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Re: A change in our Name Change policy

Originally Posted by brianluvdvd View Post
In the current FAQ, it states the same as on the first page of this thread. The only reason I bumped this was to try to get to speak with an admin on it.
For the avoidance of doubt, the rules very clearly state that once you've made more than 1000 posts it becomes much more difficult for a name change.

In the recent past I've changed names for people with under 1000 posts in line with said rules. I've also changed the names of reviewers who'd been asked by Geoff to use their given names and who wished to return to anonymity once they'd stopped reviewing.

One or two other people who used their surname have also been afforded the same courtesy. But I'm afraid that not liking one's forename being included in one's username, or preferring some standard nick across various forums is not sufficient reason to make an exception.

Is Luv/Luvdvd your actual surname? If not, I am afraid that there are no personal privacy grounds for allowing a change.

To clarify further, no additional leeway is given to paid up/premium members. To paraphrase another mod with whom I agree: <i>"I'd not want to make people pay for a name change. If it's an unpopular policy, it's still an unpopular one even if we make money from it."</i>

This is one instance where the fact of your long term membership - and 1000+ posting history - works against you. In other instances, Brian, picking a hypothetical example, if a moderator was finding a particular member to be a royal PITA for refusing to drop a topic or to see sense when an issue had been explained to him ad infinitum, ad nauseam, chances are he'd cut that long term member some slack before handing out a suspension for taking up excessive time.

Please note that this particular case has been discussed amongst the mods and admins and it has been agreed that to make an exception for you would be blatantly unfair on others who've been refused in similar circumstances and it could open the floodgates.

I hope that this makes the matter sufficiently clear and that you'll choose to accept the rules as set out all those years ago by Blade and not seek to circumvent them in any way.
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