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Re: The 5th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!*

Off we go.....

October 1
1. Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus- Director: Ace Hannah
    What can I say? You get everything you'd expect from a movie with this title that stars Debbie Gibson, excuse me, DEBORAH Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas. Not sure which I liked more: the incredibly unrealistic CGI shark and octopus, or the continuously recycled footage of the incredibly unrealistic CGI shark and octopus.

This one kicked off a Mother-Nature-thy-name-is-horror theme for me, so it continues with:

2. Food of the Gods – Director:Bert I. Gordon
    Great movie. Saw this I don't know how many times in the theater.
3. Frogs- Director: George McCowan
    Huh?? What the.... ? HUH???
4. Bats – Director:Louis Morneau
    Not just bats: genetically altered, giant killer bats! Ridiculous, full of cliches... but still kinda fun.
5. Kaw – Director:Sheldon Wilson
    Not great, but not completely terrible. Not sure what they were thinking with that title.
October 2
6. The Swarm- Director: Irwin Allen
    Really bad movie. Haven't seen it since I was a kid, now I know why. I did love Michael Caine yelling at everybody, though.
7. Phase IV – Director: Saul Bass
     Really great movie. Even creepier on the second viewing.
8. Squirm – Director: Jeff Lieberman
     Another fond movie from my childhood. That worms-in-the-face shot is still one of the scariest things I've ever seen, it's an image that's stayed with me all these years.
October 3
9. The Giant Spider Invasion- Director: Bill Rebane
     Really bad. Haven't seen it since it came out, it did not hold up well(!)
10. Ice Spiders – Director: Tibor Takacs
     Pretty bad. I was hoping for some campy fun, at least. Nope. Just bad.
11. Eight Legged Freaks – Director: Ellory Elkayem
     And for the third giant spider movie: This one was kinda fun. Love the jumping spiders vs the dirt bikes. And Scarlett Johansson is in it(!)
12. Attack of the Giant Leeches- Director: Bernard Kowalski
     Dreadful. Dated, sure... but still dreadful.
13. Black Sheep – Director: Jonathan King
     Love this movie. Very funny and very bloody.
14. Of Unknown Origin – Director: George P. Cosmatos
     Wow, this was a great movie. I don't know how this one slipped by me.
15. The Breed – Director: Nick Mastandrea
     I enjoyed this one. Good action and some good scares. I did hate the ending, though.
16. The Fly – Director: David Cronenberg
     A classic. What can I say?

...and that's it for Mother Nature. Next up: a Frankenstein marathon.

October 4
17. Frankenstein- Director: James Whale
     Ashamed to admit it, but this is my first viewing on all these. Loved this one, wished it was a little longer.
18. Bride of Frankenstein – Director: James Whale
     Great movie, but... the Bride finally arrives, is on screen for 5 minutes, then the movie ends(!) What the....??
19. Son of Frankenstein – Director: Rowland V. Lee
     Liked this one too. I think the longer running time helped flesh things out a little. And of course, Bela.
20. Ghost of Frankenstein- Director: Erle C. Kenton
     Not so great. Couldn't get behind the plot.
21. House of Frankenstein – Director: Erle C. Kenton
     Definitely the oddest of the bunch. First Dracula shows up, then the Wolfman.... I thought this was a Frankenstein movie!
22. Revenge of Frankenstein – Director: Terence Fisher
     This one was pretty cool. I love Peter Cushing movies.
23. Young Frankenstein – Director: Mel Brooks
     Now after watching all the originals I wanted to revisit this one to see where Brooks got his inspiration. Just makes it that much funnier, especially the Kenneth Mars character.
24. Re-Animator – Director: Stuart Gordon
     An absolute classic. Frankenstein with a twist.
25. From Beyond – Director: Stuart Gordon
     Out of Frankenstein movies, and this seemed like a perfect double feature with Re-Animator. The DVD looks really good upscaled, by the way.
October 5
26. Insanitarium- Director: Jeff Buhler
     Pretty bad. Starts out as a mad doctor movie, then turns into a zombie/28 Days Later rip-off.
27. Dead Silence – Director: James Wan
     I liked this one. Good story, very stylish.
28. Die, Monster Die! – Director: Daniel Haller
     Started out kind of interesting, but then it crashes and burns rather quickly.
October 6
29. The Brood- Director: David Cronenberg
     Love this movie. Saw it for the first time last year, definitely recommended.
30. The Bone Snatcher – Director: Jason Wulfsohn
     The tag line reads “It will scare you out of your skull”. Trust me, it won't.
31. Leprechaun – Director: Mark Jones
     I'd heard about this but never seen it. The only reason I watched it was for Jennifer Aniston... which is pretty much the only reason to watch it.
October 7
32. Demon Knight- Director: Ernest Dickerson
     Not great, but still entertaining. Billy Zane makes a great demon.
33. Shredder – Director: Greg Huson
     100% pure crap(!)
34. Laid To Rest – Director: Robert Hall
     This one has me intrigued. It starts out looking like a mindless torture-porn movie, but it turns out to be something a little more interesting and complex. I'll have to watch this one again.
October 8
35. The Gathering- Director: Brian Gilbert
     A so-so movie, but with Christina Ricci it can't be all bad.
36. The Tripper – Director: David Arquette
     Loved the satire, hated the movie. Except the scenes with Paul Reubens, and Thomas Jane had some good moments too.
37. Scarecrows – Director: William Wesley
     Bad. Really bad. Boring and bad.
October 9
38. Eyes of a Stranger- Director: Ken Wiederhorn
     This wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Jennifer Jason Leigh helped bring it up a notch.
39. A Stranger is Watching – Director: Sean S. Cunningham
     Didn't love it, didn't hate it.
40. Last House on the Left – Director: Wes Craven
     First viewing, wanted to see it because of Craven and it's cult status, but... I really hated it. Gory murders is one thing, but having to sit thru torture, cruelty and humiliation is just not for me, especially when you intercut scenes for comic relief(!)
October 10 - Today's theme: THAT 70s HORROR
41. Beyond the Door- Director: Oliver Hellman
     I've been waiting since this movie came out to see it (wasn't able to in the theater). I've always remembered the trailer and the scary scenes from it. What a HUGE let-down.
42. Demon Seed – Director: Donald Cammell
     A little dated, but still pretty scary.
43. The Manitou – Director: William Girdler
     Cheesy horror with a well known cast.
44. Prophecy – Director: John Frankenheimer
     It's hard to be scary with a monster that looks so silly. I guess I unknowingly had a sub-theme running today: That 70s Baby From Hell.
45. Psycho II- Director: Richard Franklin
     Always liked this movie, actually saw it before I saw the original (that might be why).
46. Jaws 2 – Director: Jeannot Szwarc
     I prefer the original title: “Jaw 2: Wholesome Teens in Peril”.
47. Scream 2 – Director: Wes Craven
     Perfect follow up to the original.
48. Tremors 2- Director: S.S.Wilson
     First viewing. I liked this one. Not as good as the original, but still in the same spirit.
49. Jeepers Creepers 2 – Director: Victor Salva
     Love this movie. Creepy, gory, scary.
50. Damien, Omen II – Director: Don Taylor
     I forgot how catchy that theme music is. I've been humming it for days!
October 12
51. The Tattooist- Director: Peter Burger
     I liked this one. Fairly scary and a good plot.
52. Dark Floors – Director: Pete Riski
     Great premise and effects, but too many common sense problems and no pay-off.
53. The Substitute – Director: Ole Bornedal
     This was great! Funny, good casting, good story.
October 13
54. The Broken- Director: Sean Ellis
     Loved the idea for this, very nicely shot, but would've liked a little more explanation.
55. Dying Breed – Director: Jody Dwyer
     Yet another inbred-backwoods-cannibal story. Yawn.
56. Captivity – Director: Roland Joffe
     I was surprised by this one, the first 30 minutes are pretty standard, but then it really takes off and gets engrossing.
October 14
57. The Last House in the Woods- Director: Barielle Albanesi
     Wow. I'm embarrassed to say I watched this. Excruciatingly bad. Not one good thing about it, either creatively or technically.
58. Dead & Breakfast – Director: Matthew Leutwyler
     This was fun. Had heard about it but never seen it. Diedrich Bader is hysterical.
59. Head Trauma – Director: Lance Weiler
     Pretty creepy movie. Very low budget, but the idea is cool and there's some very scary images.
October 15
60. Parts the Clonus Horror- Director: Robert S. Fiveson
     Very dated, probably scary at the time, but not anymore.
61. Reeker – Director: Dave Payne
     One of my favs from last year. Great to pick up on some of the subtle clues on the second viewing
62. No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker – Director: Dave Payne
     Good sequel, but if you've seen the first one it can't possibly have the same impact.
October 16
63. Pumpkinhead- Director: Stan Winston
     Longtime fav. Great story, very eerie.
64. Pumpkinhead – Ashes To Ashes – Director: Jake West
     First viewing, and it was just what I expected: crap. The CGI shots of Pumpkinhead are very funny(!)
65. House of the Damned – Director: Maury Dexter
     First viewing. There were a couple of times I thought it was going to get good, but it quickly derailed again. And what a stupid resolution.
October 17: Dracula Marathon
66. Horror of Dracula- Director: Terence Fisher
67. Dracula Has Risen From The Grave – Director: Freddie Francis
     Not so good.
68. Taste the Blood of Dracula – Director: Peter Sasdy
     Some very dark subtext in this one.
69. Dracula A.D. 1972- Director: Alan Gibson
     A good movie, even though it is the same-old same-old.
70. Bram Stoker's Dracula – Director: Francis Ford Coppola
     I've seen this about 3 or 4 times, but it's getting less and less tolerable. Thank God for Anthony Hopkins.
71. Interview With The Vampire- Director: Neil Jordon
     Only saw this once when it came out. I remember Tom Cruise being better as Lestat (or at least better than expected), but it didn't seem that way now.
72. The Lost Boys – Director: Joel Schumacher
     Haven't seen this in a while either. A pretty fun ride... good humor, good effects and a great Dianne Wiest
73. Dracula – Dead and Loving It – Director: Mel Brooks
     Never saw this. It was ok, but nowhere near as good as Young Frankenstein.
October 18: Outstanding Originals and their Ridiculous Remakes
74. When A Stranger Calls - Director: Fred Walton
     Haven't seen this in years. A really well made thriller.
75. When A Stranger Calls – Director: Simon West
     So many inconsistencies I lost count. Stick with the original.
76. The Haunting – Director: Robert Wise
     A really great movie. Very scary, and the less-is-more approach makes it that much more realistic.
77. The Haunting - Director: Jan De Bont
     This actually started out somewhat decent, but then everything went out the window in exchange for unscary, unrealistic, unimpressive special effects.
78. The Omen – Director: John Moore
     I decided to start with the remake this time so I could end with a good movie... wise choice. The use of present day events adds to the chill factor, and the revamped killings were great, but otherwise it was a dud.
79. The Omen - Director: Richard Donner
     Great movie, a true classic. Why anyone would even attempt a remake is blasphemy.
October 19
80. Office Killer - Director: Cindy Sherman
     Great cast, cool concept, but yet again another movie with wasted potential.
81. Last Man on Earth – Director: Sidney Salkow
     Really creepy movie. Much better than that piece of crap remake.
82. Otis – Director: Tony Krantz
     Very uneven. It had great potential. Some scenes were great, but overall it just doesn't work.
October 20
83. Vacancy - Director: Nimrod Antal
     Another pleasant surprise. A good thrill ride.
84. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – Director: Patrick Tatopoulos
     Kind of Romeo & Juliet with vampires and werewolves. Actually I liked it. The prequel was a smart move for this series.
85. Pathology – Director: Marc Scholermann
     Morbid, gruesome and disturbing on many levels. A good movie, a little difficult to watch without a real hero to root for. All the characters are spoiled, obnoxious pricks, the “hero” is just the least despicable.
October 21
86. The Uninvited - Director: The Guard Brothers
     I enjoyed this. Completely surprised by the ending, although it does feel like a rip-off of another great movie (which I can't name or it will spoil it).
87. The Stepfather – Director: Joseph Ruben
     So glad this was finally released. Terry O'Quinn is so great.
88. The Haunting in Connecticut – Director: Peter Cornwell
     I really liked this one too. Lots of good scares.
October 22
89. Believers - Director: Daniel Myrick
     Good movie, but I think the "group" should've tried a little harder to make their argument because it comes off very one-sided.
90. The Hand – Director: Oliver Stone
     I had no idea Oliver Stone directed this. Glad it was released, good psychological horror movie.
91. While She Was Out – Director: Susan Montford
     I liked this one, but could've used a bit more creativity (how long can you drag out a chase thru the woods anyway?)
92. Hatchet – Director: Adam Green
     This was great, just like the cover says: “old school American horror”. Everything worked great, even though the ending was a little “blunt”.
93. Prince of Darkness – Director: John Carpenter
     Love this movie, one of my favs.
October 23
94. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Director: Paolo Barzman
     Kind of Jekyll-and-Hyde-go-to-court. Interesting approach, unfortunately not very well executed.
95. Deadgirl – Director: Marcel Sarmiento
     The scariest thing about this movie: the complete lack of morals. The attitudes and actions of the characters are far more frightening than the actual “dead girl”.
96. The Empty Acre – Director: Patrick Rea
     The film version of a rambling conversation: ambiguous, repetitive, slow and drawn-out. And in the end... you got nothing.
97. Creepshow – Director: George A. Romero
     Another classic. Looks great on Blu.
October 24
98. Dead Noon - Director: Andrew Wiest
     This looks and feels like a film school student's project: extremely low budget, no-tech special effects and no one in the cast who's over 24. Even at 81 minutes it still feels too long.
99. Undead or Alive – Director: Glasglow Phillips
     This was pretty funny. A few “dead” spots (yes, I went there), but good humor, acting and action/ effects for the most part.
October 25
100. Cemetery Man - Director: Michele Soavi
     Another fun movie. A tragic love story, with a whole lot of zombies.
101. Return of the Living Dead – Director: Dan O'Bannon
     Great movie. Gross-out gore and laugh your ass off humor.
102. Resident Evil – Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
     I've always liked the original best, a fun thrill ride.
103. Night of the Living Dead 3D – Director: Jeff Broadstreet
     A great example of bad filmmaking. I loved how all the zombie action would periodically stop so the characters could have their slow, inane conversations.
104. Dawn of the Dead – Director: George A. Romero
     A classic, plain and simple. Nothing more to add.
105. Day of the Dead – Director: George A. Romero
     I'm surprised to hear so many people don't like this movie. It's my favorite of the series, just barely edging out “Dawn”.
106. Land of the Dead – Director: George A. Romero
     Good movie, but those CGI effects just can't compare with the old school method.
October 26
107. Hellraiser - Director: Clive Barker
     A movie that literally gets under your skin. Creepy, creepy, creepy!
108. The Sender – Director: Roger Christian
     Discovered this one last year. It's a very good movie, I'm surprised they haven't tried to remake it.
109. Below – Director: David Twohy
     A really great ghost story. Wonderful storytelling, where each scene adds another piece to the puzzle.
October 27
110. Jeepers Creepers - Director: Victor Salva
     This gets creepier every time I see it. I really love the slow-build-up opening.
111. Planet Terror – Director: Robert Rodriguez
     Not just a movie, it's a really great “experience”.
112. Wrong Turn – Director: Rob Schmidt
     A scary, gory, gross-out of a movie.
October 28
113. Dead Calm - Director: Phillip Noyce
     Great movie. Talk about no place to hide(!)
114. The Gravedancers – Director: Mike Mendez
     Saw this last year, decided to watch it again. I really like the plot, such a great idea.
October 29
115. The Other Side - Director: Gregg Bishop
     A truly great movie. I owe it's discovery to this challenge.
116. Child's Play – Director: Tom Holland
     It's Chuckie, what can you say?
117. Dressed To Kill – Director: Brian DePalma
     Say what you will, I love this movie.
October 30
118. April Fool's Day - Director: Fred Walton
     Deborah Foreman rocks! I love the whole idea behind this movie, a fresh approach to the horror genre.
119. Carrie – Director: Brian DePalma
     One of my all time favorites. I know this movie by heart.
120. Alien – Director: Ridley Scott
     Poetry on film. Definitely prefer the theatrical version over the newer “director's cut”.
October 31
121. Night of the Creeps - Director: Fred Walton
     A B-movie that knows it's a B-movie. Lots of fun.
122. Poltergeist – Director: Tobe Hooper
     Great movie, a personal favorite. Wow, the Blu-ray looks incredible!
123. Aliens – Director: James Cameron
     Such a complete change of pace from the original, but still a great film.
124. They Live - Director: John Carpenter
     It's as if no time has passed, the theme of this movie is still relevant today.
125. The Fog – Director: John Carpenter
     Another movie I've seen so many times I know it by heart. And I still love it.
126. Halloween – Director: John Carpenter
     The only way to end a month long horror movie marathon. John Carpenter is King!

...and that's a wrap!

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