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  1. Computer Glitch Changes Election Result
  2. Dems have a problem w/funds
  3. Nation's Poor Win Election for Nation's Rich...
  4. Sen. Bill Frist Addresses the Federalist Society
  5. Fiscal Conservatives Should Hang Their Heads In Shame For Supporting Bush
  6. Election 2004: Just when you thought it was over ...
  7. anyone see Gunnery Sergeant Ermey go nuts on Foxnews?
  8. Gomer Pyle faints after learning of election results
  9. Bush's Dog's Name (aka, Why are people retards?)
  10. Michael Moore to shoot Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel (merged)
  11. Has the US House effectively become a US House of Lords?
  12. Help me understand 'moral values'
  13. Spanish PM Phones, Bush Doesn't Pick Up
  14. Arafat Dead
  15. Alaska oil drilling back on agenda
  16. Bush wants line-item veto
  17. Ok, Which one of you guys is this?
  18. Hostage slaughterhouses found
  19. 1/only voter fraud thread [merge]
  20. Iraqi PM's Relatives: Hostage
  21. Ashcroft and Evans resign!
  22. Do you support a Gay Marriage Ban Amendment?
  23. Madonna calls for US troops to leave Iraq
  24. Bush visiting wounded troops
  25. We weren't dumb enough to vote Kerry
  26. Whine whine whine
  27. Bush May Come Up With 2nd-Term Surprises
  28. Taxation without representation
  29. Someboday please start this Web site... I don't have time.
  30. Has anyone seen the Michael Moore website lately?
  31. Bay Area Residents Not So Tolerant of Other States
  32. Election's over, Where's the 'RatherGate Report?'
  33. U.S. Forces Storm Into Western Fallujah
  34. Clinton tells Dems to buck up
  35. Isn't this more than a little dramatic? (Atlanta man commits suicide at ground zero)
  36. Could Bill Clinton have beaten Bush this year?
  37. Where can I find the military vote?
  38. French Shoot Down Ivory Coast Warplanes
  39. WMD: Weapons of Mass Democrats
  40. Vote devided on issue of religion
  41. Gay Marriage did not elect Bush
  42. Hollywood Seen as Liability to Left
  43. should foreigners be able to vote in US elections?
  44. Rocks shatter windows at (Buffalo, NY) GOP headquarters
  45. 2008 Election Odds
  46. Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes
  47. Sorry everybody
  48. Bush Voters/Clinton Voters
  49. [merged] The Ohio voting results/analysis thread
  50. Students at Colo. High School Protest Bush
  51. So, how did Kodos do?
  52. What do the dems say now (JOBS)?
  53. Behind the Scenes of the Kerry Campaign: "I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot"
  54. 17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists...by Michael Moore
  55. DemocraticUnderground open again for lurkers
  56. How did Howard Stern take the news?
  57. Al Gore 2008 Effort Begins
  58. Schwarzenegger Calls Calif. Dem Leadership 'Losers'...
  59. Bush supporters - answer one question...
  60. Non-Presidential post election wrap-up
  61. Report: Troops Watched Al-Qaqaa Looting
  62. Alan Keyes: World Class Dillhole
  63. My theory on Bush's Tax Fairness.
  64. Jon Stewart in bad mood.
  65. who's the scapegoat of the 2004 election?
  66. Bad news for John Edwards/family
  67. We're in for it now - All 2nd terms have been worse than the first.
  68. Mark Morford's post-election thoughts
  69. Are college kids "Better informed" or "Naive"
  70. Left-wing Americans look to emigrate
  71. can't win legally? then cheat. the extreme left's plan for future elections
  72. I keep hearing that the Rock the Vote type campaigns didn't work. (merged)
  73. Photochop assignement-Michael Moore (merged)
  74. Washington State Governor still not decided
  75. Oregon and Voting through the mail
  76. London paper call Reps Voters Dumb / The Hypocrisy of Europe [merged]
  77. cnn/netscape call bush an a**hole
  78. United States County Map (Red/Blue)?
  79. Wow, where is all the hatred coming from?
  80. Who's just happy it's over?
  81. any guesses on the scandal in bush's 2nd term?
  82. Ring-Ring, hello this is <celebrity's name> calling...
  83. The Republicans now get a chance to prove themselves...
  84. Bush's next cabinet (Drudge says Ashcroft resigning)
  85. Democratic Underground going Berzerk!
  86. Hot Deal: John Kerry T-Shirts 2 for 1
  87. Bush didn't beat Kerry...
  88. White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised
  89. World leaders hail Bush's re-election, call for healing of global divisions over Iraq
  90. George Soros: Obviously I'm distressed - michaelmoore.com [merged]
  91. The Official "Stupid Things You Heard Dan Rather Say" Election Thread
  92. Anyone listening to AirAmerica today?
  93. Republicans: Could you support Cheney-Bush 2008?
  94. the mandate
  95. what propositions did your state "have"?
  96. VoteMatch: Which Politician Most Closely Matches Your Politics?
  97. Kerry's plans
  98. A sincere thank you to all the GOP volunteers
  99. How did your precinct go?
  100. Has Alan Keyes FINALLY conceded yet?
  101. Have you run into "Doom and Gloom" people yet?
  102. Kudos to the participants in here . . .
  103. Will all Abortion be Illegal in the US by 2008?
  104. Can we now put Vietnam to rest?
  105. What do they do with leftover campaign money??
  106. Which voting machine did you use?
  107. Biggest News From 2004 Elections
  108. What superstitions/predictors fell last night?
  109. Kerry Conceeds - AP reports
  110. Will NYT continue its Popular Vote Crusade
  111. Post funny election pics here
  112. ONE AND ONLY Ohio count thread
  113. Glad to see Daschle go...who's on deck?
  114. How did all of the exit polling get it so wrong?
  115. It's never too early! Who do we see running in '08? [merged]
  116. Where does the Democratic Party go from here?
  117. My problem with a Bush win...
  118. If you didn't vote for Bush or Kerry, what are your thoughts?
  119. Georgia's "Republican Revolution"...part 2
  120. The ONE AND ONLY election discussion thread Part 2.
  121. Arizona requires proof of citizenship to vote
  122. so what does hollywood do now?
  123. The Official Congrats to Red Dog for betting Bush thread.
  124. Interesting theory about Gay Marriage and the vote
  125. America Deserves Everything it gets Now
  126. Why Ohio, Media Ploy?
  127. Looks like Bush wins
  128. CNN projects that Bush wins Florida
  129. Oklahoma gets the first Republican House since 1922
  130. Dumb Question: What happens if neither gets 270?
  131. Bush already declared the winner...Goodness Gracious?
  132. Can Someone Explain to Me ...
  133. "If Kerry loses, I'm running for Governor of Alabama."
  134. The Pros & Cons of a Kerry Presidency
  135. Zogby - posts his final prediction
  136. Where did you vote?
  137. Anybody see Bush and family on NBC today?
  138. If Kerry wins, I'm leaving the County.
  139. Each campaign- biggest mistake / best move
  140. I don't have to vote on all the propostions, right?
  141. Oregon Otters: You think Oregon will sway Republican this time?
  142. The One and Only 2004 Election Exit Polling Data thread
  143. Who isn't voting today?
  144. How long did you have to wait to vote?
  145. "If Kerry wins, it's because kids are afraid of the draft ..."
  146. Daschle suit over GOP Poll Challengers
  147. How will you follow the election results?
  148. Press found to be more Pro-Kerry than any other candidate since '80
  149. The election handshake thread. This is what America is all about. Let's be civil.
  150. Can we talk about this whole ID thing some more? I needed NOTHING to vote.
  151. So how's the weather?
  152. "Batman can Vote?" OR "I'm an Idiot!"
  153. If Kerry wins, will the right "Support our troops"
  154. Reports of early voting fraud in Philadelphia
  155. Conspiracy? Nah, but here's why Bush wins...
  156. Voting ethics
  157. Did you vote? who? when?
  158. Democrat friend is handed cheat-sheet at the poll
  159. Whoever loses...
  160. It's time to vote Libertarian. Oh wait, no it's not. An opinion piece by me.
  161. Do most people vote along party lines?
  162. Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S.
  163. Why is the election held on a Tuesday?
  164. Votes From the Dead May Still Be Counted
  165. Factcheck.org: "Whoppers of 2004"
  166. Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win
  167. Final election assessment and predictions
  168. Judges Bar Party Challengers at Ohio Polls
  169. Am I alone in hoping for a 269-269 tie?
  170. China criticizes the Bush Doctrine
  171. "Strongly encouraging" employees to donate to a specific party
  172. I'm Also Torn Between Which Candidate to Vote For - Give Me Your Input!
  173. I'm seriously an undecided voter, sway my vote
  174. Nov 2 is also.............
  175. Ohio election fraud
  176. Hip Hop Debte
  177. We Will Get The President We Deserve: Agree/Disagree?
  178. Where's Edwards?
  179. Kerry's October surprise(links with communist Vietnam)
  180. Dem. Vs. Rep. War Service records
  181. Who Do Pro Athletes Support?
  182. ONE AND ONLY binLaden tape thread... [merged]
  183. Monica Says....
  184. If he loses, what will Senator Kerry do?
  185. Top Ten Reasons to Not Vote For Bush
  186. How Would They Vote - have you seen this?
  187. Tom Harkin: Kerry's rise in polls what "God wanted".
  188. The One and Only Voting Story Thread
  189. Help me convince someone to watch Fahrenhype 911
  190. More campaign mispronunciation. This is eating me up, have to get it off my chest.
  191. Bush campaign to recut doctored ad photo
  192. FBI Investigating Halliburton Contracts
  193. Help me decide if I should vote...
  194. Ohio Electoral Fun
  195. how can people still be undecided?
  196. Study: 100,000 Excess Civilian Iraqi Deaths Since War
  197. Does the Media Owe the American People an Apology If This Election Isn't Close?
  198. BBC Election Coverage -- Fairly Unbalanced
  199. Should we start using biometrics for voting?
  200. October Surprise Due Today
  201. Milwaukee: 5600 addresses on voter rolls may not exist
  202. Question About Polls
  203. John Kerry- "Red Sox are America's Team"
  204. Who did you vote for?
  205. W/ all this early voting are we going to get early results?
  206. How many political phone calls have you been getting? (I got 15 today)
  207. Do you think Hillary Clinton wants Bush to win?
  208. Arafat 'Very Sick,' Palestinian Leaders Summoned [update: died 11 Nov]
  209. Interesting NPR bit re: negative campaign tactics
  210. Bush un-censored
  211. 60,000 absentee ballots missing in Florida county
  212. 36 Papers Abandon Bush for Kerry
  213. man attacked his girlfriend for voting Kerry
  214. 'French' Becomes a Dirty Word in U.S. Campaign
  215. Are we really divided over what the Presidency is?
  216. Registered Democrat Tries to Run Over Katherine Harris
  217. ABC News Holds Terror Warning Tape
  218. Media Favored Kerry in First Two Weeks of October
  219. Electoral College Calculus
  220. Frontline- Rumsfeld's War
  221. Terror Takes A Stand
  222. John Kerry is Jewish?
  223. Operation Snowbird?
  224. Just Imagine For A Moment...
  225. Harsh Phone Messages from the Democractic Party
  226. Are there still state/munis that close bars and/or ban alcohol sales on Elec Day?
  227. The DNC wants to bus me to the polls!
  228. Are There Any Real Differences Between Bush & Kerry on the Major Issues?
  229. Republicans to Prevent Blacks from Voting
  230. Zarqawi or Osama
  231. Bush says he supports civil unions
  232. Grandmother Confronts Cheney on Iraq
  233. Eminem's Anti-Bush video
  234. Any online fantasy Groucho sites?
  235. Bush Could Seek Up to $75 Billion in War Funding
  236. Stolen Honor on TV. Here's a link to the video
  237. Donations map
  238. David Zucker's Kerry Ad
  239. How come Hillary will never run for pres. if Kerry wins?
  240. Get Fuzzy & Over the Hedge
  241. How concerned for America's future will you be if [YOUR CANDIDATE] loses?
  242. Triumph the Insult Comic dog at Spin Alley
  243. Libertarian Founder Endorses Bush!
  244. State senate challenger in HI would support the death penalty for gays
  245. Urban legend indicators
  246. Third Party/indy candidates
  247. No time for Kerry's Europhile delusions
  248. Clinton stumps for Kerry
  249. Is it legal for campaigns to call your cell phone?
  250. Texas Newspaper 2004 Presidential endorsements

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