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  1. Are the US and Russia in a "cool war?"
  2. Question/Discussion of Religious Pluralism
  3. Is God A Moral Monster?
  4. Let's Talk About Buddhism
  5. I hate! You hate! We all hate!
  6. Let Me Clear the Air on Christian Topics Here
  7. Former IN School Superintendent caught cheating
  8. Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to WikiLeaks
  9. Consequences of Adam and Eve, the Flood, et. al.
  10. Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life Changing Final Speech
  11. Great Depression era regulation means USDA still gets to keep 47% of raisin crops
  12. Shaved Bush pic
  13. Another attempt at a dollar coin
  14. 10 nations with the least favorable impression of the U.S.
  15. Princeton prof Imani Perry said she's reporting me to the police for "harassment"
  16. 15 Shocking Florida Stand Your Ground Cases
  17. Frank Turek: "Nothing Gay About It"
  18. Which is worse? Aborting an unwanted fetus, or letting a gay couple adopt it?
  19. YouTube & Facebook Bans Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable Trailer
  20. Orr to Detroit: You're Dead
  21. When does human life begin?
  22. Steve King: Cluck you, chickens and Californians!
  23. Protests Sparked in Detroit Over the Dumping of Black History Books
  24. Did they fix the economy in Europe?
  25. Seattle gay pride participants beat up Christian street preacher on video
  26. Do sins compound on each other?
  27. What country is currently the greatest?
  28. French citizen could get one year in prison for politically incorrect statements
  29. Charter Schools: Don't believe the hype.
  30. Egyptian Uprisings II: Morsi Style!
  31. Tammy Duckworth's Epic Smackdown of Phony disabled vet
  32. Polling Views on Non-Traditional Marriages
  33. Same Sex Marriage: 2018 (State's legal issues)
  34. Texas Legislature Dun Goofed
  35. Arizona Repubs want students to take an oath to God to graduate
  36. Customer or Employee? (or, is Build-A-Bear employing child labor?)
  37. Federal Regulations Have Made You 75% Poorer
  38. Chelsea Clinton Laments: My Great Grandmother Did Not Have Access to Planned Parentho
  39. Six teens convicted of Stockholm gang rape will not have to spend any time in prison
  40. A look back at Fukushima. No one dead, no one sick.
  41. NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
  42. Obama Plans to Take Action Against Patent-Holding Firms
  43. "Nothing in the Constitution explicitly guarantees our right to vote."
  44. EPA shuts down ambulance taking patient to hospital
  45. Long-term (i.e. 2016), will the IRS and AP "scandals" help or hurt the GOP?
  46. Winston Churchill
  47. What do Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Have in Common?
  48. Dinesh D'Souza: "The Roots of Obama's Rage"
  49. Biden Agrees with Right Wing Christian Nutjob: Tax Violent Media
  50. Did Barack Obama Underreport His Income to IRS? (Did Obama cheat on his taxes?)
  51. Govt obtains wide AP phone records in probe
  52. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  53. mcCain seeks "a la cart" cable channel subsdcriptions
  54. Imagine a World Without Balloons
  55. The first fully functional 3-D printable Gun
  56. Mother's Pleas for 911 Help Ignored By Abortion Clinic Workers
  57. Statistics Indicate an Ivy League Asian Quota
  58. California to confiscate guns from criminals, mentally ill
  59. Shock poll: Wealthy, not middle class, support Obama
  60. Proposed 28th Amendment - Ensure Laws apply equally to Congress
  61. NBA player comes out
  62. Former Romney/Ryan intern arrested for blackmail
  63. US Liquor laws
  64. US GDP is about to get a lot bigger
  65. Internet sales tax bill quietly being rushed through the Senate
  66. This is what martial law in the US looks like
  67. What are the most liberal and conservative areas of the country?
  68. Post your non-religious arguments against marriage equality (for us to argue with)
  69. How to fail at MS Excel calculations and influence economic policy
  70. Ricin sent to US Senator
  71. How the Feds Want to Put Heat on AT&T and Verizon (Obama wants auctions to be rigged)
  72. NSA's New Super Spy Center
  73. The Gosnell trial...and the media "blackout"
  74. The present and future of marriage equality
  75. Do we still take "the Pledge" this seriously in this country?
  76. Watch W.H "Soul Music" party on PBS tonight!
  77. Margaret Thatcher dead
  78. "Gun Ban Style"
  79. Taping of Farm Cruelty is Becoming the Crime
  80. $1 million bus stop opens in Arlington - It's so big it can hold 15 people!
  81. Fisker Automotive lays off 75% of workers and is near bankruptcy
  82. Kimg Jong Un to American liberals: join me against our mutual enemy.
  83. Fast Food Workers Strike in NYC. What do we want??? $15 an hour!!!
  84. NBC News: "Blacks struggle with 72 percent unwed mothers rate"
  85. Cryptocurrency and bitcoins
  86. Is the government creating a future housing bubble and crash?
  87. Poet Maya Angelou Blasts Gun at Home Intruder - Obama thinks she should be in jail
  88. N.Y. politicians arrested in alleged mayoral race bribe scheme
  89. Michelle Obama listed her daughters as “Senior Staff" on an expense report
  90. The Low Gasoline Price Delusion
  91. Monsanto Protection Act
  92. EPA: 55% of US River/Stream Miles in Poor Condition
  93. Rich Democrat who creates lots of jobs: "I am starting my new company outside Califor
  94. US Marine kills two colleagues at Quantico base
  95. LBJ on Nixon: Traitor
  96. Cyprus Bailout
  97. America Is the Least Religious It’s Ever Been
  98. Why are Lesbians so fat?
  99. Call Up Hawkeye and Klinger -- Korean War Ready to Resume
  100. Paul Krugman Declares Personal Bankruptcy
  101. Rand Paul launches talking filibuster against John Brennan
  102. A Society of Sheep Must in Time Beget a Government of Wolves (Politics Sheep Vol 8)
  103. Microsoft fined $731m by EU
  104. Hugo Chavez dead
  105. Drug testing for welfare
  106. Obama administration equips 2,717 armored tanks for use on U.S. streets
  107. Are Death Panels Here Already?
  108. Wealth Inequality
  109. So now there's a "beer monopoly"? Is there anything Obama won't stick the govts hands
  110. America's Most Miserable Cities of 2013
  111. Political Correctness: Your Thoughts?
  112. French tire factory will close because the workers are only willing to work 3 hours a
  113. What should be done to people who voted more than one in the same election?
  114. Obama also wants preschool for all
  115. Obama wants minimum wage increase
  116. Some good news. 401k's at an all time high!
  117. Ron Paul calls in the black helicopters
  118. Pope Benedict XVI to resign February 28th
  119. Paul Krugman: Democrats are the true "conservatives"
  120. Remember that time when that one politician ...
  121. Neurosurgeon Lectures Obama on Obamacare
  122. Bye bye to Saturday Mail Delivery
  123. Gerrymandering is not what’s wrong with American politics
  124. Help - Name of series of tabletop discussions on politics from 1980s seen on PBS
  125. Argentina just set price controls on food – let’s see what happens as a result
  126. Meet AR Senator Jason Rapert, a real piece of work
  127. Obama's Job Council Gets Pink Slips
  128. The National Review's fascist slip is showing
  129. Boy Scouts reconsidering stance on gay members
  130. 2014 Senate Elections
  131. Crackpot author: Obama wants military leaders who will fire on U.S. citizens
  132. Women In Combat
  133. When did the southern democrats become the southern republicans?
  134. Lincoln didnt get laid till marriage?
  135. So why was George Bush Jr such a prick?
  136. Should the US eliminate high school diplomas?
  137. This Isn't the Petition Response You're Looking For
  138. New York Assemblyman sees no difference between firemen/police and welfare recipients
  139. Train Carrying Biofuel Crosses Border 24x to Exploit Obama "Green Energy" Loopholes
  140. Clinton health alert
  141. Why does the government need a warrant to read my mail, but not my email?
  142. Two firefighters shot dead in apparent trap
  143. Robert Bork
  144. LAPD can't stop crime; shuts down burger stand because owner can't stop crime either
  145. Newtown School shooting: non-gun control.
  146. Ndaa
  147. Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Ct.
  148. Should we get rid of the charitable donation deduction?
  149. Bradley Manning voted Person of the Year by major British newspaper
  150. Charlie Crist comes out of the closet
  151. Netflix CEO insider trading
  152. Senate Repubs Shoot Down Wheelchair Treaty
  153. Egyptian protests
  154. Syrian endgame near? (2016 Answer: No)
  155. Los Angeles and their public union...a real fiscal cliff!
  156. CFTC shuts down Intrade
  157. Republicans beginning to abandon Grover Norquist
  158. Did Congress kill the Twinkie? The tariff tale behind the Hostess demise.
  159. Presidential nominees that should have won
  160. The Official "Romney Excuses" Thread
  161. Israel and Hamas
  162. Republican Identity Crisis
  163. Obama Forces Christian Business to Go Against Their Beliefs
  164. Unhappy Americans petition to secede from US following election
  165. 113th Congress: CXIII - DLIII = DCLXVI
  166. Happy Veterans Day (belated) The Star Spangled Banner
  167. General Petraeus betrays wife, is out as Director of CIA
  168. Welcome to Obamaville
  169. Kenyan mother names twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  170. Current Members of Obama's Cabinet Who Won't Be Around After January, 2013
  171. 51 Stars
  172. The Fiscal Cliff Thread
  173. First Issue That Obama & The Congress Will Compromise On
  174. Throw out your old flags: Puerto Rico to become 51st state?
  175. Nate Silver may just have predicted a perfect 50/50 states
  176. The 2016 Presidential Election thread - it's over? edition
  177. Do you condone attempts to steal an election?
  178. Cusack developing Rush Limbaugh film
  179. Election time - Help a teacher out.
  180. 2012 House Elections
  181. Who did/will you vote for?
  182. Boston's tax dollars at work...killer gets sex change operation & electrolysis
  183. How long would you wait in a line to vote?
  184. Which Party Will Control the Senate/House?
  185. Which Party Will Control The House & Which Party Will Control The Senate After 2012?
  186. The Presidential Endorsement Thread
  187. Does Obama seem more transparent than Romney to you?
  188. Chris Matthews is a legend in his own mind
  189. So where is your UN election monitor from?
  190. Richard Mourdock: Even pregnancy from rape something "God intended"
  191. The world favors Obama.
  192. The Final Presidential Debate Poll
  193. The "October Surprise" Thread
  194. GOP women more feminine
  195. George McGovern
  196. The presidential debate poll for last week
  197. Driver wants deer crossing signs moved to areas with less traffic
  198. For Every Person Added to Labor Force, 10 Added to Those Not in Labor Force
  199. Florida school district sets different goals for different races
  200. Romney Opens Huge Lead In Indiana
  201. Wisconsin politicans says "Some Girls Make Rape Easier"
  202. The VP debate poll
  203. Man who created 7,000 jobs tells his employees what he'll do if Obama is reelected...
  204. Another debate tonight - streaming live
  205. House Representative on Science Committee doesn't believe in science.
  206. Hyperinflation in Iran?
  207. If only electoral votes choose a president, why should the average person even vote?
  208. The debate poll for two weeks ago
  209. What do you think McCain would have done differently if elected?
  210. DHS Intelligence - Another Waste
  211. Lab worker who conducted more than 60,000 drug tests deliberately botched many of the
  212. Michelle Bachmann wants to ban falafal from school lunches
  213. Who Is Your Favorite British Monarch - Male or Female
  214. Who's your favorite Roman Emperor?
  215. marijuana initiatives in WA, CO, and OR
  216. Are voters (most) just dumb or what?
  217. Pastor challenges IRS
  218. Which Side of the Political Spectrum Are You On (not which party)
  219. Why did the Catholic Church pardon The Beatles?
  220. House passes new Buffett Rule
  221. The Official 2012 Presidential Election Prediction Thread
  222. Who do you think the Repubs will nominate? in 2016?
  223. Writer claims Drudge often makes jokes about Obama being gay
  224. Things not looking good between China and Japan
  225. Al Sharpton: We Must Continue to Support This President
  226. The Exploding Government Myth
  227. Are liberal politicians & media supporting Chicago Teachers' Strike?
  228. Choose your politcal car magnet!
  229. Would you rather have Biden or Romney as President?
  230. Nixon best president since FDR?
  231. Australian Sex Party
  232. Would Democrats accept FDR or JFK today?
  233. Convicted wife-murderer gets taxpayer-funded sex change
  234. Are you better off now than 4 years ago?
  235. The one and only discussion of Christianity thread!
  236. Revolt of the Rich
  237. Dinesh D'Souza
  238. Labor Secretary Cheers Youth Unemployment Rate of 17.1 Percent
  239. Mitt is no George.
  240. A new blogger is happy that she got 50 views. Let's try to increase that a bit, shall
  241. A poll about the inheritance tax in the U.S.
  242. Shooting at FRC office
  243. Greatest Republican President (of the 20th century)
  244. The Scam Wall Street Learned from the Mafia
  245. Do we need a new party (or parties)?
  246. Best president of the tumultuous 60s/70s
  247. Every sperm is sacred.. ?
  248. Donald Rumsfeld admits that Flight 93 on 9/11 was indeed shot down.
  249. McCarthyism is back.
  250. Eight co-sponsors of ‘audit the Fed’ bill vote against it without explanation

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