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This is my spot!

My goal is to average one a day, but we'll see what happens.

An asterik (*) after a title indicates a first-time view.

Click on title to see movie poster!

October 1

1. Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood * Well, I guess this one lived up to its reputation. If you are looking for plot or anything like that, go elsewhere because there isn't any. If you like gore, this is the one for you. It was kind of strange because you are initially taken aback by how in your face it is, then grow a bit numb and then a little nauseated. I'm a sucker for shock cinema, though, so I needed to watch this, if for no other reason than to say that I had. Oh, and the "snuff" version I didn't find too effective. The creepy narration in the regular version kept things interesting. To me, anyway, the snuff version had the opposite of its intended effect. It was supposed to feel extra creepy because it felt more "real," but instead, it just made the effects limitations more glaring.

2. Nosferatu A true classic. I have always had a love affair with the German Expressionist films of this time. It's a shame Murnau died so young; he definitely had some more special films left in him. When Nosferatu may not be your best film, that's a pretty good career. Orlok remains one of the all-time creepiest vampire creations ever put on film. Max Schreck couldn't have been more perfectly cast.

3. Child's Play 2 * I had never seen any of the sequels to this series. It's always been hard for me to really take this series seriously. It's a doll for crying out loud! Brad Dourif is perfect voice casting, but this series has just never excited me too much. I did like the finale in the factory, though.

October 2

4. Child's Play 3 * Here is the third Child's Play. I was happy that at the end of September HBO HD played these back to back. I actually liked this one a little bit more than the second, and I don't know why. The new kid in this one was really annoying and Chucky following Andy to military school was pretty far-fetched, but I enjoyed it a bit more than the previous entry. Not sure what to expect from the next sequels (Seed and Bride).

5. Black Christmas (remake) * I'm a huge fan of the original, one that I have no problem placing beside Halloween, not only in quality but in importance. This remake, however, missed the mark. I didn't watch the unrated version (this was recorded from Showtime HD), but I was pretty surprised how vicious the killings were and how much gore was shown. But the plot devolved into an almost nonsensical mess and the choice to reveal the origin of Billy just felt cheap and uncalled for. Can't we have some mystery in our villains anymore? It made the original so much creepier. Watch the original; skip this one.

October 3

6. Snuff * I almost feel guilty counting this as my X-rated horror movie. I didn't watch it for the checklist; it was just a happy accident after the fact that I realized it was released as an X. Anyway, the movie was just BAD. But I will admit that it was so bad that I laughed quite a bit through it. If you are looking for something to fill that mold, this can be an entertaining watch. The film is nowhere near as exciting as the movie poster would lead you to believe. If you are looking for something a bit more hardcore that toes the imitation snuff line, see my first entry.

7. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots * Often credited as being the first horror movie, it's a very quick watch and interesting from a historical perspective. I was actually really surprised at how well done the edit was for the decapitation.

8. Wolf I'm very mixed on this one. I remember it was considered a flop when it first came out, but I always thought it was a bit underrated. Well, years go by, I see this is going to show on HDNet Movies and figured I would record and watch for this challenge. Well, I think I was right and wrong. I still don't think it was the flop that some think it was, but it wasn't as good as I remembered either. I think the rather silly makeup is what really prevents this movie from becoming something more.

9. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Credited as the first German Expressionist film, it might also still be my favorite of the movement. I just love looking at the beautifully rendered sets. And the acting is just so perfect for this film. Is it realistic? No, but that's not what these actors were supposed to be doing. It's supposed to be stylized. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it before. And the ending just shows that the "gotcha" ending has been around for a long, long time.

10. Dead Alive I am so happy I had the chance to introduce this movie to a couple of my friends! This Peter Jackson film is just an absolute blast to watch. It's a hilarious gore-fest that actually retains a little bit of a heart. Not an easy thing to do. Be prepared for a lot of blood. A lot. And just remember that the man who created this film has now won multiple Oscars.

October 4

11. Child's Play I pretty much only watched this one again for the checklist. It really is a cut above the two sequels that I have already watched. Still doesn't have the juice that a lot of other slaher films have, in my opinion. But it's a fun movie.

12. Who Can Kill a Child? * I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, but I really liked it. I appreciated the way the subject of these murderous youths was handled. The kids all acted in a very casual way, like nothing was wrong, but of course they are doing some mighty horrendous things. It wasn't necessary to make the children have crazy eyes or act in a peculiar way to explain their actions; it made it scarier because they didn't do that. I would definitely recommend this one. And to answer the question the title of the movie poses, I could if I was on that island!

13. Giant Gila Monster * Time for some fun! Sometimes you just need some schlock, and a Saturday afternoon is perfect for that. This one was a lot of fun to watch. Of course, don't get into this movie expecting some great special effects marvel of its time or award-worthy performances. But that's why people still watch this movie in the first place. The Gila monster was pretty cute, and really sucked that the toy car had to hurt him. (Love the movie poster, by the way!)

14. Dementia 13 * Why do people still watch this movie? Because it is directed by Francis Ford Coppola? Is it worth watching? There are some moments where you might get a hint of the filmmaker Coppola would become, but overall, I found this effort to be pretty boring. Happy that I watched it, though.

15. Killer Shrews * More schlock! It's hard to imagine how one would even go about deciding that a shrew would be a great animal to make into a killer. This wasn't even the crazy Sixties yet! Another entry in the so bad it's hilarious category.

16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Now this is horror! It's hard to top this one when it comes to just pure terror. It was fun because I got to introduce this movie to a friend of mine who had never seen it. I was jealous that he got to see it for the first time on Blu-ray. And I thought the Blu-ray looked great! A notable increase in detail but the movie still retained some grain and some ugliness about it (that's meant as a compliment). While it's still nowhere near as bloody as its reputation, I noticed a little more of the red stuff stand out with this Blu-ray presentation.

17. Night of the Living Dead Talk about a great double feature! This was an introduction for another friend of mine to the wonderful world of the Romero Dead movies. She had only seen the remake to Dawn and Diary of the Dead. It's still hard to believe this came out when it did. So ahead of its time. And those slow-moving zombies are tough to beat. But I couldn't help but notice that these "slow-moving" zombies at times seem a bit quicker than in the other films. Not that I'm complaining! As good as Dawn of the Dead is, I still think Night is the slightly better movie. But I wouldn't argue someone who thought Dawn was better.

October 5

18. Le Chaudron Infernal * How could anyone not like Melies? I would say that Melies was easily the first special effect wizard in motion picture industry. He was able to do such remarkable things -- and all in camera! I wouldn't say that is his most wondrous work or anything like that, but it's nice to see something that is more horror rather than the fantasy, comedy stuff he is usually known for.

19. Popcorn * I always heard about this movie but never saw it. I thought it was decent enough. There are certainly better slasher films out there, but there also are far, far worse ones. And I thought the cast was surprisingly solid, too. There are definitely faces that anyone who grew up in the '80s will recognize. All in all, I thought it was worth watching, but expect a little bit more humor in this one than you might normally find in slasher movies at the time.

20. Frankenstein (1910) * What a strange looking Frankenstein monster this is! Can you imagine what Karloff would have looked like in this makeup! There isn't a whole lot to it, but it's interesting to see how the perception of the monster has changed over time.

21. Saw IV * This series really does nothing for me, and yet I feel compelled to watch all of them. It must be the gorehound in me. I found the opening 5 minutes to be pretty gratuitous. I know, I shouldn't exactly be surprised by that. There was maybe one killing that made me go "whoah," but otherwise this was just more of the same. And if you like the previous ones, you probably won't be let down too much by this.

October 6

22. Cutting Class What can I say? It's been many, many years since I saw this one and noticed it was on Showtime HD. It was all pretty silly for the most part, but of course it's notable for a very early appearance by Brad Pitt. The low-budget makeup job didn't really do him any favors.

October 7

23. Blood and Black Lace * Now THIS is the Bava I've heard so much about! This is why I participated in this challenge this year: to wind up watching movies like this. This isn't my first Bava film. I had previously seen Twitch of the Death Nerve, which I kind of liked but was hard to because the audio transfer on the DVD I rented from Netflix was so bad you could barely hear anything; The Girl Who Knew Too Much, good but not great; and Black Sunday, which I thought was very good but it didn't quite live up to my immense expectations from its also immense reputation. Blood and Black Lace has made me a Bava believer, though. This film was a joy to just watch, it was so beautifully filmed. I also thought the killer looked particularly creepy. This one is highly recommended to all those who haven't seen it. I would highly say to watch it with the Italian audio, however. I tried to watch the dubbed version for 5 minutes because of the 5.1 sound, but the dubbing was so bad I couldn't take it. The Italian track was much better, though not 5.1.

24. The Tripper * An '80s obsessed, Reagan mask-wearing psycho is on the loose and killing hippies at a music festival. How could this not be good? Well, it's not. The description is better than the results. As a director, David Arquette should probably stick with acting. But seriously, it gets a bit better toward the end when the body count starts to rise, but this one can easily be skipped. I was hoping it would at least be a little fun funny. But alas, not funny enough for me to even remotely legitimize counting it toward a horror-comedy for the checklist. Why do these types of movies always sound better as a description?

25. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror * Where is the MST3K team when you need them? Just sit back and enjoy this entry. It's bad, but to extent so glorious that it nearly becomes art. Maybe I would say it did become art if I hadn't been laughing so much. Oh, to list some of the highlights: the fake looking zombie masks, the zombies virtually without makeup (it's like they just gave up -- and yet there's still closeups of those zombies!), the young boy played by a grown man ... I could go on, but why spoil the fun for the rest of you? My only regret is that I watched this movie by myself. It would have been so much better to watch with a couple of friends and shout out at the screen. Highly recommended, though the horror on display is really the filmmaking. Note, the DVD listed the full title as I did, but IMDB only lists the movie as Burial Ground; evidently the Nights of Terror part confuses it.

October 8

26. Cold & Dark * This English horror film can pretty much be summed up in 2 words: Boring! Silly! And everyone seemed so damn serious in this. The "monster" of the film, which I recorded from Showtime HD, is a parasite that infects a body. It needs to feed and reveals itself by coming out of the person's hand, looking kinda like an even more phallic version of the baddies in the Alien movies (and yes, plenty of sex-like imagery with the hand attacks). The only member of the cast who looks like he understands how silly this movie is would be Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame. At least he hams it up a bit. If you're going to make a silly horror movie, might as well have fun! (see above entry)

27. The Gate Another one I recorded from Showtime. I watched this movie a ton as a kid (I was 10 when it came out). I remember liking it then but thinking it was a bit silly. Watching again after so many years, I was surprised at how not silly it was ... until the little claymation/stop-motion creatures come out. Oh yeah! Funny to see Steven Dorff when he was so young. It's still an entertaining movie. I would say it's a pretty good horror movie for viewers too young for more scary films but too old for Goosebumps, or whatever that "scary" kids show was.

28. Prophecy * The thing that I find the most surprising about this movie (besides the fact it was directed by John Frankenheimer) was that it was released in 1979. The story is about how a log company's waste begins to cause mutations in the wildlife, including a giant killer bear-like creature. I could totally see PETA raising money for a remake of this movie. It is certainly very timely (how our actions affect the environment), but it's also fairly silly. Some of the creatures veer more into humor territory rather than scary. But it's a diverting enough movie. At least it has something interesting it's trying to say.

29. Prom Night (original) * I can't believe I have never seen this movie! I think I had seen the sequel, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, which, aside from having a fun title to say, I remember being pretty bad. I think that's what kept me away from this one for so long. Anyway, I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. Took some time for the body count to rise, but it was always entertaining. It cracked me up when they spent so long showing us a dance sequence, such an '80s thing to do, but then I really liked it because I thought it matched well with the final fight sequence on the dance floor, like they were both highly choreographed dance, which I guess they both were. Happy to finally see this one. Now whether or not to bother with the remake I've heard nothing good about ...

30. Curse of Frankenstein * This is my first Hammer film! As I explained in the discussion thread, I think my preference for slashers has always kept me away from the Hammer films, which typically focused on the classic movie monsters like Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein. I really liked this title. It felt like a more mature telling of the Frankenstein tale than others I have seen. Although I have always known Christopher Lee did all of the great movie monster roles, it was weird for me to see him as Frankenstein's monster. But this has definitely convinced me that I need to spend some more time watching Hammer films.

October 9

31. Bride of Chucky * I guess I would put this above the two previous sequels. I like that there was a healthy amount of humor and that the main heroes of the story were clueless the dolls were alive for much of the film (usually the main character is trying to convince everyone they are alive). I loved the fact that these actually felt like dolls this time, that they were light, easy to haul around and didn't have supernatural or even ordinary human strength. That has always been a problem for me with the Chucky movies. It's just a doll! Don't treat it like it's stronger than we are! Anyway, I liked that the formula was changed up, but this still didn't make me a Chuck believer. If it weren't for this challenge, I probably wouldn't even bother watching the last one.

October 10

32. April Fool's Day * So here's the story with me and this film: I was just turning 9 when this was released in theaters. When out on VHS, my cousin was having a birthday party where they were watching this real late at night. I tried to stay up to watch because I was really interested in it (first signs of a horror fascination?) but was too young and fell asleep. I remember asking her what happened, who was the killer the next day. She told me the ending, which I won't spoil here, and I have never actually gone back and watched the whole movie ... until now. It's funny because I remember this movie being so much more gory and violent when I watched most of it as a kid. It's pretty tame stuff now. I hate that the ending was spoiled for me, but it was nice to finally go back and see the whole thing. Part of me has always held on to this movie because it was one of the first real tastes at horror that I can remember. Perhaps not seeing it the whole way through all those many years ago has always kept me wanting that little bit more. Good thing I didn't finish it because if I had, I don't think the movie or the genre would have held the same fascination for me.

33. Ring of Darkness * BAD! And not in a glorious way at all. Not at all the movie I pictured in my mind when I read the description browsing through the cable guide. The description, taken directly from my DVR: An unwitting singer joins a boy band in which the members are really zombies in disguise. What did I picture in my warped little brain: original Dawn of the Dead style gore crossed with This Is Spinal Tap. Needless to say, that's not what I got. I think this movie was so bad that it has convinced me not to just go through the DVR and record horror movies just so I can have something to watch for this challenge. But this one was especially upsetting because I could picture a really bad, tacky, fun, gory, Christoper Guest-like comedy. I pictured a band member's makeup coming off right before a concert, revealing rotted flesh falling off the face as another member is fiending for brains next to him. The one moment from this movie that actually made me smile was when the entire band was getting ready to eat a woman (though she didn't know that). She asks, "So you guys actually make love to your own music?" The answer: "Everybody makes love to our music." That moment of awfulness could have been in my movie. But nothing else. Of course, I have since IMDB'd this film and it's directed by a guy who specializes in making homoerotic horror-themed movies -- not that there's anything wrong with that (a Seinfeld moment!). And that certainly was a part of the movie. Did I forget to mention that at times it seems like one of those boy band videos where they all have their shirts off and have invisible sprinklers lightly spraying their bodies? The director has found a niche. And that's cool. Good for him. But have some humor! At least try to make something entertaining! Awful, awful, awful. Watch for my movie coming soon to theaters near you.

34. It Came From Beneath The Sea * I just got the Ray Harryhausen boxset on Blu-ray, and this is the first title that I watched. It's a good little creature flick, most notable being the film that brought together Harryhausen and producer Charles H. Schneer. It's cool to see an early glimpse of what Harryhausen was capable of.

35. Blood Feast Introduced a friend to Herschell Gordon Lewis. Before I saw this one, it was always the infamous Lewis film I heard about. But it's actually one of his more inept films, and I know that's really saying something! I much prefer some of his other stuff, but it's always fun to roll around in the over-the-top awfulness that typifies a Herschell Gordon Lewis picture.

36. Hellraiser * I had only ever previously seen one of the sequels and wasn't impressed. For some reason, I just never felt particularly interested in this series. Well, that has at least changed a bit. I really liked this one. Much better than I anticipated, and I appreciated that it was twisted in an atypical way. I hear the series goes downhill, but I'm looking forward to checking out at least the next two sequels (which I have borrowed from a friend).

October 11

37. My Bloody Valentine I've seen this slasher a few times, and I've always enjoyed it. I have always thought it was a standout among the '80s slashers.

38. Cabin Fever * I have been so curious about this movie for so long. I've read good things about it, but everyone I know who has actually seen it always have such vehement hatred toward this movie, even those who liked Hostel. Well, I don't think it is as bad as the naysayers say, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan either. It seemed like every time I started to get into the movie, something ridiculously juvenile or odd would happen that would completely take me out of the movie. And then it reached a point where it felt like no one really knew how to end the story so let's just starting out every horror movie cliche.

39. Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit I've always been a big Wallace and Gromit fan. I needed a good palette cleanser after Cabin Fever. This did a good job of that.

40. Spider Baby * What a shocker for me! I have never heard too much about this one, but I really loved it. Creepy and twisted with a bit of dark humor sprinkled throughout. The best way that I can think of describing it is Grey Gardens crossed with Texas Chainsaw or some other crazed family movie. And a very sensitive performance from Lon Chaney Jr. Watch this movie!

41. Don't Torture a Duckling * Another pleasant surprise, though not on the same level as Spider Baby. I have never really understood the Fulci fanatics. I've watched a few of his films and just never really understood the appeal. But this was probably the first Fulci movie that felt like a complete film to me. The cinematic flair was there and there was actually a story to support it. There were certainly some flaws (the ending comes to mind), though. I'm hoping I can find some other Fulci films that appeal to me in the same way. So, the verdict on Fulci is still out for me.

October 12

42. Sleepy Hollow I think this movie was better than I remembered, and I wasn't a big naysayer in regard to this movie. Still, it's not the slam dunk you would expect from Burton given the story. It's such a strange mixture of moods, and it's certainly not the Headless Horseman tale we're all so familiar with. But some great Expressionist cinematography keeps my eyes peeled to the screen. I hoped the Blu-ray transfer would have looked a bit better, but it still looked good.

43. All Night Long 2: Atrocity * Another one of those films that I heard was so disturbing, so I gave it a try. And that's what it did: it tried to be disturbing. It neared that at times in a Hostel kind of way. It's about how this nerd gets picked on too much and then exacts revenge. There are some slight attempts at character depth, but it's all pretty inept in this low-budget affair. But this DVD did have the trailer for Miike's Visitor Q. Hadn't seen the trailer before and it was quite good. Now THAT was a movie that I found disturbing! The trailer was better than the actual movie, though. And I would never watch that movie again, this one either for that matter.

October 13

44. Townies * Billed as a scuzzy horror film, this film is just monumentally bad and doesn't deliver at all. The horror elements were very minor, which was disappointing. Once again, this was the case of a description of a horror movie having promise but just not bringing it. This very much felt like an early John Waters film but without the wit. And as bad as the acting was in some of those early John Waters films, some of them could be Oscar winners compared to the actors in this movie. But the ending all of a sudden started getting interesting, and once I thought maybe there is going to something redeeming here ... the end credits come up. Awful.

45. Hellraiser 2 * I thought this was actually a pretty solid sequence, all things considered. It did lose me a bit toward the end, though. I partially said that because it got a little bit confusing in the end but also there were some directions the story went that just didn't feel quite right to me. But all in all, I thought this was a good followup to the first one, though certainly not quite up to that level. But it was cool to see that brief creation of Pinhead at the very beginning of the movie!

October 14

46. Hellraiser 3 I knew there was one Hellraiser movie that I had seen before, and it turns out that this one was it. These first 3 Hellraiser movies I have been watching on borrowed DVDs, from a friend of a friend actually. Anyway, I really think the DVD might have been a bootleg. We're near the border, so you can go to the flea market and buy cheap bootleg DVDs. I think this might have been one. The quality on it was terrible! Almost no menu. The picture looked muddied and not detailed, almost like it was recorded off the TV. The worst part? It was 4x3! Couldn't even give me widescreen? Oh yeah, the movie ... This was certainly a big step down from the first 2. There was a hint of a good idea hidden away in here, I think. It just didn't materialize. And after watching the first 2 films, especially the first, one is left wanting to see more action from the Cenobites or even just more of them. As it turns out, this isn't necessarily a good thing. In fact, it even gets a little silly. I know there are 8 or 9 different Hellraiser movies. I know I will at least watch one more (the next one was the last theatrical and apparently considered the final Pinhead movie), but we're getting such diminishing returns at this point that I'm unsure whether I will watch any more beyond that.

October 15

47. Hellraiser: Bloodline (IV) * So, here it is, the "conclusion" to the Hellraiser series (weird to say that when there have been about 4 or 5 movies after this one). I thought this one had potential. It told the story of the man who made the all-important box and how that box affected the generations of his family that followed. Sounds good, doesn't it? Too bad it looked so cheap and was so uninteresting. There were a couple of moments, but it all just seemed so dreadfully dull. And the ending just left one of those "that's it?" feelings. I would recommend this only to the completists out there.

48. Seed of Chucky * At least I can now say that I have finished this series. I thought this was a big step down from Bride. The young puppet really got on my nerves. Jennifer Tilly was great, especially playing her dream role: herself. But I just didn't think this meshed as well as Bride, which isn't to say that Bride was all that great.

October 16

49. Feast * Having been a big Project Greenlight fan, I can't believe I never watched this movie before. Overall, I thought it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but a lot of fun to be had. I really think this movie is as good as it is on the strength of Gulager's direction. The script had flaws, big ones. After about 30-40 minutes, I began to wonder how much story was really left to be told, but Gulager was able to bring a lot of energy to the movie.

October 17

50. Hellraiser: Hellseeker * Why can't I just stop?! I guess it's because I already had these borrowed, might as well watch them all. I held some hope for this one when I saw that the heroine from the first two films was going to be returning. Plus, it had Dean Winters, a veteran actor from many favorite TV series of mine. Needless to say, this film wasn't what I was hoping it would be. But once again, we got something that was mainly boring. Kristy was mainly marginalized, but it seems like nothing much really happened. I did appreciate the "twist" toward the end of the film. It redeemed the film a bit, but this one is still only best for the die-hard Pinhead fans.

51. Young Frankenstein A friend of mine had never seen this movie before, so I had to introduce him to it. Truly a classic comedy and my favorite Mel Brooks movie. Gene Hackman steals the movie for me every time. Check out the Polish poster for this movie.

52. Earth vs. The Flying Saucers * Another one from the Ray Harryhausen Blu-ray set I bought. I really enjoyed this one. The saucer effects held up surprisingly well, I think. The aliens did not hold up quite as well, but it's still a fun movie.

53. Hellraiser: Hellworld * I'm not sure if this was the official poster for this movie, but I thought it looked better than the one of the DVD. The movie wasn't all that great, but I thought there was a possibly clever idea buried in there. But it feels like a good idea that needed a hook, so they tacked on the Hellraiser/Pinhead elements, which was completely unnecessary, except as a selling point.

54. The Prowler Didn't realize until looking for a poster that this went by a few different titles. I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite of the '80s slashers. The killings are really vicious and the makeup work from Tom Savini was great.

October 18

55. Silent Night Deadly Night * I loved this! It's great to have a movie take the piss out of Christmas a bit. I actually felt a little sorry for the lead character. Wish a couple of other character had been killed, too.

56. Silent Hill * I realize that this isn't exactly high praise, but this might be the best video game adaptation that I've seen. It beats Super Mario Brothers by just a nose. But seriously, this wasn't half bad. It did feel a little too long, though, and there were a few moments where I felt like it seemed like too much of a video game. Scenes of exposition or flashbacks felt a lot like cut scenes from a video game. Maybe that was intentional, but I would have preferred a distance be kept from video game style, especially when it's an adaptation of one.

57. Return of the Living Dead Part 2 * The Return of the Living Dead series is pretty fun stuff. They will never topple the Romero films as my favorite zombie movies, but there is a lot of overt humor that makes the series very entertaining. And it's interesting to remember that there was some fast zombies before the recent craze.

58. The Revenge of Frankenstein * A very solid sequel to Curse. The Hammer films really do have a beautiful and distinct look to them, and I appreciate that they seem to cater to a more adult audience. Looking forward to more.

59. The Serpent and the Rainbow I hadn't watched this movie in a really long time, but here are a couple of my impressions: First, this movie desperately needs a new DVD. It's not looking too good at all. Second, while the first half or so of the movie I really, really love, I think the second half descends into a mess, like Craven just didn't know for sure how to wrap everything up. Not the first time I've felt that from a Wes Craven movie. I had the same feeling from New Nightmare.

October 19

60. The Evil Dead I hadn't watched the first one in a long time. Forgot how gory it was and how much more serious and in your face it is when compared to Evil Dead 2. Some great stuff.

61. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn I wish I knew how many times I have seen this film. It must be an exceptionally high movie. I remember renting this all the time with friends when I was in junior high through high school. Still love it today.

62. Squirm * Watch out for the worms! The movie was pretty good for what it was, but it was a pretty bad low-budget B horror movie. I thought it was interesting some the direction the casting of this film almost went: Sylvester Stallone lobbied hard for a part, Kim Basinger auditioned and Martin Sheen was at one time attached.

63. Psycho A classic. What more can you say? I introduced this to a friend of mine who had never seen a Hitchcock movie. Hard to even imagine how much this film broke the rules. And I love the marketing campaign for the movie, which included not letting anyone enter after the film had started, as you can see from this poster and this one.

October 20

64. The Brood * I'm a big Cronenberg fan but had never seen this movie. It took me a little while to get into but once I did, I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. And the last 30 minutes or so feature at least 2 moments that had me going

October 21

65. Black Sabbath * Very good anthology film. Another one from Bava and another one that surprises me that I hadn't seen. I don't know why, but part of me thinks that a couple of the shorts could have been more effective in B&W. Only other possible criticism is that there is no real connective tissue between the stories.

October 22

66. Zombie Honeymoon * Interesting, though entirely successful film. The title makes you think it might be something kinda campy and funny, but it's much more of a serious romance type of film. The zombie thing is handled more like a domestic issue, even while he's obviously rotting and eating people. I guess some zombie fanatics might at least appreciate a slightly different spin on the zombie movie.

October 23

67. Halloween (remake) * Not as bad as I thought it was going to be and perhaps Zombie's most watchable film to date. But I kept thinking that I would like the movie much better if it weren't about Michael Myers. I appreciated seeing the creation of a monster, but I would have liked for it to be a unique creation. I liked the Myers from the first movie, when you didn't fully understand his motivations, didn't know what he looked like. He was the Boogeyman. But I just felt like the mask was now off, which didn't make it as scary. Plus, it played so many of the familiar beats from the original that it took away the scare factor for me.

68. The Gore Gore Girls (audio commentary) I so wish that Parker Posey would have worked with Herschell Gordon Lewis, especially in this film. There is one key role she would have been perfect for. The audio commentary was good. Fun to hear Lewis' thoughts on the film.

October 24

69. Two Thousand Maniacs (audio commentary) Another Herschell Gordon Lewis film, another entertaining audio commentary. Lewis says this is his favorite of his gore films, and I would have to agree. A little bit of trivia: the band 10,000 Maniacs got its name from this film, though mistakenly remembered the number of maniacs. Can you really imagine Natalie Merchant watching this movie? It makes me like her even more.

October 25

70. Manos: The Hands of Fate (MST3K) * I've always heard how legendarily bad this movie was, and it sure didn't disappointment. Mesmerizingly incompetent, the MST3K gang have a blast picking this one apart.

71. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes * Another one of those classic cult films that I have never seen. While it has its moments, none of those is as good as the opening theme song. I really wasn't expecting to get so much of a musical. And while I knew this was a very cheeky movie, I didn't anticipate it being such a broad comedy. I guess I was expecting more so stone serious that it's hilarious as opposed to blatant comedy. Does that make sense?

72. The Most Dangerous Game A tight, great little film from the director of the original King Kong, which would be the director's followup and would utilize many of the same sets. I have always really liked this one. No surprise that the story has been redone several times.

73. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait This documentary that has its own DVD release is surprisingly boring. Yes, there is some good stuff, but there really is no editing. It's just talking heads, awkward pauses and all. Plus, the only participants are the members of "the family." In other words, don't expect to hear from any of the people who played the victims, not even an appearance from director Tobe Hooper. Like I said, it's not all bad, but it could have been so much better.

74. Buttcrack * I have never fully gotten into many of the Troma films. This one was helped by its short running time, but I really wasn't that good at all. Great title, though.

75. Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker * Another Troma film. This one was really difficult to watch. Don't believe the DVD cover or any posters for this film. That's not Mulva (or at least she's not on any of the posters I have seen). Mulva is really shrill, loud and annoying and not attractive at all. She is the kind of the worst of Troma characters in one package.

76. Blood Shack * I know it wasn't really supposed to be, but this one really cracked me up. I don't see why Netflix had this in their horror classics section. That really boggles the mind.

77. Graduation Day * Typical '80s slasher, strong emphasis on the '80s. Not very good, but it did make me laugh quite a few times.

78. A Nightmare on Elm Street I watched the first 30 minutes of my old DVD of this (the one from the boxset) a while back and was shocked at how poor it seemed now. So, I decided to import the Canadian Blu-ray. It really did a world of difference. Definitely the best I've ever seen this film look, or sound for that matter.

October 26

79. Vacancy * I think there was some good ideas here. In fact, it really had me interested in the beginning, but the movie ultimately doesn't bring anything new to the table. The ending really pissed me off, too.

80. Freaks Definitely a classic. It still stands as such a remarkable observation of people with sometimes extreme disabilities. Seeing how the guy without legs or arms lights a cigarette with a match is truly amazing.

81. Bluebeard * Not a bad film, but certainly a story that has been told before and better.

82. Blood Thirst * I was expecting something a little more extreme, but this total B movie I found entertaining enough. It was actually filmed pretty well and shows off the fact that it was shot in the Philippines.

83. Blood Suckers * Total Swingin' Sixties type of movie. Don't worry there is the requisite freaking out on acid scene.

84. The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) Pretty effective Roger Corman retelling of a Poe story. Vincent Price is great as always, and the ending is great.

85. Werewolf (MST3K) * So bad, so very boring. Well, at least the movie is. The MST3K episode is awfully good.

86. Dexter (2 episodes) * Have to try to keep up with my regular TV watching. This challenge is killing my hard drive space. I can't believe I've gotten so far behind on this great show. It really is one of my favorites. And for those who are wondering, I actually named my dog Dexter prior to this show.

October 27

87. The Brain That Wouldn't Die (MST3K) This was a really great MST3K ep. How have I never managed to pick up any of these DVDs?

88. Night of the Blood Beast (MST3K) * Obviously I need to pick up these DVDs because I just can't stop watching these on Google Video.

89. White Zombie * Another classic that I had never seen before. My copy of this came from one of those 50 movies thing (a free gift with a magazine subscription actually). I had seen a few of the movies in this pack during this challenge and had been pleasantly surprised with the quality ... until this one. The sound was beyond awful. I really should find a better DVD.

90. The Fly (remake, with audio commentary) I really do love Cronenberg. It was really interesting to hear his thoughts about the movie. Movie looks great on Blu-ray, too.

October 28

91. Bride of the Gorilla * Pretty campy stuff. This is the story of a man who turns into ... a man in a gorilla suit.

92. Zombie Holocaust * Gonzo Italian horror film. Like the earlier bad Italian zombie film I watched, this was quiet the hoot. I like how many of the zombies only decayed on the face. The arms and torso were completely unaffected. This movie also featured perhaps the most gratuitous female nudity I have ever in a film. And that's saying something!

October 29

93. Basket Case I know I watched this a long, long time ago, but I barely remembered it. Bad but pretty entertaining.

94. The Invisible Man * Pretty remarkable how effective the effects were in this film. Many people today would probably be thrilled to get as good a results.

95. Axe * A pretty short revenge/self-defense type horror movie. It wasn't too bad, although not nearly as extreme as I thought it would be. There was one scene (the one with the tomato on the woman's head) that I thought was really well done, even if a bit obvious.

October 30

96. The Mummy (1959) * Another Hammer picture. This one didn't grab me as much as the Frankenstein films, but it was still a great watch. I will definitely be seeking out more Hammer films.

October 31

97. The Gruesome Twosome (Audio Commentary) Another Herschell Gordon Lewis film. He always provides such great information about not only the film at hand but about his entire career in general. Hearing these commentaries makes one really appreciate what he was able to do, even if those movies aren't necessarily "good."

98. Microwave Massacre * This is another one of those movie that now enters my pantheon of bad movies. I mean, this is BAD! But I could totally see myself buying it! This is one of those movies that would be great to watch with some friends. Just make sure no one is sober.

99. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown You have to be really jaded not to like this one. Really, really jaded. On a slightly unrelated note, anyone else think Charlie Brown grew up and changed his name to Charles Whitman? I swear, with all the abuse that boy takes, I really expect him at the top of a watch tower with a powerful sniper rifle.

100. Halloween (original - Japanese poster at top of post) A classic for a reason. Still effective, still great. I rearranged my entire Halloween viewing schedule just to make sure that this would be my No. 100 entry. As it is, I was so exhausted (been working so much lately) that I barely made it through. I guess Part 2 will just have to wait. As tired as I am, it really sucks that I have to work this morning. Ugh! But at least I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Can't believe I reached 100! Beats the hell out of my original goal of 31.

1. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
2. Le Chaudron Infernal
3. Frankenstein (1910)
4. Dexter
5. Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood
6. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
-x- 1890 - The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
-x- 1900 - Le Chaudron Infernal
-x- 1910 - Frankenstein (1910)
-x- 1920 - Nosferatu
-x- 1930 - The Most Dangerous Game
-x- 1940 - Bluebeard
-x- 1950 - Giant Gila Monster
-x- 1960 - Dementia 13
-x- 1970 - Who Can Kill a Child?
-x- 1980 - Child's Play 2
-x- 1990 - Wolf
-x- 2000 - Black Christmas

Watch a film for each rating:
-x- Unrated (pre-MPAA) - Nosferatu
-x- G - Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
-x- PG - Prophecy
-x- PG-13 - The Gate
-x- R - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-x- NC-17 - The Evil Dead
-x- X - Snuff
-x- Unrated (post-MPAA) - Saw IV

Watch a film starring:
-x- Bela Lugosi - White Zombie
-x- Lon Chaney Sr. - Bride of the Gorilla
-x- Boris Karloff - Black Sabbath
-x- Lon Chaney Jr. - Spider Baby
-x- Vincent Price - The Pit and the Pendulum
-x- Peter Cushing - Revenge of Frankenstein
-x- Christopher Lee - Curse of Frankenstein
-x- Robert Englund - A Nightmare on Elm Street
-x- Bruce Campbell - The Evil Dead
-x- Jamie Lee Curtis - Prom Night

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
-x- First language, Japanese, Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood
-x- Second language, Italian, Blood and Black Lace

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
-x- Vampire - Nosferatu
-x- Frankenstein - Curse of Frankenstein
-x- Werewolf - Wolf
-x- Mummy - The Mummy (1959)
-x- Invisible Man - The Invisible Man
-x- Ghost/haunting - Black Sabbath
-x- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - The Serpent and the Rainbow
-x- Zombie - Dead Alive
-x- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - My Bloody Valentine
-x- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - Giant Gila Monster
-x- Documentary - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait
-x- Musical - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
-x- Spoof/comedy - Young Frankenstein
-x- Revenge - All Night Long 2: Atrocity
-x- Killer/evil doll - Child's Play
-x- Killer/evil animal - Squirm
-x- Killer/evil child - Who Can Kill a Child?
-x- Giallo - Blood and Black Lace
-x- J horror - Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood
-x- MST3K/rifftrax/CT - Manos: The Hands of Fate
-x- film and its remake - Halloween
-x- based on a video game - Silent Hill
-x- based on a novel - Serpent and the Rainbow
-x- directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis - Blood Feast
-x- won an Academy Award - Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
-x- silent film - Nosferatu
-x- Criterion version film - The Most Dangerous Game
-x- with commentary - The Gore Gore Girls
-x- film and at least two of its sequels - Child's Play 1-5, Hellraiser 1-4
-x- anthology film - Black Sabbath
-x- takes place on a holiday - Black Christmas
-x- takes place in space - Hellraiser: Bloodline
-x- takes place on or under the sea - It Came From Beneath the Sea
-x- animated film - Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
-x- called "Night of the ..." - Night of the Living Dead
-x- called "Return of the ..." - Return of the Living Dead Part 2
-x- called "Revenge of the ..." - The Revenge of Frankenstein
-x- called "Attack of the ..." - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
-x- with the words "Living Dead" in the title - Night of the Living Dead

(One film could fill multiple items. Example: Dracula would fill one for decade, rating, actor, vampire, based on novel, and maybe others as well.)
(Change "---" to "-X-" or some similar mark when you have completed that line item.)
(First one to fill in all the blanks wins a random DVD from Trevor.)

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