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  1. Stephen Malkmus - Face The Truth - 5/24/05
  2. Anybody have any info on Gavin Rossdale's new band, Institute?
  3. Boy, it's lonely out here (in Moby support ville)
  4. Looking for portable CD player recommendations
  5. Wing!
  6. Blaine Larsen's Off To Join The World
  7. Question for Creative Zen MP3 Player owners
  8. Anyone work at Chipotle who can tell me what this song is?
  9. Eminem lyrics
  10. Rob Thomas - "Lonely No More": Ummmm.......
  11. Willa Ford and Dream
  12. where to find coil CDs
  13. Has anyone heard this new RUSH tribute cd?
  14. Belle & Sebastian Singles Compilation 'Push Barman to Open Old Wounds' 5/24/05
  15. What song is this?
  16. KCRW question
  17. Husky Rescue = 1 Hot Blonde Female New Wave Singer
  18. Hispanic bands in concert on Univision April 7 - Thalia, Kumbia Kings, more
  19. Need some guidance classifying "Punk" music
  20. Dream Theater's "OCTAVARIUM" out on June 7th, 2005!
  21. New NIN video!
  22. Please help me identity this song
  23. recommend me some 'Orchestral Pop' bands.
  24. There's A New Lifehouse Album - But Does Anyone Care?
  25. Should I like Ozzy's new cd set?
  26. Dream Concert?
  27. Forever young?
  28. "Death from above 1979"...Ok, talk to me about this band.
  29. Pearl Jam finishing up new album
  30. Weezer Make Believe 05.10.05
  31. Who saw Duran Duran in Portland (3/10/05)?
  32. Recommend iTunes for me to buy..
  33. Say It Ain't So!....Lil' Kim Convicted Of Perjury!
  34. Michael Jackson, real or fake? The story unearth
  35. Is Edge one of the ten best guitarists ever?
  36. Finally. Release date for Team Sleep's debut disc...
  37. CapTion this picture of Rob Halford of Judas Priest
  38. Bit*hes aint sh*t-new ben folds song
  39. Jakalope
  40. Will Counting Crows release a new studio album this year?
  41. Rock's Oldest Joke: Yelling 'Freebird!' In a Crowded Theater
  42. Ozzfest 2005 Announced
  43. The Greatest Rap Mc's ever..
  44. Peter Schilling's 'Major Tom' only true musical remake?
  45. Weird Al: It's Still Billy Joel To Me song - was this ever officially released?
  46. Ian Brown's performance in SF Tonight, worthy of Rocky IV
  47. help with the name of a rap song by Lil Jon (explicit lyric)
  48. saw Motley Crue last night,it kicked ass!!!
  49. Lords of the Rings - The Musical
  50. I have a new worst venue - House Of Blues New Orleans
  51. What music venues do you frequent and what time do the headliners get on stage?
  52. Doves with Mercury Rev - May US tour dates
  53. Def Leppard - ROCK OF AGES: DEFINITIVE COLLECTION due 5/17 + 2005 Tour w/BRYAN ADAMS
  54. Basement Jaxx - The Singles (album and DVD) - US release??
  55. Anyone Getting the new Morrissey DVD?
  56. Kaiser Chiefs - Employment (3/15/05)
  57. Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine finally fully leaked
  58. Will the Smashing Pumpkins be remembered in 20 years?
  59. BMG customer service #??
  60. Bruce Dickinson To Release Solo Album
  61. Non-US / foreign bands that should be big in the US
  62. When is Common's "Be" coming out?
  63. Original MOLLY HATCHET Singer DANNY JOE BROWN Dead At 53
  64. Music Midtown Atlanta '05 (Pixies, Petty +)
  65. Came across a valuable record....any advice?
  66. Student film of JIM MORRISON found
  67. Need help figuring this song out...
  68. Moby - Hotel - March 22nd
  69. Dashboard Confessional and Michael Stipe
  70. ATTN Musicians: DVD Talk Radio Needs Theme Song
  71. Good program for printing my albums?
  72. Gorillaz - Demon Days - 5/24/05
  73. Help me rid of these CDs (+ Playstation 2, Gamecube games, DVDs) Cheap OBO!
  74. What is up with the Herb Albert Lovefest?
  75. Country Singer Chris LeDoux Passes Away
  76. Only redeeming quality of hip-hop...
  77. Ted Leo acoustic concert now online
  78. WEEZER 'Make Believe' lp - May Release
  79. The Cars to reform?
  80. Unusual musical pairings?
  81. What concerts do you plan on attending this summer?
  82. U2's next single and video?
  83. Backstreet Boy arrested on DUI charge
  84. fascinating article about "Chinese Democracy"
  85. Awesome Band That Faded Too Early and Should Reign Again
  86. More info on New Springsteen Album
  87. Tickets to Duran Duran (Detroit, 3/24) that I can't use. Get them free.
  88. Peter Murphy vs. Daniel Ash (and gang)
  89. U2 Tour Leg Three announced
  90. need help identifying a band and/or song
  91. Which "unplugged" version of a song do you think outdoes the original version?
  92. What song will always take you back to a special time in your life?
  93. Is emo THAT bad?
  94. 'Rain' music
  95. Politics and Music
  96. Anyone know this classic rock song
  97. Judas Priest: Angel of Retribution, What do you think? [duplicate]
  98. Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game
  99. Music has a flavour to woman who ‘tastes’ sounds
  100. Help me find this song....
  101. Backstreet Boys are back! (tour dates)
  102. Anyone have a BPM List???
  103. Judas Priest : Angel of Retribution
  104. Will Smith - Switch
  105. DMB tour dates announced
  106. Collateral soundtrack...anyone have it? thoughts?
  107. for those who care....news on the 50 cent vs Game shooting....
  108. Yet another recommendation out of left field... check out Mastodon: Leviathan
  109. Tell me about Flunk
  110. The Mars Volta: Frances the Mute ($5.99 @ Your Local Circuit City)
  111. Best Blur Album?
  112. Name this Bruce Springsteen song?
  113. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself Rise Against for $6.99
  114. Spoon: Gimme Fiction - May 10th
  115. Anyone know who does the Missy Elliot/LeTigre mashup?
  116. Can't write a catchy tune...do what Sum 41 did...rip one off!
  117. Mar/Apr 2005 New Release List Thread
  118. Sickly Sweet songs that make you wanna puke
  119. what does "Rock Opera" mean?
  120. Loud music damaged your ears yet?
  121. i thought Merriweather post pavillion was closing down?
  122. Black Sabbath Poll
  123. Your Audioscrobbler profile?
  124. The Monkees 40th Anniversary?
  125. Song title or artist? (new song, sung in high pitch)
  126. New: Glen Phillips, "Winter Pays for Summer" due March 29!!
  127. AC/DC "Family Jewels" DVD
  128. Elvis Costello - King Of America reissue details
  129. Blink 182 going on "indefinite hiatus"
  130. some info on FOO FIGHTERS upcoming [double] album
  131. [Guitarist] Brian "Head" Welch leaves KORN
  132. Some song recommendations please?
  133. Aha Shake Heartbreak, by Kings of Leon, anyone?
  134. Who has more-- Elvis or The Beatles?
  135. Overrated British bands
  136. Your #1 favorite 90's song
  137. After listening to 50 Cent The Massacre
  138. Euro trance
  139. Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Origin 1
  140. At Last! The Original Score to THE RING by Hans Zimmer!
  141. Help identifying an older hip hop song.
  142. Operation: Mindcrime - The Movie
  143. The Kills
  144. Jimi Hendrix - Like a rolling stone???
  145. AIC reunion show...
  146. Favorite Album by Prince...When his name was a Symbol
  147. new New Order video here
  148. what part did Paul McCartney and John Lennon in these two songs...
  149. White Stripes: Is there a Cd that contains the live version of Death Letter?
  150. Wanted: a place to buy surf music
  151. Johnny Boy - You are the generation who bought more shoes.
  152. Nirvana: "Nevermind" [Classic Albums] dvd
  153. The Cure MTV Icon This weekend?
  154. [NEW] Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
  155. New Springsteen Album in April!!! Tour to Follow!!!
  156. Acoustic concert with Tegan & Sara now online
  157. Salon.com writer attacked for Green Day better than Zeppelin claim
  158. Lyrics as poetry
  159. Who does that Vonage ad song?
  160. Sarah McLachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstacy LIVE DVD!
  161. Rancid's Time Bomb and the banana smilie
  162. Any dvd-changers that play mp3 dvds?
  163. Any DRUMMERS out there?
  164. When does a new Kayne West CD drop?
  165. Nich Lachey...biggest Dumbass ever?
  166. Won tickets for Queens Of The Stone Age!!!
  167. Music download pay-sites: recommendations / news / discussion [PART 2]
  168. Who does that Ipod song? Not the U2 one.
  169. I have a question about how they censor songs for radio play.
  170. The Aviator Soundtrack - need help finding a song
  171. Do The Grammys Matter?
  172. Favorite solo acoustic songs?
  173. Want to see New Order next album cover?
  174. Gollum/Smeagol guesting with Tenacious D
  175. Any recommendations to newbie on downloading music and where?
  176. mp3 software recommendations
  177. I think I've found my favorite album ever
  178. Remember The Scissor Sisters performance on SNL?
  179. Lee Ann Womack fans - the new CD is great!
  180. Frente news
  181. I will pay up to $200 for this record
  182. New Gorrillaz single "Dirty Harry"
  183. How many songs have had a "sequel" ?
  184. One and Only VANS Warped Tour 2005 Thread
  185. Lamb of God Banned From Performing at the Forum in Los Angeles
  186. super bowl half time show: right and wrongs
  187. 50 Cent's new album cover?
  188. Sinead O'Connor returning to music career
  189. Michael Buble Target Exclusive
  190. Where do you buy cds online?
  191. Anyone get the 3 doors down cd?
  192. hip-hop song ID help
  193. Is there a website tracking weekly CD sales?
  194. Current cheesy Europop suggestions?
  195. Bloc Party
  196. Looking for big, hi-res Motley Crue pics...
  197. Is Royksopp ever going to release a second album?
  198. Mogwai - 'Government Commissions' (BBC Sessions album)
  199. Paul McCartney Halftime show and you decide who performs at Super Bowl?
  200. Song in Napoleon Dynamite - HELP!
  201. Oasis.. U.S. tour 2005?
  202. Rhapsody + Cradle = Metal Apocalypse!
  203. Dracena - Women in Metal
  204. Curve call it a day :(
  205. Evanescence: Anywhere but Home - Thoughts?
  206. What is on you car stereo presets?
  207. Bright Eyes needs to give their publicist a bonus!
  208. Odd label/artist pairings?
  209. Unwritten Law: Here's To The Mourning
  210. Can you help me find this cd? "Lappdog-Kenley 81 project"
  211. Louis XIV "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Why do I keep listening to this song?
  212. "joy of cooking"anyone know anything about this band??
  213. Queensryche Concert Review; 2/1/05, Verona, NY
  214. Looking for hard to find "ARTFUL DODGER" CD
  215. WWE buys ECW music!
  216. Beatles: Different Eras?
  217. Ryan Adams Prepares 3(!) New Albums for Release
  218. Have you ever fallen asleep at a concert while "sober"? [ee]
  219. Bands like My Chemical Romance?
  220. Questions about The Clash songs
  221. has anyone seen a concert at Sonar in Baltimore?
  222. Keane: Hopes and Fears - Dual Disc/SACD versions.
  223. Super Furry Animals - US DVD release/May album news
  224. How much of your collection do you actually listen/not listen to?
  225. The Tears (Brett Anderson/Bernard Butler new group)
  226. Zeppelin-what albums should I get?
  227. U2 and other high-priced concerts. Do you fork over the cash? (fun story too)
  228. Who else likes Richard X. Heyman?
  229. Stupid question about Destiny's Child Soldier Video
  230. Coachella 2005 - Discussion
  231. U2 Anaheim show ......SOLD OUT!!!!
  232. Best Elliott Smith Album
  233. Sage Francis Deserves A Thread
  234. Any Good/Awful U2 Ticket-Buying Stories?
  235. what was your first ever concert?
  236. STARZ ReMasters
  237. Traffic Drummer Jim Capaldi Dies of Cancer
  238. U2 tickets....which one should I choose?
  239. which B&M has Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster?
  240. Details on next 3 Cure re-issues
  241. Ben Folds Fans Rejoice! New Album 4/26!!
  242. Bright Eyes - Anyone pick up the two new lps?
  243. Question about Operation: Mindcrime
  244. Cat Stevens Perform Show for Tsunami Aid
  245. I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats song - question
  246. Aspiring musicians - a question for you
  247. Studio/gig musicians...
  248. Will Oasis ever release ANOTHER B-Sides Album?
  249. pitchforkmedia problems?
  250. Royalities question (for singles) [duplicate]

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