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October 1st
---: Monster by Moonlight [1999] imdb Legacy Collection DVD warm-up
001: The Wolf Man [1941] imdb Legacy Collection DVD
002: They Live [1988] imdb On Demand, finished
003: The Bad Seed [1956] imdb Library DVD
004: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man [1943] new! imdb Legacy Collection DVD
005: Ghost Ship [1943] new! imdb Library DVD

October 2nd
006: Leopard Man [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
007: Frighteners [1996] imdb HD DVD
008: House of a 1000 Corpses [2003] half new! imdb HD OnDemand

October 3rd
009: Idle Hands [1999] imdb OnDemand finished
010: Psycho [1960] imdb Library DVD
011: Child's Play [1988] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 4th
012: Squirm [1976] imdb OnDemand finished
013: Vacancy [2007] imdb HD OnDemand finished
014: Tremors [1990] imdb HD DVD
015: Needful Things [1993] new! imdb Library DVD
016: Lake Placid [1999] imdb BBO
017: Slither [2003] imdb Library DVD

October 5th
018: Twilight Zone: The Movie [1999] imdb BBO
019: Videodrome [1983] imdb Criterion Collection DVD commentary
020: Halloween [1978] imdb Library DVD
021: Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll [1960] new! imdb OnDemand finished
022: Grindhouse (Theatrical Double-Feature) [2007] imdb OnDemand
023: Bucket of Blood [1959] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
024: I Bury The Living [1958] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
025: Craft [1996] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished

October 6th
026: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein [1994] imdb OnDemand started
027: Mummy [1999] imdb HD DVD
028: Nosferatu [1922] new! imdb Library DVD

October 7th
029: Birds [1963] imdb BBO
030: Invisible Man [1933] imdb Library DVD

October 8th
031: Carrie [1976] imdb Special Edition DVD
032: Amityville Horror [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 9th
033: Monster Squad [1987] imdb BBO
034: Resident Evil: Extinction [2007] new! imdb Library DVD
035: House of Wax [1953] new! imdb Library DVD
036: Bram Stoker's Dracula [1992] imdb Superbit DVD

October 10th
037: Identity [2003] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
038: Invisible Man Returns [1940] new! imdb Library DVD

October 11th
039: Candyman [1993] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished
040: Mystery of the Wax Museum [1933] new! imdb Library DVD
041: Dreamcatcher [2003] imdb Library DVD
042: Frailty [2001] imdb Library DVD
043: Pitch Black [2000] imdb HD DVD
044: Primeval [2007] new! imdb Library DVD
045: Descent [2005] imdb Library DVD

October 12th
046: Aliens [1986] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
047: X: Man with the X-Ray Eyes [1963] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
048: 2001 Maniacs [2005] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished
049: Happening [2008] new! imdb BBO
050: Tingler [1959] imdb BBO

October 13th
051: Corpse Bride [2005] imdb HD DVD
052: Die, Monster, Die [1965] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD

October 14th
053: Return of the Living Dead [1985] imdb BBO
054: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight [1995] new! imdb OnDemand finished
055: Thing [1982] imdb HD DVD

October 15th
056: Exorcism of Emily Rose [2005] new! imdb Library DVD
057: Gojira [1954] new! imdb Library DVD
058: Jeepers Creepers [2001] imdb Library DVD

October 16th
059: Hidden [1987] imdb BBO
060: Black Sheep [2006] new! imdb BBO

October 17th
061: Misery [1990] imdb BBO
062: Jaws [1975] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
063: Bubba Ho-tep [2002] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
064: Feast [2005] new! imdb BBO
065: In the Mouth of Madness [1995] imdb BBO
066: Prom Night [2008] new! imdb Blu-ray BBO

October 18th
067: Fly [1986] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
068: Predator [1987] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
069: Frenzy [1972] new! imdb Beebs Collection DVD
070: Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit [2005] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
071: Urban Legends 2: Final Cut [2000] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 19th
072: Nightwing [1979] imdb OnDemand finished
073: Shutter [2008] new! imdb Blu-ray BBO
074: Shining [1980] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
075: Alien [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 20th
076: Creature from the Black Lagoon [1954] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
077: Diary of a Madman [1963] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 21th
078: Dog Soldiers [2002] new! imdb Library DVD
079: Exorcist [1973] imdb Library DVD

October 22th
080: I Walked with a Zombie [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
081: Body Snatcher [1945] new! imdb Library DVD

October 23th
082: American Werewolf in London [1981] imdb BBO
083: Dawn of the Dead [2004] imdb Library DVD

October 24th
084: From Hell [2001] imdb Library DVD
085: Others [2001] imdb Library DVD
086: Invaders from Mars [1953] new! imdb Library DVD

October 25th
087: 7th Victim [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
088: Boogeyman [1980] new! imdb Library DVD
089: Cat People [1942] imdb Library DVD
090: April Fools Day [1986] imdb BBO
091: Quarantine [2008] new! imdb Theater
092: Haunting [1963] new! imdb Library DVD
093: Night of the Living Dead [1963] imdb OnDemand finished

October 26th
094: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [1919] imdb Library DVD
095: Alien3 [1993] imdb OnDemand finished
096: Sleepy Hollow [1999] imdb HD DVD
097: Brood [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 27th
098: Curse of the Cat People [1944] imdb Library DVD
099: Hound of the Baskervilles [1939] imdb Library DVD
100: Shaun of the Dead [2004] imdb HD DVD

October 28th
101: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? [1962] new! imdb Library DVD
102: Strangers [2008] new! imdb BBO

October 29th
102: Innocents [1961] new! imdb Library DVD

October 30th
103: Cell [2000] imdb Encore on Cable
104: Faculty [1998] imdb Encore on Cable

Movie key:
HD DVD, DVD, Blu-ray, or specific edition - Beebs Movie Collection
Library DVD - free movie from the library (possibly in HD) - Comcast OnDemand
BBO - Blockbuster Online/in-store exchange
new! First time watching this movie, so it's new to me.

Beebs Bloodfest Blog!

Oct 1: My first year participating. First, I will be watching with Mrs. Beebs. She's a fan of movies and horror, though she's a little deprived. Youngsters! Target for us 35+.

Started at Midnight Pacific with a classic from the original monster house, my favorite, The Wolf Man. Mrs. Beebs is also keen on this one. I always liked Lon Chaney Jr's charisma and regular joe-ness -- plus he's a Jr (a fake one, anyways) like me. Anxious to get going, we watched Monster by Moonlight! The Immortal Saga of 'The Wolf Man' from Wolf Man set. I had a tooth ache, and rather than watch an apt film like The Marathon Man, I found a classic from my salad days, They Live, lurking in OnDemand. Remember seeing this Carpenter movie on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey on a bright summer day. The very same theater were I saw Jaws eight or nine years previous. I'm not sure any of those old theaters beach theaters remain in southern Jersey.

Came home and Mrs. Beebs & I watched and chatted up The Bad Seed. I always thought this 1956 classic the best possible send up of the myth of the 50s -- made from within. It couldn't have been all sock hops and malts. With a story right out of an issue of E.C. Comics at the time, this film is very cute and cuddly on the outside with a sociopath lurkin' within. Followed this up with one I'd never seen before, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. This oldie but goodie even includes a musical number. Mrs. Beebs hates musical numbers. Will be sure to watch this one again next year irregardless (she hates that word, too). All for now. Back to the movie treadmill and more horror flix!

Oct 2: Just wrapped up Ghost Ship. Man, the early 40s had some great movies. This tale of madness is quite involving. Seems like the the barest elements of plot, but with distinct characters, great mood, and some fine craftsmanship this one rises above most.

Started off evening two with Leopard Man an early 40s horror from Val Lewton. This really did have the feel of Cat People and Ghost Ship. It's amazing that a style comes through all that studio consistency. Hey, what's this... another 40s horror with a musical number. Here, though, it seems well integrated into the story. Great soundtrack, with castanets featured inside the story and woven into the score. After a slew of older stuff, we went jumped to Peter Jackson's The Frighteners. It's got a little bit of everything - Alex P. Keaton, the grim reaper, Dee Wallace Stone, and some Natural Born Killers. Mrs. Stone did some great horror over the years, Howling, Cujo, Critters, and the scariest movie of all Secret Admirer.

Wrapping up the day is Mr. Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses. Under bugfuck in the dictionary you'll find this one listed with a picture of Mrs. Zombie's ass crack poking out of her stained stretchy pants. Mrs. Beebs informs me that this one affirms her deep suspicions of clowns and utter fear of chicken wings. This one does rural folks no favors, that's for certain. An evil hick festival would not be complete without this one and something starring Richard from The Howard Stern Show.

Oct 3: In the wee hours of the 3rd, we started up Idle Hands from OnDemand. Mrs. Beebs had never seen this horror romp from TV director Rodman Flender. Seth Green is in this one. It's amazing to think Seth was doing this, Enemy of the State, Can't Hardly Wait, and Austin Powers 2 the same year. I'm glad he's doing well with Robot Chicken. Idle mines quite few other movies for plot, and completely different set of classics for production design. It is all deliciously twisted in a way I appreciate much more than the creepy lunacy of House of 1000 Corpses. Side note: It's funny, an awful lots of comedy horror references Jackson's 1992 Braindead. I've never seen that one. Will have to put it into the mix soon.

Went out at lunch and picked DVDs from the Library. Horror is not a genre I have well represented in my collection. Free rentals from the local lending library are a great resource for me here. I put in for ten DVDs and received five so far. Everything is done online with emails when they show up at my local branch. Today I scored two extras from the shelf, Psycho and Nosferatu, for this weekend.

Another evening begins with Mrs. Beebs suggesting we pop in Psycho for a little Hitchhorror. This one never fails to impress me. I am particularly fond of the lead-up, through the shower scene, to the car sinking in the swamp. That part of the movie I find absolutely riveting. There's so much going on in the Janet Leigh character and yet, in the end, it's nothing compared to Bates. I understand the horror of this movie, but I'm not sure how Frenzy makes the cut. I will have to rewatch that one, as it was on many of previous year's lists. Unless of course there's another movie, and it isn't Hitchcock's film from 1972. After finishing up Idle Hands, we settled in for a bonafide classic... Child's Play. There really isn't enough doll violence in movies.

Oct 4: Squirm makes you confident you could make a horror movie. For a low-budget B-movie, it does get a number of things right. The killer worms are suggested and not seen until about two-thirds of the way through the movie. Perhaps taking a queue from Jaws, here. The worm effects themselves aren't actually all the bad. There's just not many of them. Followed this up with a modern horror, Vacancy. The best part of this movie is Frank Whaley and the modern furnishings. The rooms of the hotel here are supposed to be old and crusty. Yet, each of the details in the rooms are actually expensive modern furnishings. I guess this is how they spend 19 million on this one. Wrapped up the morning with Tremors, a movie I absolutely love. I've probably seen this movie 30+ times.

Came back in from some shopping and put in Stephen King's Needful Things, a movie I'd never seen. This one has a great premise. I really liked it and will watch again in the future. Followed this one up with humorous horrors, Lake Placid and Slither. Spent the evening laughing to the great lines in the first. The Betty White has some great lines like, "If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it!"

Oct 5: "Do you wanna see something really scary?" I think I do, so I started day five with this favorite of mine. It's a shame this spent so many years in limbo and unavailable due to the tragedy on the set of this film.

The next morning, I queued up Cronenberg's incredible Videodrome and listened to the Commentary for the first time from the Criterion Edition. I can't believe I haven't heard this commentary before. I love this movie and have seen it many times and I listen to commentaries regularly.

I've been avoiding slasher films so far, but Mrs. Beebs suggested the original Halloween so I popped it in. This is really a well done slasher... and from so early in the history of the form. I don't think I've seen many as scary as this. And, you know, there's really not much gore in here. There's some struggling death scenes, too. Nowadays everyone dies right away, or they get hurt, run, and get killed right away a little later. There's no much actual struggling, kicking, etc. I will have to watch some of the earlier slashers to see how original this one is and how much it simply a well-executed finely-crafted evolution of the form.

Oct 6: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein takes it's cues from Bram Stoker's Dracula with an attempt to recreate an accurate version of the original book. It comes close, at least. Deniro is a revelation in the role of the Monster. I didn't recognize him the first time I saw this movie. I don't think he's been as menacing in a movie except for in Cape Fear. He's such a good actor, but he's an awful interview. It's like Mr. Deniro lives through his roles and the rest of his life pales in comparison. A blank canvas for his work.

The evening brought on a favorite of mine from recent days, 1999's The Mummy remake. I love this one. It just good fun. I watch this movie 2-3 times a year. The sequels are nothing special. But, I think I like the third movie better than the second one. After watching the latest Dexter and last two Californications I popped in Nosferatu (Alpha release). Wow, what a creep fest this silent classic is. It deserves all the praise it receives. I will watch it again next year, definitely.

Oct 7:Started off the evening with Hitchcock's action thriller classic, The Birds. Another movie with incredible, simple, effective scenes. All the bird stuff is so fake, but the movie still works so well. Claude Rains is great in The Invisible Man. Rains has that charm, arrogance, and menace down. The effects are quite good considering the movie is 75 years old. Still, it's a surprisingly psychological movie. The real horror of this one is what can an man do if freed from being seen. I now see what Vorhoeven saw in making 2000's Hollow Man.

Oct 11:Been doing other stuff while watching my Horror Fest so I've been absent from my rambling companion dialog/blog.

I can't help but chime on this last one today. Neil Marshall's The Descent is a movie that would be better if I didn't know it was a horror film going in. The movie is most effective before the last section of the film. Still, seeing this film for the second time, I appreciate everything about it more -- even the third act. This makes me want to go back and see Dog Soldiers and to give Doomsday a try.

There is a great deal of mood and tension built here in the tight spaces and deep darkness of those caves. I am waiting for something worse to happen until the very last second of the film. Amazing what was done with such a small budget. Amazing also to see this movie with an all woman cast who aren't on screen to show skin. Not that woman can't do a great job acting -- it's just so rare to see such cast composition. Real people in an amazing, over the top situation. This cast makes me think of the all male cast counter-point of Carpenter's The Thing. But only after the fact as during both of these movies the composition of the cast never seems odd.

Oct 12:Wrapped up Sunday night with a new one and an old one. The Happening from M. Night Shyamalan was much better than I would have thought based on the reviews. The movie is eerie and drenched in sunlight at the same time. I found the premise to be quite thought provoking. The script supports and extrapolates the threat very convincingly from real happenings (pun intended). It plays out well, I thought. Wahlberg did not seem exceptionally apt for this one, even if the director had him in mind the whole time. Deschanel, though, was perfectly cast in my opinion. She's made for Shyamalan's direction. I must be in the minority, but I find his work to be quite effective, where others think he simply instructs actors to look blank and rolls the the film. Performances in his movies are often understated... until showing some extreme of emotion. I find this works for me. It accents the tension. This was much better than his last mess, Lady in the Water, and as effective as The Village or Signs.

The Tingler also trys hard to sell the reality of it's premise. The first thirty minutes builds up an large edifice of verisimilitude -- scientific banter, x-rays, and other surprisingly well-played story elements. This Castle film definitely had a great gimmick, but there's also lots of excellent creepiness, scares, and twists and turns. The creature effects compared to today shatters any hope of propping up the reality of the fright-born parasite, but otherwise this is a very effective classic. This one makes me want to see more from the period.

Every gimmick film also makes me want to see Joe Dante's 1993 Mantinee, a great send-up of William Castle film style film promotion and hype as well as a peek at the early 60s cold war era. Too bad this movie on DVD is OOP.

Oct 13:Mrs. Beebs made a great little pumpkin for my horror film challenge. I took some pictures and now this wonderful gord graces the top of my post as list post title image. Thanks Mrs. Beebs, you're the best!

Mrs. Beebs and I watched The Corpse Bride this evening. Another movie that grew on me greatly upon the second viewing. The last time I saw this one was in the theaters. Looked incredible on HD DVD.

Oct 14:In the wee small hours of the morning, I started up Demon Knight On Demand. Surprised at it's Tales of the Crypt connection, but remembering soon that this was a theatrical dip for the franchise. The movie itself is very uneven. It's half-good... but that also means it is half-bad. I do like the character and backstory of Brayker, played by William Sadler (who played the turncoat naked-exercising army Colonel Stuart in Die Hard 2). Also liked Billy Zane as the Collector here. It is a nice touch, story-wise, that you really don't know who the bad guy is and who the good guy is during the very beginning of the movie. Unfortunately, it falls apart from there with only the decent B-movie creature effects as memorable.

Home from work found Return of the Living Dead with it's 80s music score and fun romp vibe in my mailbox. I immediately popped this one in and again enjoyed the cries for BRAAAAIIIIINNNS!. I need to add this one to my collection as I enjoy it each time I watch it.

I followed this up with Carpenter's incredible The Thing. Carpenter's remake of the Howard Hawkes classic wisely doesn't try to pay homage. Instead, the movie plays like a Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness turned into a horror genre film with isolation, paranoia, and elder spawn as the evil critter. All this is based on Campbell's original story,Who Goes There? [Astounding, 1938]. But that story is also clearly inspired by the long novella Mountains [Astounding, 1936] which was serialized in the same publication. Both stories probably hold some inspiration from Poe's little read novel Arthur Gordon Pym. Clearly Carpenter's next movie, In the Mouth of Madness, is inspired by HPL. Needless to say, The Thing is one of a handful of horror favorites of mine as well as a top overall movie for me. One I've watched thiry or more times at this point.

Oct 15:Man, Gojira is a completely different movie from the US Godzilla with Raymond Burr. As a genre creating film, Gojira is very well constructed and enjoyable film. It has a great build-up to the appearance of the big lizard and a poignant storyline with the scientist.

The other two movies I watched tonight, Exorcism of Emily Rose and Jeepers Creepers were both good scares for me. I enjoyed them both, for what they were. Emily Rose was much more of a movie than I suspected. I found myself wrapped up in the story and mystery of the tale based on the flash back story gimmick of it. Creepers scared me bigtime in the opening, but really didn't sustain the horror for me into the police station at the end.

Oct 16: The Hidden showed up in my mailbox and I immediately had to pop this one in and watch it. Though the movie is dated, and clearly a B-grade affair, it manages to rise above most. The movie has the look and feel of any number of John Carpenter films but no single source for how good it turned out. Bob Hunt, the credited writer is really the Horror/B-movie nom de plume of Jim Kouf who, among other things wrote Operation Dumbo Drop, Secret Admirer, Stakeout, and the first Rush Hour. As Bob Hunt, though, Jim wrote three horror titles -- Boogens, Hidden and it's sequel. Jim appears to be one piece of the pie here only. Although his titles offer little to investigate for those interested in cinema, clearly he worked hard during the 80s and into the 90s and knew how to sell his work The director, Jack Sholder, who had done two previous horror films, Alone in the Dark and Freddy 2, is also to be thanked for getting as much as he could from the short, tightly edited movie.

I followed this personal favorite up with something new and fun, Black Sheep. I completely understand the horror of livestock. I remember walking the hills of the East Bay near San Francisco, cresting a hill and finding myself suddenly in the midst of twenty or thirty cows. Completely unattended, incredibly large and prone to sudden movements, I realized that these normally docile animals could easy push me over and seriously injure me. I began to be very afraid and moved slowly out from among them as fast as I could. Regardless of my fear of herds, this movie makes my skin crawl on many new and depraved levels. Just thinking about this one, makes me smirk in amusement. I will definitely seek this one out again next year for another fun spin in my DVD player.

Oct 17: I ended up having to stay home on Friday. Happy to have the day off, I was doubly-excited to wrack up some extra horror film viewing. I started the day off with one of the best Stephen King movies, Misery. Kathy Bates is a revelation in this one, and the whole production leads me to cringe still when anyone says, "I'm the biggest fan." I still say, "Cockle-doody" from time to time, for effect. I watched a number of other good films during the day. I remember the Jaws advertising about "It's not safe to go in the water." This movie really did scare me as kid, and I made me eye the murky Jersey ocean whenever I went more then knee deep in it. I watched Bubba Ho-Tep originally just based on hearing the Ozzie Davis role. Feast was a surprisingly good little Project Greenlight indie. I was much more entertained than I thought I would be. A surprising number of cliches were twisted and folded in on themselves in this one. In the Mouth of Madness, Carpenter's Lovecraftian aria of madness is one of the most original of his movies, I think. The remake of Prom Night was unmemorable. Looked great on Blu-ray, though.

Oct 18: It comes as no surprise that Cronenberg did a remake of The Fly once you see his interpretation of this horror classic. It's right up his alley of man into machine and body & mind modification. The climatic ending is such a mash-up of so many elements he has explored in other movies, it's hard to imagine packing more into it. It's multiple Cronengasm.

It's funny to watch diverse films in the same day. I have a soft spot in my heart, and my collection, for great kids films. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is exactly the sort of film I would have loved when I was eight. As an adult, somehow, I can totally enjoy the fantastic effort that goes into this animated film. Amazing to think this was filmed traditionally using stop motion animation.

Oct 19: It is crazy to think that a movie like Nightwing and Alien arrived in the same year. Alien is quite visionary. Ridley Scott was clearly well ahead of his time. The production design here from Giger and other scifi eurocomics is so different and unique, that it makes the movie quite timeless. With the exception of the Nostromo model and computers and consoles this one has not aged at all. When Scott says that the look and feel of Blade Runner was influenced by those Heavy Metal comics of that period, I always think also of the spacesuits in this movie. They look like they were taken directly from a panel of those clear line comics.

I had the pleasure of hiding my head for the last half of Alien the first time I saw it. I was way too young to be in this R-rated movie, but I trailed along with my older brother and my mom to see this when I was no older than twelve. I remember seeing it at this great old theater, The Keswick, in suburban Philadelphia. The Keswick was a LARGE theater, now used for concerts, and there were but a handful of others in the movie with us. The cavernous movie palace seemed empty only adding to the scariness of this one. My experience seeing Aliens could not have been more different. It was in a packed multiplex, one of those 70MM monster screens with auditorium that was wider than it was deep -- and yet that one scared me just as much. Perhaps it was some latent memory of that original experience with Alien.

I can't watch The Shining and not mention how scared this movie had me in the movie theater when I saw years after the release. That river of blood, REDRUM, and so many other sounds and images from that movie sent chills down my back, literally. I can't imagine how people get a creeped out by movies sitting all cozy on their couches watching a DVD or Blu-ray. It's not the same as seeing something like The Shining in a dark theater.

Oct 20th: You know, I'm afraid I'm going to run out of stuff to watch from the sources available to me. I could, of course, just go and watch some stuff from Blockbuster -- but I am loathe to watch many movies from their walk-in selection. I can't recommend enough the local Library for DVDs. I've got a ton of title from there for this challenge, and could not have watched as many films without them.

Oct 21th: After watching The Descent, I decided to look up other movies by Neil Marshall. I found Dog Soldiers lurking in my library's DVD collection and finally picked it up today. It's an excellent movie on a number of levels, but seems to fall apart with the contrived and meaningless betrayal in the third act. It didn't need it. Also from my Library's wonderful stock, I got a copy of the 2-disc Exorcist collection that included the new "Version You've Never Seen" and the original, plus lots of great special features. The Exorcist is still an amazing film after all these years, and it truly worthy of it's place in any top 10 horror list.

Oct 22th: Once again to the stores of Washington County Cooperative Library I pull out Val Lewton disc. This time I Walked With A Zombie and The Body Snatcher. Both were surprisingly good and suspenseful for such older films. I've really been impressed with the four movies I've seen so far from the Lewton set. I have the rest and will likely finish them all before the end of the challenge. Incredibly, Body Snatcher is the first movie I've seen with Bela Lugosi in it during the challenge. I've been saving the Universal Dracula and Frankenstein for the end.

Oct 22th: To me John Landis and John Hughes were the mainstream 80s directors, the decade I grew up in. American Werewolf was but just one of great movies from Landis during period, part of a great slew of films he produced early in his career. I liked most of Landis' work, and even enjoy such below the radar titles as the switcheroo comedy Oscar, the neo-noir Into the Night, and goofy fun of Three Amigos. Landis, both the writer and director of American Werewolf in London, updates the classic werewolf story. We have the pentagram, the transformation, the romantic interest... and the tragedy. I still enjoy this one from end to end whenever I revisit it.

Oct 25th: I picked up Boogeyman to help with my Checklist -- and man, I didn't like that one. Looking over the list, I will likely not get to the Attack of or the Revenge of entries at the end. Not sure about the rest. I didn't go into this with a mind to complete the checklist but I haven't tried to do my best.

Oct 26th: I wanted to be sure to watch actual movies for this competition. Everything I've been viewing have been 60+ minute long, theatrical features. I always wanted to try to fill in as much of the checklist as possible. The early end of the decade bingo list is very difficult. But for the 1910s, there are some real features with Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was the most interesting one for me to revisit. I had not seen this movie since I saw an aging print in film festival over fifteen years ago. I remember coming away impressed with the film then as I do now. Wonderful old silent movie. It's hard to imagine being entertained for 70+ minutes by a silent feature like this, but it is captivating.

Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite horror titles. Alien is a more typical horror movie, and Aliens is more of an action horror title. Alien3 in it's theatrical cut is something of a conundrum. It's half-good. But that means it is also half bad. I must seek out the workprint version from the Quadrilogy/SE for next year's Challenge and include it.

Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a movie I continue to enjoy on rewatching it. It's creepy, stylish, dark, and entertaining. Depp as some send-up of Icabod Crane meets Sherlock Holmes is amusing. The supporting cast is stunning. Can't ask for more, I think.

After watching Dexter and Californication episodes off On-Demand, and the zany Don't Mess with the Zohan, I wrapped up the evening with Cronenberg's The Brood. I would not have needed to see the credits to know this was his film -- it's got his thumbprint all over it.

Oct 27th: My first film of the evening was one the first from the Val Lewton collection to not impress me, Curse of the Cat People. It less of a movie for stetching the tenuous connection to the original Cat People. Hound of the Baskervilles was a great treat. Mysteries are my favorite film and TV genre.

I wanted to pop in something great for number 100... and Shaun of the Dead was it. Man, I love this film. Here's a movie I keep coming back to. This and Hot Fuzz. Can't wait for what these guys do next. Hope they keep up the great work.

Oct 28th:This is Mrs. Beebs and my Anniversary, and as a testament to how wonderful Mrs. Beebs is... I still got in two movies. Yay! I thought The Strangers was quite scary. Had my heart pumping fast.

Oct 30th: Well, it looks like things will be winding down for me significantly tonight and tomorrow. I hope to get in one or two more movies, but it may not be possible... and I prep for a business trip that has be flying out early Saturday morning. This is likely my last blog entry.

Checklist in SPOILER below.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)
--- 1900 -

--- 1910 - Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
--- 1920 - Nosferatu
--- 1930 - Invisible Man
--- 1940 - Wolf Man
--- 1950 - Bad Seed
--- 1960 - Psycho
--- 1970 - Squirm
--- 1980 - They Live
--- 1990 - Frighteners
--- 2000 - House of 1000 Corpses

Watch a film starring:
--- Bela Lugosi - Body Snatcher
--- Lon Chaney Sr. -
--- Boris Karloff - Die, Monster, Die
--- Lon Chaney Jr. - Wolf Man
--- Vincent Price - House of Wax
--- Peter Cushing -
--- Christopher Lee - Two Face of Dr. Jekyll
--- Robert Englund - 2001 Maniacs
--- Bruce Campbell - Bubba Ho-tep
--- Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
--- Vampire - Nosferatu
--- Frankenstein - Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
--- Werewolf - Wolf Man
--- Mummy - Mummy
--- Invisible Man - Invisible Man
--- Ghost/haunting - Frighteners
--- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - The Craft
--- Zombie - Resident Evil: Extinction
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - Psycho
--- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - Tremors
--- Documentary - Monster by Moonlight
--- Musical - Corpse Bride
--- Spoof/comedy - Frighteners
--- Revenge - House of Wax
--- Killer/evil doll - Child's Play
--- Killer/evil animal - Lake Placid
--- Killer/evil child - Bad Seed
--- Giallo -
--- J horror -
--- MST3K/rifftrax/CT -

--- film and its remake - Mystery of the Wax Museum, House of Wax
--- based on a video game - Resident Evil: Extinction
--- based on a novel - Bad Seed
--- directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis or Uwe Boll or Ulli Lommel - Boogeyman
--- won an Academy Award -- Bram Stoker's Dracula
--- silent film - Nosferatu
--- Criterion version film - Videodrome
--- with commentary - Videodrome
--- film and at least two of its sequels - Alien, Aliens, Alien3
--- anthology film - Twilight Zone: The Movie
--- takes place on a holiday - Halloween
--- takes place in space - Alien
--- takes place on or under the sea - Ghost Ship
--- animated film - Corpse Bride
--- called "Night of the ..." - Night of the Living Dead
--- called "Return of the ..." - Return of the Living Dead
--- called "Revenge of the ..." -
--- called "Attack of the ..." -

--- with the words "Living Dead" in the title - Return of the Living Dead

-beebs (with edits by Mrs. Beebs)

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