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Re: The Video Game Deals Thread

Originally Posted by Decker View Post
What's sad is that the technology in the dongle is already in every DS already made. It's absurd that it's not included in the 360. My living room is wired with CAT 5 since the XBOX days, but for a console make in 2009, it's a little inexcusable.
Originally Posted by fujishig View Post
I think it's absurd that the DS doesn't support WPA...

Isn't the rumor that MS is coming out with a Wireless N version of this adapter, which should cause the older ones to drop in price?
Yeah, to be fair the DS is only 802.11b and WEP, but still no reason that Microsoft shouldn't have a cheaper adapter out there.

I'm pretty sure we've seen actual SKU's for the N adapter, but no firm date on release.
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