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I'll try my hand at this. We'll see what happens.

November 24

1. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
2. A Charlie Brown Christmas
3. A Garfield Thanksgiving
4. A Garfield Christmas

November 26

5. Iron Chef: Thanksgiving Blowout

November 27

6. Dear Food Network Thanksgiving

December 5

7. Love, Actually

December 6

8. A Christmas Story

December 9

9. Home Alone

December 13

10. Gus' Dad May have Killed an Old Guy (Psych)
11. Christmas Joy (Psych)
12. Ms. Wakefeild (King of the Hill)
13. Mr. Monk and the Miracle (Monk)
14. Best Christmas Ever (That 70s Show)
15. Winter (That 70s Show)

December 14

16. Holiday Switch

December 15

17. Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee: Christmas
18. Next of Kin (The Closer)

December 16

19. Holiday Roast Beast (Food Network)
20. Neely Family Holiday

December 17

21. Dear Food Network: Holiday Parties
22. Christmas in Chicago

December 18

23. Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee: Grandma Lorraine's Christmas
24. Look Who's Talking Now

December 19

25. Top Chef: The 12 Days of Christmas

December 20

26. Rachael Ray's Holiday
27. Sandra Lee's Holiday Party

December 21

28. Guy's Big Bite: Holiday Spread

December 22

29. Holidays Unwrapped

December 23

30. A Christmas Carol (1938)
31. Hillenium (King of the Hill)

32. The Bucket List Wildcard #1 (I figure it's in the spirit of the holidays, if not about a particular holiday itself)
33. My Monster (Scrubs)

December 24

34. Molly's Pilgrim
35. A Chipmunk Christmas
36. My Own Personal Jesus (Scrubs)
37. It's a Wonderful Lie (House)
38. Joy to the World (House)
39. Rachael Ray's Holiday Feast
40. Tyler's Ultimate Holiday Table

41. Saved! Wildcard #2 (It's been a Christmas tradition for me for a few years now and I love this movie)
42. Bad Santa

December 25

43. Mr. Monk and the Man who Shot Santa
44. Top Chef Christmas Special
45. Scrooged

December 27

46. Definitely Maybe Wildcard #3 (A lot of crucial scenes take place during the holidays, but ultimately, I felt better using a wildcard since it fits with my tradition of watching sappy movies on Christmas either way)
47. All I Want for Christmas
48. 12 Dogs of Christmas
49. 8 Crazy Nights
50. Merry Little Christmas (House)

December 29

51. The Miracle Job (Leverage)

December 31

52. Elf

Checklist Under Spoiler Tag Below, Click to Read!


-x- Watch a Thanksgiving movie: Molly's Pilgrim
--- Watch a Thanksgiving TV episode:
-x- Watch a Thanksgiving special: A Garfield Thanksgiving
-x- Watch something animated about Thanksgiving: A Garfield Thanksgiving

-x- Watch a Christmas movie: Love, Actually
-x- Watch a Christmas TV episode: Christmas Joy
-x- Watch a Christmas special: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
-x- Watch something animated about Christmas: A Garfield Christmas
-x- Watch some version of A Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol (1938)

--- Watch a New Year's movie.
--- Watch a New Year's TV episode.
--- Watch a New Year's special:
--- Watch something animated about New Year's:

-x- Watch something Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Christmas
-x- Watch something Garfield: A Garfield Thanksgiving
-x- Watch an Oscar Winner: Molly's Pilgrim
--- Watch "It's a Wonderful Life"
--- Watch some version of "Miracle on 34th Street"
--- Watch "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"
-x- Watch "A Christmas Story"

--- 1920s
-x- 1930s: A Christmas Carol (1938)
--- 1940s:
--- 1950s:
-x- 1960s: A Charlie Brown Christmas
-x- 1970s: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
-x- 1980s: Molly's Pilgrim
-x- 1990s: Home Alone
-x- 2000s: Love, Actually
-x- Watch a Film From the Year You Were Born: A Chipmunk Christmas

--- Watch the MST3K version of a film/show.
--- Watch a film/show and its remake:
--- Watch a film/show based on or turned into a video game. -
-x- Watch a film/show based on a novel: A Christmas Carol
--- Watch a silent film.
--- Watch a film/show with commentary.
--- Watch a film/show that takes place in space.
--- Watch a film/show that takes place on or under the sea.

Watch a film/show for each rating:
--- G:
--- PG:
--- PG-13:
--- R:
--- Unrated:

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