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chrisc31 12-08-19 06:07 AM

A Silent Voice and Maquia Trade-in Programs
For those who have purchased the regular releases of the A Silent Voice and Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms films, Can return their copy of either film and receive a US$35 discount For the limited editions. You can find the form at RightStuf https://www.rightstufanime.com/trade-in

If you have been wanting a the limited edition is actually not a bad deal, for $54.99 its $25 off the normal sale price of $79.99. but also Maquia When The Promised Flower Blooms LE is having a Cyber Monday sale right now you could give your regular edition away as a gift and get the LE for $59.99

PhantomStranger 12-13-19 04:50 PM

Re: A Silent Voice and Maquia Trade-in Programs
That's nice of them to do it. It appears A Silent Voice's limited edition set has substantial bonus features not included on the regular version, including a commentary.

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