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  1. Congressman-elect Ellison will take oath of office with hand on Koran...
  2. Turkey - the EU, and the Pope's visit
  3. Woman faces fines for wreath peace sign
  4. Is modern warfare inherently more difficult because of the "clean war" mentality?
  5. INdia Working on "Missile Defense System"???
  6. Peace on Earth? Well, not for this HOA... Denver Christmas wreath story
  7. NBC: Iraq in civil war; White House disagrees
  8. Anti Wal-Mart Edwards does book signing at store that pays lower wages than Wal Mart
  9. Is American culture really this lame now? War! What is it good for? Come on!
  10. Hate Income Tax?
  11. Student Starts 'United White Persons College Fund'
  12. NYPD Kill Groom 2 Days Before Wedding, Fired 50 shots. [Merged - NY Times is biased]
  13. Dems' Aim To Slash Drug Prices Worries Big Pharma, Investors
  14. wabio's triennial "What the hell is wrong with Africa" thread.
  15. I can't go to msnbc.com or cnn.com
  16. Bush's pal Putin back to killing KGB style
  17. how many wars in American history were justified?
  18. Are libertarians firmly grounded in reality? You decide.
  19. Woo-hoo! We're # 7 with a bullet!
  20. U.S. Soldiers Taunt Iraqi Children with Water
  21. 2008 Election Trivia
  22. Atlanta police kill 92-year old woman, 3 police officers injured in mistaken raid
  23. Where the Potential Presidential Candidates Stand on the War in Iraq:
  24. Fox News prepping it's own "Daily Show" program
  25. Thanksgiving sensitivity
  26. Is Iraq just like Vietnam?
  27. World's largest Nazi archive unseals files
  28. we got us a new ethnicity, Caucasian-American
  29. Pentagon May Suggest Short-Term Buildup Leading to Iraq Exit
  30. Favorite political blogs
  31. Barack Obama apologizes for messing up somebody's game
  32. Pelosi aims at relieving 'middle class squeeze'.
  33. Senator Kerry eyes '08 White House bid...
  34. What's the best advice to give to your kids on how to earn a good salary?
  35. Charles Rangel Will Seek to Reinstate the Draft
  36. I'm glad to see the left knows how to prioritize...
  37. Free Lunch Project (parody of Free State Project)
  38. Dutch Government Proposes Public Ban on Burkas
  39. Senate Approves Nuclear Deal with India
  40. 2 Americas - Phone call to Wal Mart gets Wal Mart hater John Edwards a Playstation 3
  41. Dutch to ban wearing of Muslim burqa in public
  42. SF School Board Dumps JROTC
  43. 5 Myths About the Midterm Elections
  44. It Wasn't Even Close - Hoyer (149) - Murtha (86)
  45. Tommy Thompson announces his 2008 presidential bid
  46. Exposed: The Extremist Agenda
  47. Fox News - The Most Biased Name in News
  48. South Africa approves Gay marriage (congrats!)
  49. Racial divide still evident
  50. A Liberal's Pledge to Disheartened Conservatives
  51. The realists take charge in Washington
  52. Bush Approval Rating Drops - Democrats' Goals Backed
  53. Al Qaeda: We'll never stop until White House destroyed.
  54. Canada/UK: Wear a white poppy to promote peace
  55. Pittsburgh parents risk going to jail for not sending their children to public school
  56. Bill Maher outs Mehlman/Mehlman stepping down/Martinez to replace him
  57. So who will the Dems run in 2008 for Pres?
  58. Acorn does the things that it criticizes Wal Mart for doing.
  59. Are your political beliefs the same as your parents?
  60. dead woman wins county race
  61. What do you guys think of the film Fahrenheit 911?
  62. Donald Rumsfeld is out.... Robert Gates (old CIA director) is up for SecDef
  63. Sore Loser (R) thread
  64. I'm confused by this one thing...
  65. Smoking tax in CA
  66. election results thread
  67. Orthodox Jews protest gay pride
  68. 1/only midterm election pt 3 - ELECTION DAY!
  69. How did you vote? (what technology/method did you use?)
  70. A Democratic Congress - How Would That Affect Our Presence in Iraq?
  71. Election Day/Night Shenanigans....
  72. Liberal and Conservative Havens
  73. Eminent Domain Proposals
  74. Illinois voter guide?
  75. Your state officials: Hot or Not?
  76. Borat - the political discussion...
  77. Saddam Hussein Found Guilty Of Crimes Against Humanity - will be hung.
  78. Republicans urge posting of "how to build an atomic bomb" blueprint on internet?
  79. A Breakthrough For Women In Combat
  80. New Documentary: Islam-What The West Needs to Know.
  81. What would you like the outcome of the upcoming election to be?
  82. I endorse Josh Jennings for Congress
  83. Whole Foods violates its own "core values" in order to boost its stock value.
  84. Too much English on Net, warns expert
  85. Iranian cleric psyched for U.S. midterm elections...
  86. Top Evangelist Rev. Ted Haggard Resigns Amid Allegations of Gay Affair
  87. Which is the most demoralizing?
  88. Ann Coulter going to prison?
  89. Priest Immolates Self to Protest Spread of Islam
  90. Britain is a 'surveillance society' (says BBC)
  91. Saddam Accepted the American Ultimatum Before the US Invasion, According to Rights an
  92. Hate the president, hate America
  93. Just How Pro-Choice or Pro-Life Are You?
  94. Did I miss the October Surprise?
  95. Govt. Tells Singles No Sex Till You're 30
  96. What Is The Most Ridiculous Campaign Ad You've Seen On Television This Year?
  97. The 1/Only DVDTalk Exit Poll
  98. more Florida voting problems
  99. Kerry: If you don't work hard and study you'll get stuck in Iraq.
  100. Embryonic Stem Cells and In Vitro Fertilization
  101. Rep. Duncan Hunter Announces Presidential Run
  102. the rise and fall of the UN
  103. Ths article is called "Poll: Majority believes government doing too much"
  104. Bush among friends
  105. Boarding Pass Hacker Under Fire
  106. Nicaraguan Congress votes to ban all abortions
  107. Bush Seizes Control of National Guard from States
  108. Neighboroo
  109. Posting in the Politics Forum
  110. Here's a joke my boss sent me
  111. Muslim cleric likens women to 'uncovered meat'
  112. And 3 Years Later, Natalie Maines is Still an Idiot
  113. New Jersey Supreme Court rules that homosexuals have equal marriage rights
  114. Bush is talking!
  115. Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's is exaggerated, says Rush Limbaugh
  116. Fantasy Congress Game
  117. Which 24-Hour News Personality Do You Consider To Be The Most Obnoxious?
  118. support our troops? are they really the best and brightest
  119. Judicial nominee blocked for attending a gay commitment ceremony
  120. The fake compassion of Europe's right-wing
  121. Dirty Tricks? Left-wing bloggers plan to "google bomb" Republican Candidates
  122. E-Voting: Diebold source code leaked again
  123. Study shows public schools are overfunded and have too many bureaucrats.
  124. My beliefs
  125. 100 Hours: The Democrats' Plan For Action + Bonus Illegal Immigrant talk
  126. After Pat’s Birthday (Update: House holding hearings about Tillman)
  127. Good non-partisan piece on Anti-Americanism..
  128. Senate candidate crashes opponent's press conference
  129. Blair joins the attack on Britain’s Muslims
  130. GOP terrorism ad
  131. State Court Rules Against Catholic Church on Insurance
  132. Conservatives, Liberals and the Creative Arts
  133. If Democrats win, who will be the next speaker?
  134. Rolling Stone Cover Story: The Worst Congress Ever
  135. Obama!
  136. New(ish) space policy
  137. Muslim scholars write the pope - and everyone else
  138. Supreme Court Allows 7th-Grade Islam Immersion Course
  139. Bush says he may ignore new war-funding law
  140. Clinton Urges Democrats to Question Criticism
  141. Winning the War in Iraq
  142. Free Speech Under Assault Again...
  143. Washington Post wrongly says that tax cuts "cost taxpayers."
  144. More "Racism" fun
  145. Bono, Preacher on Poverty, Tarnishes Halo With Irish Tax Move
  146. Zod's handy dandy California voters guide!
  147. Election Guide 2006 (for Georgia)
  148. Median Income For Blacks Greater than Whites in Queens
  149. Oil, Smoke and Mirrors
  150. How Much is Too Much - PA Pay Raise
  151. Lawyer gets 28 months jail for aiding terrorism
  152. Election Fantasy League?
  153. Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank)
  154. The export of democracy: who's with me?
  155. The White Man may save the day in Zimbabwe
  156. Pakistan foils coup plot
  157. Be careful what you post on MySpace
  158. Why so many scandals? (Rep. Weldon "under investigation")
  159. what exactly is allowed here???
  160. Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths?
  161. other political forums for local national, & international politics?
  162. Air America declares bankruptcy
  163. N. Korea Satellite Photo
  164. State of Terrorism Address: What Would ObL Say to Jihadists Five Years Later?
  165. New Book says Bush just using Christians
  166. Question about Polls...
  167. Head of British military seeks Iraq withdrawal, calls Iraq democracy "naive failure"
  168. Why the UN doesn't work....
  169. Republican Leaders Seek Congressional Probe of Berger Classified Documents Issue
  170. Bush's Desperate Soundbites
  171. Say it isn't so---Azzam the American Indicted for TREASON!
  172. Law against child labor worries India's young workers
  173. Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is an "insult to Islam"
  174. Harry Reid's 1.1 million dollar land deal.
  175. US population hits 300 million, but is it sustainable?
  176. Report states over 655k dead as result of Iraq war [split from "roses" thread]
  177. Federal Deficit Now Lowest in 4 Years
  178. How long will the war on terror go on?
  179. How the rest of the world sees America?
  180. New video from David Zucker depicting Democrats and the "war on terror"
  181. Catch a cab? Think twice if you are toting alcohol
  182. Congressman Foley Resigns & things pertaining to that resignation (Part 2)
  183. Shivering Alaskans to Hugo Chavez: Keep your oil
  184. anyone catch bill o'reily tonight celebrating 10 yrs of fox news?
  185. 14 year old shoots and kills burglar who threatened to kill him and his mother.
  186. New Gallup Poll results/article on the Democratic and Republican parties
  187. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon (sub-thread: Chavez's possible links to terrorism)
  188. Bush- to disobey a new law which set minimum qualifications for FEMA head
  189. EU forces Microsoft to sell software that nobody wants to buy.
  190. Governor Bush hides in supply closet
  191. End of the Revolution?
  192. what does the confederate flag mean to you?
  193. More 'Civics 101' - Separation of Powers
  194. Cheney critic sues agent over arrest
  195. Bush says he can edit security reports
  196. Did I just get polled by Gallup?
  197. Politics Talk language usage
  198. whether Cuban or Puerto Rican, “They are all very hot.”
  199. St. Paul, Minnesota simultaneously outlaws and subsdizes cigarette smoking.
  200. Which will lose the Republicans more votes: internet poker ban or Foley?
  201. Got stuck in a blockade today...Bush is in town!
  202. sweatshops and being conscious of where you buy your clothes
  203. Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan gov't
  204. FBI investigates mob-terrorist link
  205. Teacher fired for taking students on school approved field trip to museum w/ nude art
  206. NAACP wants the government to force Jewish dental clinic to be open on Saturdays.
  207. New Supreme Court Opens Today
  208. Would you support a doubling of the force size in Iraq?
  209. what i think to be an interesting perspective on discourse through book writing
  210. Bush pardons himself
  211. Net Neutrality, is everyone aware of this?
  212. Bush: Critics buy into terrorists' propaganda (Calmer Version)
  213. Do You Think U.S. Marines Are Cowards?
  214. Bush: Critics buy into terrorists' propaganda
  215. Do I make you horny, baby? Do I?
  216. What is patriotism?
  217. What's your political philosophy [take II]
  218. Congressman Foley Resigns (re: explicit conversations with 16 yo page) [merge]
  219. 1/only midterm election pt2 [poll added][maps added p22]
  220. Minneapolis/St. Paul to Host '08 GOP Convention
  221. Further Retreat of Western Civilization...
  222. US birth rates + Illegals (split from abortion thread)
  223. noam chomsky #1 on amazon!!
  224. Abortion foes new rallying point: contraception
  225. Bill Clinton got mad.
  226. Economics 101: Zimbabwe puts price controls on bread. Bye bye bread!
  227. I didn't know that the president had that kind of power or...
  228. Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat
  229. What do you believe is torture?
  230. Reason magazine: "Why does everybody seem to hate the pharmaceutical industry?"
  231. France Probes Report of bin Laden's Death
  232. Bombshell: ABC independently confirms success of CIA “torture” tactics
  233. Bill Clinton
  234. If the US was destroyed by nukes, what would happen to the rest of the world?
  235. Ahmadinejad: "We are not seeking a nuclear bomb"
  236. The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch)
  237. The/Your/My President and political discourse/rhetoric
  238. Wal Mart will sell generic drugs for $4 per prescription.
  239. California Sues Car Companies Because Of...Greenhouse Gases
  240. Michigan Republican Candidate for Govenor Wants Intelligent Design Taught in Science
  241. Do You Believe That The Muslim World Is A Threat To Western Civilization?
  242. 1/Only Chavez (Venezula) hates Bush Thread -- [split from Iran thread and merged]
  243. California Prop 86 - Cigarette Tax
  244. This could have an interesting effect on the dissemination of news
  245. Budapest burning, breaking news 9/18
  246. Brit envoy: Darfur options must be eyed
  247. Wow. I just saw the DUMBEST campaign ad ever!
  248. Muslim nations considering tourism push
  249. The Daily Show: The Lonely, Republican Punk Rocker..
  250. Why should the United States support Israel?

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