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Originally Posted by GreenVulture
I finally received my copy today. Poked around a bit, and my copy has the same pixelation problem; it doesn't freeze and lasts for all of two seconds, but unlike the transfer, I'm pretty sure that's not what Coppola wanted. Maybe it's just a bad batch of discs? Wonder if there's anyone we can write to. For the record, I'm using a Sony NC665P player; I'll try it in my LiteOn DVD-ROM later on tonight and see if it does the same thing.
It shouldn't make a difference... I tried it on three different dvd players and got the same thing. And it doesn't look like we're the only ones...

Originally Posted by RD1973
And the pixelation problem is there at the beginning of almost every chapter. I'm pretty sure this is a disc issue since I've never seen this before on any of my other discs using the same player.
So here's another person with the same issue.

Originally Posted by Evil ASh
Yeah, that was my only problem (besides the pixelated chapter stops that only occur twice for me) with this release. I don't see any practical reasoning behind this...
And another one! There is definitely an issue with this disc regarding the pixelation at the start of chapters. What can be done about this? It's definitely DEFECTIVE and the studio needs to make corrected replacements, right?

What's the next step here? Who can be contacted? Won't they have to do a repressing at this point, if the discs are defective?

Any help is appreciated -- thanks!

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