B&M store?
  66. GreenCine opinions?
  67. I Hate Fry's
  68. Questions on DvdDeepDiscount.com
  69. Credit Card Hacker in DVD Land?
  70. damaged dvd from DVDEmpire
  71. Warning about DeepDiscountDVD
  72. What happened to the spirit of Ken Crane's
  73. Did you order from DVDEMPIRE this month?
  74. Buying books from UK rather than US
  75. Best buy no more free shipping...on most items
  76. Does any one know what happened to J and Rs Website?
  77. half.com
  78. Amazon Screwing Holiday Customers?
  79. Do DDD & Bestbuy.com charge for preorders when they ship or when you order?
  80. just received my first movies from netflix
  81. Have you ever gotten asome ones snack in your package from Amazon?
  82. best buy return policy
  83. Why Isn't DeepDiscountDVD Honest About Shipping?
  84. As a seller becareful selling at half.com!
  85. Beware of Samgoody
  86. AT&T Amazon $20 Promotion Cert Problem
  87. Any Opinions of etronics.com
  88. deep discount dvd price match (rant)
  89. DVD Empire's Free Shipping Reverts Back to Media Mail
  90. Backorders At DeepDiscountDVD?
  91. How To Track Pending CDNOW orders!!
  92. I LOVE Best Buy because...
  93. Any Wherehouse Music "inside" sources?
  94. Amazon no longer extends expiring GCs
  95. Is 2Checkout.com Safe?
  96. Anyone use www.grooviemovies.com before!?
  97. Beware of Best Buy
  98. WARNING: FRAUD SCHEME ON EBAY...I GOT RIPPED OFF on Ebay...looking for some Guidance
  99. any problem with cdnow?
  100. Positive Return Experience w/ CD-Wow.Net
  101. What's up with DVDsoon?
  102. Lasercorner.com???
  103. K-Mart no longer price match?
  104. Harmony Computers: references please
  105. RANT: I pitched a fit at a clerk at Wal*Mart...
  106. Where to find Solaris CC? (B&M)
  107. Buy.com gave me bad service
  108. Future Shop (Canada) question
  109. Solaris CC @ BN.com
  110. Buy.com buyer beware
  111. Wanted: Your Black Friday Success/Horror stories
  112. What is a good place to buy figurines?
  113. Amazon.com/Amazon.ca PreOrders...?
  114. More DVDSoon Policy Changes
  115. Best Price for GameCube on FRIDAY???
  116. Amazon.ca refund
  117. Circuit City Return Question
  118. Amazon improved their coupon ordering?
  119. Is there such a thing as Wal-Mart coupons?
  120. Blockbuster raises prices on see it, like it, buy it.
  121. Any experiences with 'reliableaudiovideo.com'?
  122. How long does it take for InetDVD to proces an order?
  123. DVDSoon - Down?
  124. Babylon 5 / Amazon.ca issues
  125. Anyone have any experience with ShowWow.com
  126. CDNOW Bites the Dust
  127. Amazon.ca question
  128. DeepDiscountDVD shipping
  129. National Wholesale Liquidators return policy
  130. Question About Paypal
  131. YourFreeDVDs.com - Opinions..?
  132. Digital Eyes Order Question
  133. Best Buy and DVD-A pricing
  134. Thumbs up to Playcentric.com
  135. Beware of Digital Eyes used DVD buyback!
  136. Heads up Changes at CDNow!
  137. credit card charges?
  138. Amazon Order Trouble?
  139. Will there be a return of the 12 Days of Christmas deal?
  140. SamGoody.com Disaster (Vent)
  141. CompUSA B&M VS. Online
  142. 15% off & free shipping
  143. DVD Soon Buyer Beware-
  144. Did Amazon ship your Berserk 4 dvd?
  145. BestBuy.com Shipped...then price goes down- Will they Fix?
  146. Overstock.com - Beware!
  147. Does this sound crazy? Remodeling just as the Holiday shopping starts?!
  148. Respected DVD retailers that accept PayPal?
  149. Amazon gets rid of "order specialists"?
  150. hlaf.com seller account question
  151. Avoid Showwow.com like the plague
  152. Buying DVDs at Walmart?
  153. Yourfreedvds.com dvd versions question
  154. I hate Best Buy because....
  155. Digital Eyes Payment Question
  156. No MovieCash in LOTR Gift Set from Amazon.ca
  157. DeepDiscountDVD.com spamming
  158. Kmart Still Doesn't Have the SPIRIT (WS)!
  159. "Number Slate" (Online DVD Rental)?
  160. Really pissed at Best Buy...
  161. Amazon's Follies
  162. kmart.com's idiotic order cancellation policy
  163. lost package policy
  164. Pricematching the $9.99 SP:Season 1 at DDD
  165. An Overstock comedy of errors...
  166. New coupon from Digitaleyes.net
  167. Direct Video
  168. Question about return to Amazon.ca
  169. Best Buy and pricematching after the fact
  170. Best Buy employee purchases question?
  171. Where do you Canadians buy your DVD?
  172. price matching bestbuy?
  173. Amazon low $ items
  174. First time ever calling corporate to complain -- TRU
  175. I hate to bring this up again....but the Disney Store
  176. DVDEmpire Pre-order Manager Broken ?
  177. Can BestBuy.com Digital Coupons be stacked?
  178. CircuitCity.com &/or BestBuy.com Shipping?
  179. anybody ever seen a Red Shooting Star next to someones ebay rating?
  180. Terrific service at amazon.ca
  181. buy.com:fastest shipping ever (fotr ee)
  182. LOTR and Episode II at The Wiz
  183. Thanks Amazon.ca!...
  184. Amazon.com Holiday Delight-O-Meter
  185. No more Pre-Orders @ CDNow?
  186. Did anyone receive X-Files Season 6 from DVDMode yet?
  187. Exchanging fullscreen and widescreen dvds
  188. Help buying DVDs in the US please
  189. TAU looses a good customer....
  190. What are my chances for this...
  191. Amazon Platnium Visa & Amazon.ca question
  192. gift returns
  193. Toys R Us was a ZOO this morning
  194. Amazon refunds shipping for damaged returns?
  195. (scam artists at) Half.com
  196. using Visa eCard at amazon.ca
  197. netflix: somebody stealing their dvds
  198. returning items
  199. wrong vertigo shipped from DDD
  200. Netflix is not reading customer's emails
  201. Digitaleyes --- Store credit?
  202. Why does DDD's shipping policy suck so much?
  203. Help! PS2 DVD Player.
  204. Urgent! Need Amazon.ca Customer Service number
  205. Anyone notice netflix availability getting worse?
  206. Thank you Amazon...
  207. Anyone shopped at jugalanga.com?
  208. Amazon cancelled my account for no reason?
  209. How good is DVDSoon with exchanges and returns?
  210. BB raises Criterion prices...
  211. used DVDs and used DVD stores
  212. What are the best (cheap and fast and reliable) non-R4 on-line DVD e-tailers?
  213. Beware!! Rainbow Enterprises ripped me off. Don't buy from them.
  214. Note: No more "order specialists" at Amazon
  215. DVDSoon - Are they ever gonna ship?
  216. Best place to sell/trade your VHS collection?
  217. Did Amazon just raise their prices on all catalog titles?
  218. Can't get to amazon.ca from us site?
  219. Do you think I'll get my $17 back?
  220. The dead Disney thread
  221. CD Quest - Anyone ever buy from them?
  222. question about amazon.com/amazon.ca
  223. Target no longer price matches?!?
  224. Amazon gift certificates mis-applying?
  225. Wal-Mart Price Match question
  226. What's up with www.discovercard.com? [was gone, is now working again]
  227. BB Grand Opening
  228. Anyone get Amazon's "Ruby" offer?
  229. "once upon a time in america" only @ north american DVD?
  230. DDD Price match??
  231. Post Your Nov Pre-Ordered DVD Ship Dates Here
  232. DDD: should I buy Charade CC there?
  233. Did anybody order from Electronicsemall ?
  234. SUM OF ALL FEARS Price-Match at Wal-Mart
  235. Has anyone ordered from webootlegdvds.com before?
  236. Amazon Billing Problem with LOTR/AOTC/Spiderman
  237. Ddd?
  238. Blockbuster reveals DVD e-rentals
  239. I have a major store policy complaint - help!
  240. Sams kind of made me mad
  241. Circuit City warranty question
  242. Greencine?
  243. Second Spin.com
  244. Best Buy Bond Collection Pre-Order Offer
  245. Places to trade-in DVDs?
  246. BestBuy.com Receipts?
  247. Question for ppl who bought LOTR from amazon
  248. Blockbuster and FULL FRAME :(
  249. CD Universe Shipping?
  250. Help with a Half.com dispute

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