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  1. Bush Budget Will Cut Army Reserves, Jet Funding
  2. The Voice of the Neuter is Heard Throughout the Land...
  3. Good Republicans
  4. Is a SWAT team necessary to execute a search warrant against a bookie?
  5. How Will The Medicare Problem Be Handled?
  6. Official Davos blog
  7. 24,500 Chicagoans applied for 325 jobs at a Wal-Mart
  8. Grassroots CAGW in Chicago
  9. Warriors and Wusses
  10. Hamas Wins!
  11. "The World Without Zionism"....
  12. Iraq Rebuilding Badly Hobbled, U.S. Report Finds
  13. How Can Someone Only Work 10 Years And Get Full Social Security Benefits?
  14. Special Report: Many States Shift Democratic During 2005
  15. The Cold War : A New History
  16. A Little Wednesday Morning Bill O'Reilly - 'The Left-Wing Blues'
  17. Men in Mexican Army Uniforms in Border Standoff, Official Says...
  18. what was the economy like in 1999?
  19. Before the Fame, a Million Little Skeptics (NYT Article about James Frey)
  20. Hugo Chavez, Cindy Sheehan Highlight Socialist Forum
  21. North Korea doesn't like the U.S.A......
  22. The World’s 10 Worst Dictators from Parade magazine
  23. Workers Allege Halliburton Knew Their Water Was Foul
  24. Bush should have done this sooner (taking questions from the crowd)
  25. Rove: 'Security Will be the Focus of 2006 Campaigns
  26. UF requirement for partner benefits: You must have sex
  27. Latin America's winds of change.
  28. Michael Moore urges Canadians not to vote conservative on Monday.
  29. PDX Otters: Mayor Tom Potter Wants Temporary Mult. Co. Income Tax...
  30. MO seeks to ban sale of cold beer
  31. Bush Says Will Push Health-Care Changes
  32. U.S. Reconstruction of Iraq to End Short of Target
  33. McCain crushes Clinton in a new poll
  34. Republicans Worried About Party Faithful
  35. 11 Ecoterrorists Indicted
  36. Why Is The Right So Afraid Of The Left?
  37. CSPI (the "Food Police") strikes again
  38. Bush-Cheney Administration: 5 Years
  39. New-look Hamas spends £100k on an image makeover
  40. The world will run out of oil in 1855. No, wait. Make that 1878. No wait. Make that..
  41. BET: Global Warming Could Spell Disaster For Blacks....
  42. Millions of Iraqi Getting First Tap Water in Eight Years
  43. What is this political notion called
  44. Breaking News: Tape from Bin Laden released
  45. Gov wants Google's records - Google says no.
  46. Supreme Court Kicks Back Contested Abortion Law for Minors
  47. So, I got an e-mail from my Congressman today.
  48. Tom Daschle considers bid for president
  49. Roberts Questions McCain-Feingold Limits
  50. Hillary Clinton: 'House has been run like a plantation.'
  51. Supreme Court upholds Oregon assisted suicide law
  52. "Nagin calls for rebuilding 'chocolate' New Orleans"
  53. California Executes Oldest Death Row Inmate
  54. Pres. Ford hospitalized
  55. Liberia's new president wants to make Liberia attractive to private investors.
  56. God wants New Orleans to be chocolate
  57. Wiretap pt2... was "Gore blasts Bush" [Post61: DOJ whitepaper released]
  58. Photo fakery at the New York Times
  59. Venezuelan shoppers face food shortages (thanks to price controls)
  60. Iran to Hold Conference on the Holocaust
  61. 'If you value your life carry a weapon'(UK)
  62. Al-Zawahiri Might Be Dead
  63. Iran Is Teh Bad :(
  64. Saddam trial judge plans to quit
  65. Rory Kennedy - a spitting image of her father
  66. First Jesse, now this.
  67. John Stossel's new report on public schools in the U.S. from 20/20 - 10/6/07 (merged)
  68. Are Racists Necessarily Stupid?
  69. Mecca pilgrimage, hundreds killed in Hajj stampede.
  70. Alito confirmed as next SC Justice - to be sworn in before SotU address
  71. Man Who Shot Pope John Paul II Released
  72. Airline bans Bibles to avoid offending Muslims
  73. What's better for poor countries, the redistribution of wealth or the creation of it?
  74. Pictures of the year 2005
  75. Muslims Clash Over Oakland Liquor Stores
  76. A black man complains that affirmative action gave him a job he wasn't qualified for.
  77. Arnold to include $72m in budget for "children's health care"
  78. Norway govt orders 500 companies to close if they don't hire more women executives.
  79. Million Dollar Bush....
  80. Church destroyed by fire - state to give $1 million to rebuild
  81. DOW closes above 11k, first time in over 4 years [update - 12k now]
  82. Vice President Cheney Taken to Hospital
  83. For a white man's execution, where are black protesters?
  84. Moving to UK - Best to use US or Canadian Passport?
  85. My Lai massacre hero dies at 62
  86. Saddam's Terror Training Camps
  87. One and only Abramoff Scandal (DeLay replaced, Dean says Dems not involved) thread
  88. Another smoking ban: Washington DC (effective next year)
  89. Anyone see Arnol[d]'s state of the state speech?
  90. Bush Recess Appointments Meet With Protest
  91. Yet More Evidence That SUVs Are Unsafe
  92. Judge explains why he's against punishing man who repeatedly raped 7 year old girl.
  93. I.B.M. to Freeze Pension Plans to Trim Costs
  94. Robertson says Sharon's stroke is God's wrath
  95. US agents shot at, tension mounts on Mexico border
  96. The War in Iraq Continues
  97. Youth Rampage on Train Leaves France Aghast
  98. Returning Iraqi Fighters a Serious Threat, Germany Says
  99. Palestinian Gunmen Try To Kidnap Rachel Corrie's Parents
  100. Breaking News: PM Ariel Sharon Suffers a CVA
  101. Mormon Missionary Shot Dead in Virginia
  102. The 2006 Index Of Economic Freedom.
  103. Rhode Island Legalizes Medical Marijuana
  104. Who are the most overrated Presidents? The most underrated?
  105. AARP edges away from drug imports
  106. Desalination cost reaches all time low of 53 cents per cubic meter.
  107. Soldiers seek ways to get out of military
  108. Louis Farrakhan Named 'Person of the Year'
  109. Hypothetical question - who would win in a war between USA vs. the European Union
  110. Political predictions for '06?
  111. Chief Justice Roberts Urges Pay Increase for Judges
  112. 2 more tots infected with herpes
  113. So, "Ivan The Terrible" is evil, but other Holocaust participants are not...
  114. Report: Trump Considering Run for Governor
  115. The Top Ten Junk Science Claims of 2005
  116. Congress Needs to Help U. S. Pay Bills
  117. Most over-reported & overblown story of 2005?
  118. Animal head left on doorstep...
  119. Pentagon Shakes Up Emergency Hierarchy
  120. Relax Tennessee: you're not melting
  121. Spielberg's "prayer for peace" rejected(re: Munich)
  122. Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree
  123. Europeans missing their Kyoto targets
  124. Hooray for her naked exhibitionism! Boo for her lawsuit against photographer!
  125. City wants to condemn 1,373-acre area, evict 827 owners, sell to developer
  126. Why Wild Theories of a Jewish "Conspiracy"?
  127. Another dirty "alleged" congressman
  128. Rumsfeld Announces U. S. Troop Reduction in Iraq
  129. Germany gives parole to terrorist who hijacked airplane and committed murder.
  130. Court blocks Calif. video game sales restriction
  131. HIV-positive B.C. man convicted of sexual assault
  132. Palestinians boot Jews, now beg them for help
  133. "Bush Lost"....
  134. There they go again...
  135. Bush-Bashing Black Charity Sits on Katrina Cash
  136. A non-biased 'liberal index' for the US Senate (or just another geek thread)
  137. The Globalization Of Freedom
  138. Canada rules group sex, orgies "legal," can polygamy be far behind??
  139. Elton John marries for the second time
  140. Iraqi tips off GIs on weapons cache
  141. New Bolivian President - Lets grow more Coca
  142. Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors
  143. Democrats go after Joe Lieberman
  144. Cations This: Valeria Plame & Joseph Wilson Edition....
  145. Mr. President: We'll Forever Be In Your Debt.
  146. US frees Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ.
  147. Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist....
  148. Jack Anderson, Corrupt Politician's Nemesis, Dies
  149. Feds visit student over communist book
  150. Poor, little, rich protestors.(WTO)
  151. Detroits Dilemma
  152. Official: Iraq Freed Al-Zarqawi Last Year
  153. Hamas Wins Key Local Palestinian Elections
  154. Atlanta Subway Rider Busted for Selling a Token
  155. Russian Nuclear Waste Plant Blast Kills 1, Injures 2
  156. Morgan Freeman Criticizes Black History Month
  157. Bush Lets U.S. Spy On Callers Without Courts
  158. Bush shows off his iPod
  159. Bush Authorized Domestic Spying
  160. Poll: Clinton v. Giuliani in 2008
  161. Florida eminent domain may transfer 6,000 poor people's homes to the rich.
  162. Illinois top court reverses $10 bln Altria verdict
  163. A Mitt Romney presidential bid seems assured
  164. Former Senator Proxmire dies at 90
  165. King Kong (2005) movie is racist
  166. Opposition to Patriot Act Brewing in the Senate -- stalemate ends p#68
  167. November Consumer Prices Drop Largest in Over 50 Years
  168. Get ready for higher ciggy prices in CA
  169. NYC Transit Strike Possible on Friday
  170. Barack Obama: Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"
  171. Bush - I don't live in a Bubble
  172. Military recruitment numbers
  173. Would Medical Experiments on Humans Improve Medical Research?
  174. Bush to Compare Iraqis to America's Founders
  175. Aussie Mob Beating Cops and Arab Youths
  176. Former Senator Eugene McCarthy Dies at 89
  177. A poll to test my theory about differences between liberals and conservatives........
  178. Here's the pudding - More supply-side Laffer curve proof
  179. Your tax dollars at work courtesy of Cynthia McKinney
  180. Lieberman swap for Rumsfeld?
  181. Canada's liberals took a play right out of San Francisco liberals' playbook
  182. For those of you who are against Bush's tax cuts.......
  183. Do You Feel Your Quality Of Life Is Going Down In America? (poll added)
  184. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING In The Political Forum
  185. 63% of households living in "poverty" have cable TV or a satellite dish.
  186. Dispelling Myths About Iraq & does whether a person has been there effect their POV?
  187. Conservatives miffed by Bush `holiday' card
  188. Is Murtha's about face on the Iraq war politically motivated?
  189. Al-Qaida Deputy Urges Oil-Plant Attacks
  190. Westin Hotel Chain Goes Smoke-Free
  191. We need your help changing the reputation of the Political Forum
  192. Ford Drops Ads From Gay Magazines
  193. White House slams Howard Dean's comments on Iraq (Results of new Iraqi poll post#59)
  194. Misleading headline on SFGate?
  195. Would you support an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program?
  196. michaelmoore.com Hillary Clinton Co-Sponsors Anti-Flag Burning Bill
  197. Did Sen. Kerry Call American Troops Terrorists on FTN?
  198. Caption This: Saddam Edition
  199. How long will Republicans turn a blind eye to the current administration.
  200. Iraq election thread
  201. What Would a Libertarian Supreme Court Justice Look Like?
  202. Seperation of Church and State
  203. Did US missile kill Al-Queda target in Pakistan?
  204. Why Holocaust Denial?
  205. Should Bush continue, or repeal, Clinton's vaccine policy?
  206. Popular Japanese comic rewriting history
  207. Did Texas execute an innocent man? Potential anti-death penalty martyr was a rapist
  208. The Left Advocates The Rape of Ann Coulter...
  209. Jewish Group Supports 'Christmas'....
  210. 10 Marines Killed in Iraq Bombing
  211. Bush's Approval Rating is Up!! [merged]
  212. Did Bush plan to bomb Al-Jazeera?
  213. Katie Couric is smarter than you....
  214. Belgian woman identified as suicide bomber in Iraq
  215. Hillary is changing her position on the Iraq War (again)
  216. South Africa approves gay marriage!!
  217. Joe Dante's anti-Iraq War Zombie film
  218. Paroled killer kills again.
  219. Lawsuits over Farm Subsidies
  220. Hold on to your hats, they're arguing about abortion at the Supreme Court today!
  221. Bush Unveils New Iraq Strategy Document - Starts a series of speeches on Iraq policy
  222. Leaking At All Costs
  223. Senator Lieberman Sees Progress in the War
  224. Will Democrats party burn Joe Lieberman in effigy?
  225. U.S. Troops Rescue Ethiopian Cheetah Cubs
  226. Rumsfeld declares there are no more insurgents
  227. Let's legislate morality, and sex is bad.
  228. Emirates Arrest Dozens At 'Mass Homosexual Wedding'
  229. Sen. Specter Defends Terrell Owens
  230. Detroit City Clerk Lost Reelection, Screwed Up Election, Wants Recount
  231. Kanye doesn't like Bush, but 50 cent does.
  232. The Iraq story: how troops see it
  233. Marble chunk falls from top of Supreme Court
  234. The official Montreal Climate Change Meeting thread (Nov 28-Dec 9)
  235. Boston "holiday tree" stirs controversy
  236. Holiday Sales, Jobs Data May Boost Stocks
  237. Pirro for what?
  238. Hollywood's PC perversion stifles storytelling
  239. Why in the U.S.A do resturants & schools throw away food?
  240. Poll: what do you think is the average political leaning of Political Talk?
  241. Big surprise! Environmentalists don't like developing Canada's oil sands
  242. The KKK/David Duke visit Syria....
  243. Liberal teacher questioned for administering anti-Bush quiz
  244. The Pilgrims escaped famine by switching from collective farming to private farming.
  245. Breaking News: Canada's government expected to fall Monday
  246. Christians Persecuted in Pakistan
  247. A bit more Frisco insanity
  248. Is global warming killing 150,000 people a year?
  249. John Kerry wins election!!
  250. Why no terrorist alerts lately? (and Bird Flu Alerts)

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