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  1. Natalie Imbruglia -- White Lilies Island
  2. What song do you wish was longer?
  3. Today's CDs (2/22)
  4. Recommend me some songs!
  5. Trav Demsey leaves The Living End
  6. Weekly Charts 03/02/02 ALAN JACKSON drives back to #1 ALBUM, JA RULE still #1 SINGLE
  7. Smash Mouth and N'Sync?
  8. Goo Goo Dolls new album -- when is it out?
  9. Saturday Night Live has some great upcoming guests...
  10. Who sings this "Another Perfect Day" song that they play during the Olympics?
  11. Whats this song part xxvi
  12. Bob Dylan question
  13. are there any Distinct Music Genres which lived and Died in the 90s ?
  14. If you are familiar with cuts 1-6 on the Lemonheads "Come on Feel...", please help!
  15. Who/when was your first rock concert/The Who is Touring?
  16. off-topic
  17. Who will win the grammy for Best Native American Band?
  18. RoQuEr'S remix of the week (2/20-2/27)
  19. Bruce Sprinsteins next hit, 41 shots (american Skin)
  20. Recommend rockabilly raveups
  21. Today's CDs (2/20/02)
  22. Blade II soundtrack (electronic/hip-hop collaborations)
  23. Need some samples - can anyone help?
  24. For all you Jay Farrar fans out there...
  25. ~~~ 88 lines about 44 women ~~~
  26. To any musicians or music lovers out there...
  27. Titles of Weezer demos?
  28. Favorite Drunk Sing-Along-Song
  29. Oakenfold in Phoenix
  30. Looking for a new Lou Reed song (POEtry)
  31. Anyone get any of the new Elvis Costello reissues?
  32. Dave Matthews Band, 2nd Leg Tour Dates
  33. Are there any good radio stations available on the web?
  34. How long is a "long" song?
  35. Who Sings This 80's Song?
  36. Kid Rock's Cocky...thoughts?
  37. How do you make a good compilation CD?
  38. Phil Anselmo quits Pantera!
  39. Please ID this song (partial lyrics inside)
  40. Radiohead - Rabbit in your Headlights
  41. Audiogalaxy blocking songs
  42. "Name me a song that may change my mind about....."
  43. Are there any lyrics from any songs that describe your life?
  44. Incubus presale password?
  45. Offical Who Tour thread (Dates Announced)
  46. Who does Pete Yorn sound like?
  47. New songs from my band
  48. What's your favorite song from The Who?
  49. [Sad] news for Limp Bizkit fans....
  50. Sweet Chemical Brothers video - "Star Guitar"
  51. Your Favourite D.I.S.C.O Song(s) ?
  52. 2001 music disappointments
  53. RoQuEr'S remix of the week (2/14-2/21)
  54. What's Bad Religion's Best Album?
  55. help me name that tune
  56. Pop Disaster Tour Dates Announced (Green Day/Blink/Jimmy Eat World)
  57. Weekly Charts 02/23/02 JENNIFER LOPEZ #1 ALBUM, JA RULE Featuring ASHANTI #1 SINGLE
  58. What songs help you feel depressed? [merged]
  59. Does MTV2 only play R&B stuff?
  60. Good Lord! Take a look at the album charts this week!!
  61. What's the song with the woman playing piano on a moving car?
  62. Audiogalaxy group recommendations
  63. Do you consider DJs are Music artists ?
  64. Favourite 80s DANCE Song/Music Artist ?
  65. Waylon Jennings died
  66. Anyone read Maximum rock and roll?
  67. Everybody Knows. Leonard Cohen Appreciation thread
  68. The Nick Drake Appreciation Thread
  69. Vegas Gigs in March?
  70. The John Cale appreciation thread
  71. Best Buy CD price changes week of 2/11
  72. Help on CD Storage Needed
  73. New Radicals
  74. If you were a Baseball player or Wrestler what would your intrance music be?
  75. Real Proof the Punk has gone Pop.
  76. Name an Innovative (inspired by the kittie thread)
  77. Whats with all the beatles cover songs??
  78. Favorite music videos?
  79. Looking for suggestions for Latin Hiphop/Rap
  80. Is AudioGalaxy dead?
  81. Who started grunge?
  82. Protected or defective mp3?
  83. THE STROKES are the Most Overrated Band in Ages
  84. So what's Morrissey up to nowadays?
  85. Any interest in swapping CDs on here?
  86. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
  87. Seeking this vinyl
  88. Everybody Wants Some!!
  89. Question about car in POD "Alive" video
  90. Proof that Punk Rock has gone downhill and has become trendy:
  91. This week's open letter to a band: Kittie
  92. need help identifing a song.
  93. Any Godflesh fans here?
  94. Best Buy CD price changes
  95. Does anyone really buy cds from Tower records?
  96. new PET SHOP BOYS album RELEASE
  97. ARGH! Help with a song!
  98. Looking for a comprehensive list ....
  99. What Song(s) would you like to be played at your FUNERAL ?
  100. Help finding 2 songs!....
  101. Did you USED to like rap?
  102. "You suck Federated" song!
  103. R.Kelly In Trouble AGAIN!?!
  104. Need soundtrack listing for Boxing Helena
  105. Best Cover Versions
  106. looking for new music--Suggest an artist!
  107. What is your favorite Rap Beat?
  108. Anybody suspect the trend for remastered and "expanded" CDs is due to the DVD boom?
  109. Depeche Mode - One Night In Paris (Pay Per View Special)
  110. Songs that condemn religion?
  111. Anyone else ever heard of Indestructable Noise Command?
  112. Weekly Charts 02/16/02 ALAN JACKSON #1 ALBUM for 3rd week, Usher still #1 SINGLE
  113. Anyone see Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young?
  114. Since DTSC hasn't started it yet, This week's open letter to a band: Aerosmith
  115. Please HELP!!!!!!!!
  116. Help finding a song?
  117. Anyone familiar with the band "Babble"
  118. March/April New Release List
  119. Top psychedelia from the psychedelic era?
  120. This week's open letter to an artist: Britney Spears
  121. Song From Triple X Trailer
  122. Elastica : Split
  123. Finally, a tribute album I can get excited about
  124. Need help!!!-Converting from mp3 to wave
  125. The "What The Hell Is Tori Talking About?" Thead. . .
  126. Most ENCHANTING Song you've ever heard ?
  127. Paul McCartney
  128. Vinyl
  129. Any musical theatre fans?
  130. Best Jazz Albums of All Time? [inc. recommendations request]
  131. Question about the Boston Pops Superbowl performance
  132. Song used in Levis Crazy Legs ad
  133. Best White Boy Hybrid Rapper ?
  134. Acoustic Guitar Albums
  135. Mariah: Biggest Selling Female Artist in History??
  136. Where Do You Store Your CD Collection?
  137. Moloko?
  138. Favourite 80s SYNTH POP Song/group ?
  139. Best band of the 80s?
  140. Need Some Good Major Label Band Suggestions
  141. How many CD's do you buy a month?
  142. Looking for a specific song by garbage
  143. Roland Orzabal(ex-Tears For Fears)...WOW!!! What and album!!!!!!!!
  144. Kylie Minogue...Wow!....Really, Wow!
  145. Anyone know anything about a metal band called "Voltz"?
  146. Comprehensive on-line price guide for rare records/CDs?
  147. Ever get completely mesmerized by those Time-Life Singer-Songwriter infomercials?
  148. Twin Peaks
  149. Weezer - Maladroit
  150. What are THE top 10 Led Zeppelin songs? [merged]
  151. Whatever happened to the Breeders?
  152. Sweet Bass Lurchings Batman!
  153. what is this PHIL COLLINS song??
  154. What song are you listening to right now?
  155. Weekly Charts 02/09/02 ALAN JACKSON cruises to #1 ALBUM, Usher still #1 SINGLE
  156. Super Furry Animals - US release details
  157. Today's CDs (1.31.02)
  158. Fans of The Who...
  159. IRON MAIDEN News from KNAC.com!
  160. Chemical Brothers "Come With Us"
  161. Local H: new album March 5th, 2002
  162. Need some good indie band suggestions
  163. Dream Theater - 6DoIT
  164. today's cd's (01/30)
  165. Live performances question. Jonatha Brooke
  166. One-and-only CD store thread inc. non-USA [merged]
  167. Dish Network Just Got MuchMusic...
  168. Are there any online find-by-lyrics song finders?
  169. Cool Indie Rock E-Zine "In Music We Trust"
  170. Tiffany is posing nude in April's Playboy (mature)
  171. Andrew WK
  172. Blender names 100 Best U.S. Albums Ever
  173. Help with an early 80s punk/rock song
  174. Que Me Quedes Tu - Shakira
  175. ? about the Garth Brooks Dr Pepper commercial.
  176. Is "The Bends" Radiohead's best album?
  177. best cover of "the Lion Sleeps tonight"
  178. Mother of all hypocracies
  179. Stairsailor: Love is Here
  180. What is Punk rock?
  181. This week's open letter to a band: Pearl Jam
  182. How far would you travel to see a band live in person?
  183. The craziest live show YOU ever saw?
  184. Cover songs
  185. Sade Live album out 2/4; dvd out 2/26
  186. V/A - A Tribute to Tool (2/26)
  187. Which music artist/s would you most like to meet?
  188. Song ID needed please
  189. Classical music for 2001?
  190. Any other collectors of original "rock art" posters?
  191. The Blue Aeroplanes..
  192. Anyone heard this "Kelly Family Rave" tune?
  193. DMB gets Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor
  194. What are some songs that you like to listen to while driving around at night?
  195. top 20 james brown songs?
  196. cd burner problem(s)/question(s)...please help
  197. Gillian Gilbert gone from New Order?
  198. Van Halen and Warner Brothers part ways
  199. Cake (The Band)!
  200. There's this Cindy Lauper song I need help with. (don't laugh)
  201. Question about Bad Religion's new album
  202. Music that isn't what you'd normally like, but strikes a certain note for you
  203. Today's CDs -1-25-02
  204. No Doubt behind the music on VH1 now (12:30 EST)
  205. Rollingstone
  206. Buckaroo Banzai End Credits Theme
  207. KMFDM DVD is out!
  208. New Pet Shop Boys CD breaks on the web.
  209. good mexican/hispanic/whatever guitar CDs?
  210. Most EVIL Music Artists in History ?
  211. what michael jackson video is this?
  212. Godsmack Live DVD...
  213. song id wanted
  214. List "crime and punishment" songs!
  215. Weekly Charts 02/02/02 ALAN JACKSON cruises to #1 ALBUM, Usher still #1 SINGLE
  216. Is Bran Van 3000's Discosis every gonna be released in the US?
  217. One-&-only [legal] filesharing advice/discussion thread [merged]
  218. If you like [band] you should check out [band]
  219. U2 7 -- reviews?
  220. What music artists have you met?
  221. Soundscan numbers for last week
  222. Anyone know of a dance/rave mix version of Claptons Cocaine?
  223. I Met Trent Reznor and the rest of Nine Inch Nails!
  224. NIN DVD Easter eggs!
  225. Best Buy CD price changes
  226. Flaming Lips new album details
  227. Need some suggestions for new Rap
  228. Anyone have the Dead Can Dance boxset?
  229. What is your favorite beatles song?
  230. A special mid-week Open Letter from DTSC
  231. What is the song you wish your favorite artist never made?
  232. Do Promo CDs contain the full album?
  233. Do you listen to Black Metal?
  234. Songs you like from a genre you don't normally like.
  235. "new york " song????? need help
  236. wtf?! - Ramones and the Pathfinder
  237. Skinny was born in a bathtub
  238. Well, now I'm a Napster beta tester.
  239. Covers you think are better than the Original
  240. Travis
  241. Songs that give you goose bumps
  242. Need help identifying song- Viva la Viva
  243. This week's Open Letter to a Band from DTSC
  244. Any news on the upcoming Counting Crows album?
  245. When is the next round of the Costello remasters comming out?
  246. Candlebox?
  247. Are Music Critics useless?
  248. What teenie-bopper pop singers/groups do you recommend?
  249. CD creator Philips blasts labels over protected discs
  250. New Alanis Morissette Album = Pretty Good

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