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Kickstarter for Aria the Animation English Dub

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Re: Kickstarter for Aria the Animation English Dub

If you pledge at least a $1 you will have access to the Slacker Backer untill early next year.

If not after next Monday you won't have access to anything special on the Kickstarter campaign.
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Re: Kickstarter for Aria the Animation English Dub


We’re down to just the last couple of days, and you’ve already blown through all of the stretch goals. Destroyed them. Left them in the dust. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time to design, budget, prep, and submit to the Licensor ideas for additional goals at this point. Lisa Ortiz rejected our proposed “Lisa Ortiz will have your Baby” stretch goal. I tried! But if you work hard and get us to $2 million, I’ll ask her again (note: the answer will still be no.)

I had added another tier with a couple of really fantastic plushies, but a couple of people already sniped them up, so - congratulations! I only wish I had more of these kinds of goodies to share! We will certainly keep looking... may end up offering items through the slacker backer system if I find stuff!

Having achieved our objective (well, having achieved our objective and our subsequent objective and our subsequent subsequent objective and our further subsequent objective), we’re going to utilize some of these extra funds to take care of our production staff, all of which are going to be looking at a great deal of extra work over the next several months; we will be investing in some additional hardware and software for use in the project, and some additional tools that will assist us with making processes more efficient. We’ll make sure that every last bit of artwork clearance needed is handled. And finally, we will provide royalty payments to the Licensor, and through them to the Japanese staff and creator.

I’ll likely be using some of the funds to take Sato-san out for drinks to make him stress a little less about all of this stuff we’re asking him to sign. It may be even more funds if he wants to have those drinks in Venice. Or we may just take all of the funds, visit Elon Musk, and ask him to use it as a downpayment on our trip to Aqua. (note: it is unclear if Elon Musk is an Aria fan.)

You can add the Guidebook now as an add-on to your pledge:

Overpledge $60 (US) and $80 (Non-US) against your current tier if you'd like to have the Guidebook. The Guidebook is exclusive to Kickstarter backers and will not be offered again.

REMINDER: Pledge SOMETHING to have ongoing access to slacker backer Blu-ray Seasons and Guidebook

As a gentle reminder, after the project funds you will NOT be able to change your funding tier. You will also not be able to pledge a tier if you aren't a backer. So if you have specific merchandise items you want to make sure you have, make sure you have pledged at least that tier prior to the end as they will NOT be offered again. During the slacker backer period, we will give you all access to be able to obtain the various Season Blu-rays as well as the guidebook. [More in Update #31]. If you are confused what a slacker backer is, it's the ability to access items from the Kickstarter after the initial funding backing period ends. Again, check out that update on how we're going to handle this. If you have further questions, please send a message through the system and we will answer you as quick as we can.

These slacker backer options will ONLY be available to backers during the project, so you will want to make sure you have at least backed us with $1 (PASSERBY) to have access to pick any of these up. If you're not a backer, you won't have access, and again, you can't pledge any tier after the project ends. We're taking care of our backers - if you want to wait instead, there will be a mass market release of the product, but it will not be until at the very earliest Holiday 2018. More likely 2019.

The goal here is to give you the ability to pick up any of the Blu-ray Seasons and the Guidebook if you just don’t have the funds to take everything at once. We truly don’t want you to miss out!

So, to sum up:
  • When pledging, pick a tier that has the merchandise you want, if you have interest, and take whichever level (standard, PLUS, DOUBLE PLUS, TRIPLE PLUS) that you would like right now. Over-pledge $60 US or $80 NON-US if you want the Guidebook as part of your pledge now. If you can only afford Season 2 Part 1 now as an example, select the PLUS tier. Then you can pick up the rest later if you want. Or you can take it all right now. It's up to you.
  • After the campaign ends, you will have access to the Blu-ray sets, and the Guidebook. However, the mugs, patches, stationary, stickers, chipboard box, etc. will not be offered again.
The Blu-ray sets in the slacker backer will be the same as during the Kickstarter campaign and will have the reversible covers as promised in the campaign. The mass market releases later on will NOT have reversible covers.
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