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October 1
1. The Other Side- Director: Gregg Bishop
    My favorite new discovery from last year's challenge.
2. The Hitcher - Dave Meyers
    Loses points for not having a finger-in-the-french-fries scene, but still fun.
3. The Fog - Director: John Carpenter
    Can't start the challenge without a Jamie Lee Curtis movie!
October 2
4. Bad Moon - Director: Eric Red
    Sex, nudity and gore... in the first 4 minutes.
5. Maximum Overdrive - Director: Stephen King
    A bad movie in every conceivable way.... but great, campy fun!
6. Earth Vs The Spider - Director: Scott Ziehl
    Interesting movie, kind of a dark take on the Spiderman story.
7. Phase IV - Director: Saul Bass
    Never saw this before, very creepy movie. Definitely a new fav!
October 3
8. Wrong Turn - Director: Rob Schmidt
    Another newly discovered fav from last year.
9. Wrong Turn 2 - Director: Joe Lynch
    A perfect example of why there should not be sequels.
10. Phantasm III Director: Don Coscarelli
     Great to see the original cast reunited... but that's the best thing I can say about it.
October 4
11. Deadly Friend - Director: Wes Craven
     What a perfect movie for a Saturday morning!
12. The Frighteners - Director: Peter Jackson
     Haven't seen this in years. A lot better than I remember.
13. Jack's Back - Director: Rowdy Herrington
     James Spader as identical twins. Need I say more?
14. Night of the Comet - Director: Thom Eberhardt
     Love this movie. It's, like, one of my favs.
15. Monster Squad - Director: Fred Dekker
     Great "all-your-monsters-in-one-movie" movie.
16. Silver Bullet - Director: Daniel Attias
     First viewing - pretty cool movie.
17. Graveyard Shift - Director: Ralph Singleton
     First viewing - wasn't expecting a lot... so I wasn't disappointed.
October 5
18. The Mist - Director: Frank Darabont
     First viewing, incredible movie! The kind that stays with you for days.
19. What Lies Beneath - Director: Robert Zemeckis
     Another fav. Great, old fashioned ghost story.
20. I Am Legend - Director: Francis Lawrence
     First viewing... it sucks. The best thing in the movie was the dog.
21. Salem's Lot - Director: Mikael Salomon
     Love this version. It's Stephen King done right!
October 6
22. April Fool's Day - Director: The Butcher Brothers
     No, not the good one. The pathetic remake. Terrible in every conceivable way. I've destroyed the DVD to prevent other unsuspecting souls from suffering this piece of crap.
23. Skin Walkers - Director: Jim Isaac
     2nd time viewing. I like this movie. Jason Behr rocks!
October 7
24. Child's Play - Director: Tom Holland
     The original and the best!
25. Seed of Chucky - Director: Don Mancini
     First viewing. More self-parody than scary, but still fun.
October 8
26. Penny Dreadful - Director: Richard Brandes
     The After Dark film fest begins, first viewing for all these. This one wasn't too bad, kind of a new twist on an urban legend.
27. Unrest - Director: Jason Todd Ipson
     Really enjoyed this one. Very eerie and atmospheric.
28. Dark Ride - Director: Craig Singer
     Ok, this is the kind of crap I was afraid of from this series. Another stupid-doped-up-horny-teens-in-peril movie. Nope, nothing new here.
October 9
29. Wicked Little Things - Director: J. S. Cardone
     Not that great. Seemed too "recycled".
30. The Gravedancers - Director: Mike Mendez
     Started out a little slow, but it turned out to be really good. Definitely want to watch it again.
October 10
31. From Beyond the Grave - Director: Kevin Connor
     Must've been the inspiration for Friday the 13th the TV series. 5 part episodic, they get better as they go along.
32. The Skull - Director: Freddie Francis
     The first half was more interesting than the second half. I think "less" would've been "more" here.
October 11
33. The Green Slime - Director: Kinji Fukasaku
     Scared me as a kid, now it's total camp. Just try to get past the opening theme song without laughing! Another great one for a Saturday morning!
34. The Wolf Man - Director: George Waggner
     First viewings of the classic wolf man series for me. Enjoyed this one, lot's of fun.
35. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man - Director: Roy William Neill
     Not as good as the first, could've shortened that song and dance routine... yikes!
36. She-Wolf of London - Director: Jean Yarbrough
     Hey, wait a minute. There's no werewolf in this movie. It's all a big hoax!
37. Werewolf of London - Director: Stuart Walker
     Had to struggle thru this one.
38. Dog Soldiers - Director: Neil Marshall
     A really great movie. If you haven't seen it go get it.
39. The Sender - Director: Roger Christian
     First viewing. This was a pretty good movie, can't believe I never saw it before.
October 12
40. The Innocents - Director: Jack Clayton
     Great b&w haunting film from 1961.
41. Return To Horror High - Director: Bill Froehlich
     Half horror, half comedy. Neither half really works.
42. Reeker - Director: Dave Payne
     A supernatural slasher flick on the surface, but there's a lot more to it. Great revelation at the end.
43. The Thirst - Director: Jeremy Kasten
     It's 12-step for vampires. I don't think I've ever seen so much blood in one movie.
October 13
44. Brain Dead - Director: Adam Simon
     Semi-cool psychological horror with a great cast (Bill Pullman/ Bill Paxton).
45. The Darkroom - Director: Mike Hurst
     Yet another psychological thriller. This was actually really good, not at all what I was expecting. Looking forward to a 2nd viewing.
October 14
46. The Invisible Man - Director: James Whale
     "Invisible" marathon, first viewing on all. Great movie, love the effects.
47. The Invisible Man Returns - Director: Joe May
     Wow, a young Vincent Price... but you don't get to actually see him until the end of the movie!
October 15
48. The Invisible Woman - Director: A. Edward Sullivan
     Looks like they decided to jump genres and make this a comedy. Still enjoyed it.
49. The Invisible Agent - Director: Edwin Marin
     And another big jump, this time to spy film. The Invisible Man VS Nazis! Love it!
50. The Invisible Man's Revenge - Director: Ford Beebe
     Ok, back to horror. Didn't enjoy it quite as much.
October 16
51. The Car - Director: Elliot Silverstein
     Haven't seen this in 10+ years. Still enjoyed it, that horn is scary!
52. The Brood - Director: David Cronenberg
     First viewing. Can't believe I never saw this. Vintage Cronenberg, very creepy.
53. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Director: Benjamin Clark
     Yikes. Incredibly bad. Avoid at all costs!
October 17
54. The Curve - Director: Dan Rosen
     Interesting cast, but not that great. How many twists can you have at the end anyway?!
55. Tequila Body Shots - Director: Tony Shyu
     Ok, so if a 10 year old boy got drunk and wrote a script... this would be the result. It's uneven, stupid and goofy, but in a good way! You just can't stop watching!
October 18
56. Lord of Illusions - Director: Clive Barker
     Everything you want in a Clive Barker movie. Bloody, gruesome fun!
57. Spawn - Director: Mark A.Z. Dippe
     First viewing. An ok movie, but the effects look so cheesy!
October 19
58. The Order - Director: Brian Helgeland
     Only heard bad things about this movie, but I kinda liked it.
59. Gabriel - Director: Shane Abbess
     Blind buy just for the challenge, turned out to be a good choice. Nice visual style and great fight scenes.
60. Monster House - Director: Gil Kenan
     First viewing. Very cool! I have another new fav.
61. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - Director: Alan Rafkin
     Haven't seen this since I was a kid. A real classic!
October 20
62. Dark Water - Director: Walter Salles
     "Dark" is right. A very gloomy movie, but that's a complement. I liked it. A great supporting cast that keeps it "true".
63. The Hunger - Director: Tony Scott
     Can't believe I never saw this, been wanting to for many years. Really great, a unique experience.
October 21
64. The Possession of Joel Delaney - Director: Waris Hussein
     Shirley MacLaine was great, but it's too dated to really have an affect.
65. Bubba Ho-Tep - Director: Don Coscarelli
     Oh, crap! Found another gem. This is great, don't miss it.
October 22
66. Servants of Twilight - Director: Jeffrey Obrow
     Pretty bad. I like Dean Koontz but the movie adaptations suck.
67. Black Sheep - Director: Jonathan King
     Oh, crap again! Great movie, future cult classic. Super gory and super funny!
October 23
68. Sometimes They Come Back - Director: Tom McLoughlin
     Could've been great, but it just doesn't make it.
69. Summer of Fear - Director: Wes Craven
     Cheesy TV movie with Linda Blair. Can't imagine it ever being scary, but I guess it was at some point.
October 24
70. Carrie - Director: Brian DePalma
     My all time fav. Probably've seen it 100 times and I still love every minute of it!
71. Resident Evil - Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
     I like this movie. Another variation on the zombie theme.
October 25
72. Hannibal Rising - Director: Peter Webber
     First viewing. Liked it better than I thought I would, but it does get pretty predictable.
73. The Silence of the Lambs - Director: Jonathan Demme
     Love it, still gives me chills.
74. Dolls - Director: Stuart Gordon
     I love this movie. Despite it's many, many flaws, it's still fun.
October 26
75. The Boogens - Director: James L. Conway
     One of the worst titles ever, but love the movie. Cheesy horror from my childhood.
76. Grizzly - Director: William Girdler
     Haven't seen this since it was in theaters. The "Jaws with Claws" review was right, I think they used the same shooting script(!)
77. The Deaths of Ian Stone - Director: Dario Piana
     Cool movie, but I'll have to watch it 3 or 4 more times to figure out what the hell was going on.
78. 30 Days of Night - Director: David Slade
     First viewing. I liked it. What a gore-fest!
79. Wolf - Director: Mike Nichols
     A movie about what happens when rich, sophisticated white people turn into werewolfs.
October 27
80. It - Director: Herbert J. Leder
     Saw this as a kid, not as scary as I remember.
81. The Shuttered Room - Director: David Greene
     Well I thought this just sucked. A real insult to your intelligence.
82. Skeleton Key - Director: Iain Softley
     An ok movie. Didn't love it, didn't hate it... just "ok".
October 28
83. Amityville II: The Possession - Director: Damiano Damiani
     Excruciatingly bad.
84. Amityville 3-D - Director: Richard Fleischer
     Fun to watch because of the cast (OMG, Meg Ryan!) and the no-holds-barred-over-the-top-special-effects-blowout of an ending.
October 29
85. Wolf Creek - Director: Greg McLean
     Hated it. When you're making a horror movie it's usually not a good idea to make the audience wait 55 minutes(!) before anything happens.
86. Halloween III: Season of the Witch - Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
     I know, I know. But it gets a few points for at least trying to be original. Plus the cool music score.
October 30
87. Jeepers Creepers - Director: Victor Salva
     This has turned out to be one of my favs. More fun with each viewing.
October 31
88. Halloween - Director: John Carpenter
     A great little independent movie. Perhaps you've heard of it??

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